Adjusting the triggering frequency for optimal coefficient of performance

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  • Adjusting the triggering frequency for optimal coefficient of performance

    As far from what I heard from Mr. Keshe in the 136 th workshop the frequency (60 or 50 Hz) seems to play a key role in achieving a high COP. What about using a frequency converter allowing the variation up to 400 Hz and voltage up to about 400 V as to find the resonant frequency of the generator system?

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    To understand how the 2 compressor system works, it is needed to understand RF theory, power factor, and resonance - in addition to plasma science.
    Hypothesis: A loaded compressor (fridge) has a (start) capacitor where it becomes more capacitive and starts to "power factor correct" (PFC) the other compressor. Having 60hz instead of 50hz is better, because it creates better resonance Q. PFC is like the yang to the yin (reactive). Now - here the plasma device comes into play and supplies the energy for the field collapse (reactive component as a demand).

    Perhaps it would be easier or more suitable to have lets say for 110VAC "grid", using 20-40uF (perhaps more to start it) capacitor at 400-440VAC 3phase motor (1.5kW+). The second motor can be a simple compressor. Having such a setup you can change the run capacitors and add some load to the motor to tune the thing. Research RotoVerter concept in the internet. It is how to run 3PH motors in high impedance mode using capacitors, where those motors are very efficient and in some case even go over the edge. When the grid's power factor is less than 1 it starts to correct the PF. Not a beginners level though. All the idea is to create the resonance to provide suitable grid frequency and the voltage level.
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