Where do I find others' experiences with the Magravs Power Unit?

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  • Where do I find others' experiences with the Magravs Power Unit?

    I have had mine since the first weekend in July and wondered if my findings are normal. I have a smart meter so I can take readings everyday and have been doing that since I installed it. My normal usage had been an average of 24 kWh a day prior to installation. My usage has fluctuated to being above normal during heavy usage days (but not nearly as high as it should have been) to a low of 8 kWh for the day. This is 30% of normal, which for me is less than $1 in electricity costs. Not bad, considering the size of my house and I keep my house at 73 degrees F all the time. I live near Lake Michigan in the USA, by the way. Mostly the usage seems almost like it's pulsing, dropping it lower for a week or so and then going back up to near normal, but still a savings of about 30% now. Are others having the same response?

    Also I've been experimenting with the CO2 GANS health-wise for myself and animals with startling results

    And with plants.

    And with my vehicle, which has amazed me.

    Where do I post all my research?

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    Great to hear of your success in Keshe technology! Many people have similar positive results with the Magrav unit, and it may improve with time.

    You will find various sections of this KF Forum to post your research, depending on topic such as Agricultural, Health, Vehicles, etc.

    There is a Testimonials submission page at https://testimonials.keshefoundation.org/submit.php and we take submissions to the User Blueprint page at blueprint@keshefoundation.org.

    If you have documented results that are extraordinary and you would like to share on the Knowledge Seekers Workshop, please contact me at rick@spaceshipinstitute.org


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      I have a spreadsheet with my daily electricity usage. There are columns for usage activities that may drive up the numbers, plus weather data. Would that be helpful?

      Not sure what you mean by *document results*. For instance, the first time I used the CO2 GANS water (about a teaspoon in 5 gallons of well water) on my potted flowers, the next day the blooms either doubled in size or doubled in the number of blooms. To say I was flabbergasted is putting it mildly! I almost fell off my steps I was so surprised! However I had no *before* and *after* pics. The next time I took pictures before applying the water, but my camera wouldn't focus properly and that evening, we got a torrential rainstorm that would affect the outcome, plus it beat the flowers up pretty badly, so there was no *after* pic to be had. However EVERYONE comments on how beautiful they are and believe me, that is generally not the case for potted plants I attempt to grow, especially this late in the season.

      When I really LISTENED to what Mr. Keshe was saying was when I started experimenting. Even though he didn't use these words, what I *heard* was that the GANS was the *seeds of creation* and with intention, it could do anything.

      Since that time, I've been putting drops of it in my water with various intentions. I can honestly say I feel better than I have in years! One of my intentions is *happiness* and most of the time, I have a profound feeling of HAPPINESS. My skin is looking better. I'm losing weight. I'm now sleeping better since figuring out the proper way to state the intention. My kitties' itching has slowed dramatically. My house stays cleaner between vacuumings! And there have been other totally bizarre, but wonderful, things happen!

      Just spritzing the interior of my 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the intention of it getting 30 mpg has changed my gas mileage from 15.1 to 17.2 in less than 2 weeks!

      I could go on and on, but I don't want to bore you! LOL!


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        That is great stuff to hear De Boo. Keep it up the great work! Intention and our thoughts are real things and can manifest Anything!!


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          It has all been pretty amazing! As an update, it seems when I introduce new electrical devices to the house (such as space heaters), the kWh usage does go up. I'm thinking it has to *condition* the new device to return it to the new norm, which is around 50% less than my pre-Magravs average.. I reached this level after 3 months of having the Magravs.


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            That is pretty freakin awesome DeBoo. One thing that was being reported on the 141 Knowledge seekers workshop is that in agriculture and in homes people are spraying the co2 ganz water aka plasma liquid and it is creating a condition that is maintaining a constant 73.5 degree Fahrenheit or 23 degree celcius. I am working on getting my plasma liquid and ganz production up just in time for winter.
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              "Seed of Creation" - thank you, new Word for Gans.

              I see Reactors working but this is the first posting (for me) about a working Magrav. But things develops - i hear about 2 People building a Magrav near my Hometown and found a technician in my neighbourhood who is interested in Keshe Books, Gans or Magravīs. I believe there will be soon other positiv experience even in your thread here.



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