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    Plasma UFO

    103rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 3rd

    "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9,
    then you would have a key to the universe."

    - N.Tesla

    7th International Knowledge Seekers Workshop

    The Real Space Technology

    The first Russian nested doll set was carved in 1890 by Vasily Zvyozdochkin, designed by Sergey Malyutin" who was a folk crafts painter in the Abramtsevo estate of Savva Mamontov". A Russian industrialist and patron of arts. The doll set was painted by Malyutin. Malyutin's doll set consisted of eight dolls—the outermost was a girl in a traditional dress holding a rooster.
    9 x 4 x 4 <> 144

    THERE are nine orders of blessed angels, viz. Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Powers, Virtues, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels, which Ezekiel figures out by nine stones, which are the sapphire, emerald, carbuncle, beryl, onyx, chrysolite, jasper, topaz, and sardis. This number hath also a great and occult mystery of the cross; for the ninth hour our Lord Jesus Christ breathed out his spirit.
    17 He measured its wall and it was 144 cubits thick, by man's measurement, which the angel was using.
    18 The wall was made of jasper, and the city of pure gold, as pure as glass.

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    Oneness - The Law of ONE

    "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything"

    Orthographic projection of enneract Hypercube

    The Roots of Consciousness
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      137 & 9 The Mystery Numbers - CUBE. Part 2

      "Finding gravitational waves will not only be discovering something,
      but it will open a door to millions of new discoveries."
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        Death Is Only The Beginning

        Death is only the beginning. The first step of transcendence is the stage of exploring death. Death in it's pure form is simply an experience of shifting realms. There is no up without a down, hot without cold, dark without light, life without death. But life and death are only a fragment of this reality, as all spirit based life and phenomenon lives beyond life and death, in the here and now realm where everything is happening now. Past lives and future lives are all happening in conjunction with the present life, as time does not exist in realms outside of this one. In order for one to transcend the cycles of physical incarnation one must be open and willing and fully accepting of one's own personal death.

        A material said to be around 1 million times thinner than paper could one day help us create clean water.

        Next up, Majumder plans to investigate the use of graphene to improve the performance of batteries, but its potential is immense. "[Graphene] membranes could be used for different sorts of applications," he said. "I could go to the water industry, I could go to the food industry ... I could look at energy generation."

        We have established a unique method of producing Carbon sp2, also called Graphene, in our static reactors. This happens at room temperature and in normal atmospheric conditions. The experiments, which are very quick and easy to perform, were repeated many times in several types of reactors. This is a major breakthrough since at present graphene is produced in complicated systems at temperatures of 700°-800°C.
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          merkabah, sacred geometry and the vitruvius man

          De Divina Proportione - a book on mathematics written by Luca Pacioli and illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci, composed around 1498 in Milan and first printed in 1509


          Every region of the SQUARE divides into an infinite regression of SQUARES. What at first looked like blank, unordered space is revealed to be dense with precisely ordered, uniformly distributed equalities... A particularly attractive aspect of the golden ratio comes to light in relation to additive series of SQUARES Because these particles are built from the same basic form, transformations of one into another occur, but none of them can be transformed into an earth particle...

          The repeated subdivision of the red, green and blue tetrahedron shows the start of a procedure that generates a 3-dimensional form of the fractal known as the Sierpinski gasket. Such subdivision of triangles was commonly used in Cosmati pavements in thirteenth-century Italy. For example the church of San Gregorio Magno in Rome.

          Castellana Santa, Mosaics Stained, Patterns Italian

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            The Unity of Geometry


            Human geometry!

            Discussion of rodin coils, ferrofluid, magnetic fields

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              Rodin Coil "MOT" Inverter OZONE Generator!

              Jason Verbelli Global BEM 2016 - Magnetic Field of Dreams
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                HydroMe Circuit showing its phenomenons

                Over Faraday Electrolysis
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                  they are NOT water molecules...
                  H3O2 #3121

                  Sierpinski Gasket
                  Dimension = log 3 / log 2 = 0.6309

                  Quantum Field Theory 101 pt.4
                  11 Dimensional Spacetime Fractal

                  FREE ENERGY

                  Electrically Structured Water, Part 1

                  Gerald Pollack : The Water Revolution

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                    Sensation is the greatest mystery of natural science.

                    Gnosis (by one definition) is a method of direct access to the physics of the cosmos through the instrument of the body and senses — "the biophysics of perception," to borrow a felicitous term from Wilhelm Reich. Modern science denies categorically that such access is possible, but Reich warned that "the scientist will increase his errors in proportion to the neglect of his own system of sensory perception and awareness" (Ether, God, and Devil / Cosmic Superimposition). I maintain that scientific theory divorced from the body and senses will only lead to confusion and contradiction. In The Science of Yoga, a commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, I. K. Taimni says, "This [type of confusion] is inevitable as long as we continue to investigate, exclusively by physical instruments and mathematical analysis, a Universe whose foundations lie in the realms of mind and consciousness."

                    In The Sleepwalkers, a classic work on the birth of modern science, Arthur Koestler explains how Kepler substituted gravity for the theological conception of the Holy Ghost.

                    ...Erin offers food to a mortal man who wanders into her magical realm, and when she proffers a cup full of delicious mead, she repeatedly asks the question, "To whom shall this cup be given?"

                    "The Unspelling Quest became the central theme of the glamorous and mystifying legend of the Grail"

                    We ourselves put the entire Earth under a spell when we cease to acknowledge the sacred power of nature, or surrender to its beauty as if melting in orgasmic delight. This being so, it is essential to recover the mystical and religious element of human experience by infusing Gaia theory imaginatively with a sacred element.

                    It would be incorrect to speak of resacralization, because nature has never not been sacred in its own right, but we do need to resacralize our perception of the natural world.

                    There is in fact a deep psychological continuity between the Christian hostility to paganism and the rise of modern science. Both are committed to the desacralization of the natural world.

                    Now that the territory is more well-defined, we can accept what others before Capra (most notably, Goethe, followed by Wilhelm Reich and D. H. Lawrence) had foreseen: science in the future will adopt the senses as tools rather than disregard them as sources of deceptive data.


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                      Levitation und Gravitation, ein erstaunliches Experiment.

                      Es ist alles eine Frage der Schwingung und dem Vorhandensein von Ladungsträgern. Ein Experiment mit Levitation, Telekinetisch anmutenden Effekten, die Gravitation wird ausgetrickst. Ich glaube nicht an die Gravitation so wie Newton diese beschrieben hat. In diesem Experiment ist zu sehen, wie die di-elektrischen Eigenschaften diverser Materialien es möglich machen, diese ohne sie direkt zu berühren, im Raum zu bewegen, oder diese schweben zu lassen. Der Macht der Ladungsträger kann das, was als Gravitation bezeichnet wird, nicht widerstehen. Das Modell, das die dunkle Energie innerhalb einer Raumgeometrie aufgrund der unterschiedlichen Spins unterschiedliche Ladungsträger aneinanderpresst, und gleiche Ladungsträger von einander wegzieht, erscheint mir realistischer. Da Materie die Raumgeometrie auseinanderzerrt, ist die dunkle Energie um jeden Körper im Quadrat abnehmend weniger dicht als im uns leer erscheinenden Raum. Darum drückt dieser uns leer erscheinende Raum die Körper zusammen. Je näher die Körper sich kommen, desto dünner wird zwischen ihnen die dunkle Raumenergie. Ich persönlich halte diese dunkle Raumenergie für die Ursubstanz all dessen was existiert auf der materiellen Ebene. Es könnte sich um unkonfigurierte Materie handeln.

                      Projekt Keshe Foundation, ein Genie oder ein Irrtum ?

                      Keshe & freie Energie 1.TEIL

                      Dokumentation - Auf dem Weg zum UFO Antrieb - Dr. Podkletnov
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                        Perception on any level is controlled by the conscious soul. Through the desire and intention of the soul we build a suitable vehicle in which we can survive in any created environment, be it gross or subtle, around us and wherever that may be. As the conscious soul evolves or elevates into higher, more refined states, so our perception broadens and new horizons open up before us. We become peaceful servants not aggressive conquerers of all we survey. We desire no payment or recognition because we have no need to prove our existence, status or worth to others. We are balanced with the creator and creation. This is not about free energy. This is about freedom to be our true selves.


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                          What value is kingship when all kings and kingdoms fade and die? What value is name and fame for discovering what is already in existence? What value does life have if we indiscriminately kill others? What value is claiming proprietorship of anything when we actually own nothing? Time has come to grow up into mature beings.


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                            Look at insects and wonder at their abilities. Birds and animals, fish and plants Without loud fanfare they perform miracles everyday. Are they really less than us on a soul level or just the same, but have created a different physical body whilst having no desire to boast how clever or important they are, like we earthly humans tend to do?


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                              In the Keshe Plasma Reactor Group 6th Sep. there is an interesting discussion about insects and iodine. Mr.Keshe has taught how natural iodine is very close, in plasmatic field strength, to the soul of the man. If insects share this with us in their physical structure, to me, this is evidence that even tiny insects have a soul similar to ours.



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