getting glue off of coper flashing

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  • getting glue off of coper flashing

    I recently purchased a roll of copper flashing from a big-box home supply store. called "Cop-R-Shield" copper Wood frame Flashing and Termite shield.
    it was a 20ft roll 8in wide. I saw a good deal i thought. but when i got it, i noticed an adhesive layer that would need to be removed. (great!)
    i tried many different solvents and other household chemicals to remove it.
    I found that "oxyclean" stain remover worked great at softening the glue so i could rub it loose, but it left a film.
    I later had the idea to try a CA glue de-bonder. and this worked great!
    as i was running out of de-bonder, i switched to fingernail polish remover. this worked just as well.
    however, thinking my first test with WD40 may have been hasty, I tried it again, this time letting it soak a bit. also i worked it over with an old tooth brush i will have to say this worked the best of all.

    my plan is to cut this into smaller pieces and nano coat them to be used in GaNS production.
    so i think i better wash them good in rubbing alcohol or vodka before using them.
    here is a link to a YT video i made.

    if anyone has helpful advice, please pass it on.
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    LP you might want to try simple vinegar which works well for both cleaning and removing adhesive. Hope that help. -Keith


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      thank you Dr. Keith, I tried apple cider vinegar, it didnt seam to cut it any, i did not try white vinegar. I later re-tried wd-40 with good results. what i did different was use an old tooth brush to work the wd-40 around awhile, and left it on longer. the adhesive started to come up beautifully.


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        LP - you could use also simple lemon I think and Dr. Keith, no really, I don't know how you manage to be always so correct and balanced and put (nearly) always a smile face - do you never get disrupted by anything ? I think I need to invent myself somethin (again) to get u just (s)lightly out of phase...
        Am I too cheeky if I find it funny when Dr. Keshe's "pluma" doesn't work propperly during the Ws.
        It seems completely out of control (like the river Contru - the one in Ghana)


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          I do get riled up but I maintain a pretty even energy and composure through most of my life. Benjamin Franklin once said "The measure of a man, is the size of the things which bothers him!" I have been through some fairly life threatening events in my life and none of them would have improved by getting upset or anything other than remaining calm. Recently I saw the Rogue One movie and it had within it a thought I had of the plasma. "I am one with the force, the Force is with me!" So if we come from a place of balance and accommodating one another we can simply shift our position to where we do fit within the plasma fields of the Universe. Because we are all made of the same things as Stars so we are all stars meant to shine brightly. Peace and Love. Keith


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            Dear Dr. Keith,
            How easy it is to con-verse with you ( I don't have to study a lot ) I think at the moment you are my best choice for my "health equilibrium" - although I've never seen any of Lucas' films and "Star Wars".
            I think the spaceships in a way are not enough plasmatically "léger" and etheric - all far too robotic (from what I've seen in the trailer) I like your balancing out of contraddictory forces spacing from (Navy) Seals to Air Force One - I think you might be able to melt down the ice for the "accomodation" in aether or in Norway of the following clip -
            A raising Star is singing :


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              Regarding "Fitting within the Plasma fields of the Universe" -
              What if the "nudge" was a "missing piece" from the Earth ?
              Or what if these biological UFO's were our higher selfes or our "light bodies" ? The bio-logical “Jellyfish-Smiley” with the nudge looks to me like a peaceful “Pixel”
              I haven't seen the movie and I've never played video-games –
              Except as a child when I had to move a “Wolf with his hat" running from the left to right back and forth to collect as many eggs falling down from the Mother “Chicks” as possible
              For the rest I still like shapeshifters of another “kind”
              Today I even find reasonable resonance within the books I read on my “kindle” (at the moment it speaks about “Lemurians (or Lumerians) and Atlanteans” (of how many kinds I don't remember – numbers feel sooo cold) – -
              That's when I start looking for “Hanky-Panky” with someone else
              By the way – Colonel Hanky are you still alive ?



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