Measuring voltage across green LED while CO2 Gans production

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  • Measuring voltage across green LED while CO2 Gans production

    I have measured the voltage drop at the green diode by using an oscilloscope. Till one week it shows continuously 1 V DC. I have placed two zinc plates in parallel and one carbon plate between them. The diode operates just above its saturation voltage. Thus a small current is allowed to flow. I use black Hawaiian salt in distilled water which was harvested on the island Molokai. One weight % of the salt consists out of activated vulcanic carbon. What are your experiences regarding the voltage at the diode?

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    I just got my CO2 unit put together and I also have a question about the LED. I don't understand exactly how to hook it into the wires. Have not seen any video or picture on this part, or what to do from here on.


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      Ahwander is funny because you get so many different answers for this one, says + on N.C Copper and - on Zinc.
      I've produce CO2 gans with this but because of copper leakage they turn green, maybe it was the led.
      Why don't you try both ways and see the result, always do these in pair, one different from the other.
      I learned quicker that way.

      Sorry Marcel00, but I am yet to do series and parallel connection.
      BTW, are you using the carbon stick method or the N.C Copper and Zinc?
      I am a bit confused.



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        Hello Alchemystic. I am using a carbon plate which I roughed with a grade 60 grinding paper. The grinding increases the surface area and the surface is purged from impurities. A stick offers
        much less surface.



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