Give the Cesium back to the plant in Fukushima

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    "Water is the driving force of nature."
    —Leonardo da Vinci

    Plan A ~ needed yesterday!

    This plan to clean up Fukushima should be on every front page of every newspaper in the World!

    The atomic threat never went away. No war won its peace from it. No method of man ever stopped the atomic energy from effecting our health, our evolution, the natural world. So we must find out what this message is telling us. Our response must rise to the objectives required at Fukushima.

    We are advocating a safe, sound, set of solutions that address the needs of our times.

    What is Plan A?

    To Tepco and the government of Japan

    Our solution's here appear simple, easy, inexpensive, practical, indeed harmless to humans by comparison to what news has emerged from alternative and mainstream media; working as a sustainable action and as a model for any future melt downs.

    Cost: No more than the cost to build and open a Super Walmart store!

    Just a few hundred million dollars, verses the multi billions suggested by Tepco and the Japanese government.

    Plan A in short:

    Bring in a few hundred excavator's with Brown's Gas fuel cells and torches outfitted to them remotely controlled from miles away. Chop up the buildings, vaporize the spent fuel rods while still in their cooling pools, even underwater. Capture the corium's with titanium poles, cradling them so the corium's stop penetrating the ground. Then vaporize the corium's — chunk's at a time with Hydroxy flames (360 degrees around) until the danger is finally ended by their destruction. Only a few months would be needed with around the clock action by a large crew working together. Aerial platforms in the sky could monitor every detail of the work with high powered cameras.

    The chopped, sliced, reduced bits from the debris and demolished buildings can be destroyed using Hydroxy furnaces that will burn it all completely without any emitted atmospheric radiation. Even the excavators themselves will finally be properly destroyed when done by the purifying Hydroxy flames and furnaces.

    Fuel Rod's and Cores

    Sublimating the rods is our method. We are calling for immediate tests to demonstrate the Hydroxy remediation thru vaporization of the spent fuel rods. In addition, this methodology can be accomplished under water with the Hydroxy torches.

    Furthermore, the corium's can be captured and sublimated/vaporized by Hydroxy torches and that danger would end. In addition, remediations of the land, waters, and soils would be started immediately by intelligent use of mycological, vermicological, and ample algae use.

    Knowing next to nothing about Hydroxy the so called Tepco "experts" will not understand what OxyHydrogen can do as described herein.

    We advocate corium capture by titanium rods driven under the heavy molten cores. This cradle will pause the China Syndrome and allow excavations to scoop and sublimate the cores entirely.

    Visualize titanium rods cradling the cores underground. They will melt and form a protective contact layer under each corium.

    Each core should be visible from thermal sensing sattelite infrared cameras from space or atmospheric platforms.

    We must open their eyes (Tepco) and promptly promote, this Plan A using the Brown's Gas as the best means for clean up at Fukushima and Chernobyl.

    It is not well known that Hydroxy (Brown's Gas) can burn COMPLETELY in a vacuum space (Hydroxy furnaces), underwater, and in outer space. This leaves zero dust, ash, and a clean carbonless burn of all materials. Therefore no chimney, of any sort is required for release of the destroyed highly radiated discharges. Please don't forget we already have documented proof of this capability thru Canadian resources and by American EPA, and other national sources.

    Plan A (detailed)

    What to Do?!

    Plan A

    Knute, what would you do about the Fukushima Mess?

    Tr Knudtson wrote:


    Learn about WORMS.

    Next,, Prepare a team of Remotely Operated Excavators. (N=?)

    My suggestion is the Komatsu PC88 or the PC200.

    Joy-Stick operated they can easily be adapted to remote function.

    Install a Hydroxy flame,, cutter system on each.

    Sourced: BEST Korea, ltd,, Or from Epoch Energy Systems.

    To my opinion, they are making the most functional Hydroxy machines today!

    And put remote local broadcasting cameras all over them, for operator control and visibility. Night Vision, Radio Detecting, Color, Black and White for definition, Thermal Sensitive, etc.

    Prepare a NEAR location, with a covered, 3 metal type, industrial building. Large enough to process all materials leaving the damaged sites.

    One building for liquids, one for debris and steels, and a final one for soils and actual nuclear fuels.

    Pour the concrete floors with Cadmium and Lead entrainments. Seal the walls, roof and interior of doors, with Lead filled Drywalls, layers with lead foils, in a multi-layer laminate and composite.

    Clear pathways for roads and ramps,, piping,, and any means of access to the actual site. 10 Wheel, Dump Trucks,, can also be easily adapted for remote operation.

    Cooling can be maintained by spray and flooding of slurry,, of Carbon, Cadmium and Heavy Water.

    Set a control building, a safe distance,, and fill it with equipment operators, their minders and supervisors, a team of overseers and mission specialists. Have the Ultimate Persons, in charge of the operation,, IN THE SAME BUILDING!

    Then bring in dirt’s for roadways and ramps,, pipes for liquids,, supply and draining or suction evacuation.

    AND basically,, de-construct the building one piece at a time,, down to the cores.

    And send it over to reprocessing areas.

    Hydroxy will cut through ANYTHING, especially titanium’s and tungsten.

    You can even chop the Fuel Rods,, directly into tiny chunks!!!!!


    Komatsu Video.

    Tr Knudtson wrote:

    For the Control Center,

    Cargo Containers,,, can be quickly modified,, OFF SITE,, equipped with video monitors, control stations and creature comforts,, Trucked In and assembled near the location of the Reactor.


    Bio Remediation

    We have shown mycelium, hemp plants, algae, and worms will be our bio remediator's in these cases regarding soils, trees, shrubs, bushes, waterways, ocean, taken one by one.

    What ever is found that emits high rads can be furnaced. The beauty of the real Hydroxy (Brown's Gas), is it burns carbonless, and leaves no incindiary ash. Clean up will be clean and with real purpose.

    Hydroxy is a safe and direct response to the needs of Fukushima and other atomic radiation unnatural environments around our world. With this kind of tool in your hand, it's like holding the power of the Sun on Earth.

    Hydroxy when properly made, can easily handle temperature's that reach the heat of the surface of our Sun. The electrochemical plasma when lit is a cold fire. Yet, it can consistently vaporize tungsten steel upon contact. Tests will conclude vaporization with Hydroxy cleanly remediate's so called nuclear waste materials.

    Further, it should be understood that the used fuel rods while vaporizing are also being cleaned by the plasma. Dan Haley reported on how real Hydroxy gas when lit can remediate radiation

    Hope is that some can see this and discover this new and powerful tool for cleaning up this nuclear mess. The real war that is still going on...that is until we clean it all up.

    We really need to alert everybody!

    Let's make Plan A go viral!

    Please Share it everywhere.


    There are actually several methods developed which rapidly neutralize the so-called "waste" as Dr. Mark Porringa summarized in a paper written for the Ontario gov't a few years ago — on behalf of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE). <>

    Hypertext links to:
    - The Brown’s Gas-Metal Matrix Process
    - Photo-deactivation
    - ZIPP Fusion and Fission
    - RIPPLE Fission
    - The LENTEC Processes
    - The PIT Processes
    - Bio-Nuclear Remediation
    - The Monti Process
    - Higher Group Symmetry Electrodynamics

    Alternative Hydroxy (Brown's Gas) incinerator.

    TR Knudtson wrote:

    "Hydroxy (ECP) = Electro Chemical Plasma

    Have we Inertia? YUP.
    Stored Energies of the Aether?,, Yup.
    What about Pressure and Kinetics?,,, Yup.
    Electromagnetism”,,, Yup!
    Spark of Static Electricity?,,, Yup!
    Lightning in a Jar?,,, Yup.
    Implosive and explosive forces, all in one?,, Yup.
    Exothermic and Endothermic? …. Yup!
    Gravatonic? ,,, Yup!

    Heat, Light, Pressure, Kinetics, Gravity, reductive and expansive, elementally discriminating, Magnetics, Electro-Magnetics both Bi-Polar and Mono-Polar.

    AND Hydroxy is COLD!
    Unless in contact with a given material."


    We want all to know about this primary solution for the nuclear clean up of Fukushima, Chernobyl and any future mishaps. Knute, who is the author and expert on Hydroxy for use as in Plan A and I are not interested in profiting from Plan A. We want to be of help to restore the planet with a clean solution.


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      Thank you Mr Keshe and everyone I 'm originally from Japan. There are many supporters of Keshe Foundation in Japan, we will try and make tihs happen together.


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          Very disturbing to watch this. I suggest we all contact TEPCO as well as our own national ministries and provide this information ( I know they know) and point them out their responsibility regarding this. Take them to court if needed. Please send this to all regulated media as well. They should get upset enough about this to get this out to the public. Their own life is at stake now without a shadow of a doubt.

          Mr. Keshe, please get the information out yesterday about the "how to". How can we participate (no more writing, actual helping). It is time to get physically involved now. Don't ask permission to go into Japan. Just do it.


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            The real and true leaders will come forward in this hour of crisis. The meek shall inherit the earth through co operation and a unified world wide scientific and grass roots effort. We humans are great survivors and when the chips are down we excel. I agree, JUST DO IT.


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              Originally posted by Mr.Max View Post
              I (as a Dutchman) also contacted the Japanese government (ministry of foreign affairs).
              On the website you wil find the contact information for the embassies and consulates worldwide. Contact all of them. Like I said.......... It's not just a Japanese problem.
              You can also go to the official Japanese Government website
              Originally posted by Mr.Max View Post
              Please send this to all regulated media as well. They should get upset enough about this to get this out to the public. Their own life is at stake now without a shadow of a doubt.
              Messages from Mr MT Keshe have been translated into Japanese and shared, rebloged, twittered, and liked on face books in Japan.

              Not only Japanese government but the education system and media also have been purchased off by TEPCO in Japan for a long time, US also plays a big role over Japanese government.

              This picture on the article shows the attitude of TEPCO and Japanese government. Radioactive materiasl were cleaned and collected... and left behind.

              Here is a shocking picture:

              Very recently Japanese government passed a secrecy law, which makes it possible to arrest anyone if they try to know certain matters kept secret by the government. What is secret? that is also secret!

              Please keep supporting us, we need back up from the rest of the world.


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                [QUOTE=MTKeshe;n30360]Fukushima farming land contamination

                Give the Cesium back to plant in Fukushima

                The keshe Foundation needs the help of our Japanese readers and bloggers to assist us to reach farmers in ....................

                Traducción al español // Spanish Translation.

                La contaminación de tierras de cultivo en Fukushima

                Devolver el Cesio a la planta en Fukushima

                La Fundación Keshe necesita la ayuda de nuestros lectores y blogueros japoneses para que nos ayuden a llegar a los agricultores en las zonas contaminadas de Japón.

                Tenemos una solución completa para los agricultores de Japón para descontaminar las tierras de la mayor parte de los materiales radiactivos, para que en la próxima primavera puedan empezar el cultivo de una forma normal.

                Nuestro acercamiento al gobierno japonés ha sido bloqueado y no nos han respondido.

                Necesitamos lectores japoneses para organizar una presentación en vivo a través de Skype, para que enseñemos a los agricultores lo que tienen que hacer, con muy pocos gastos para extraer la mayor parte de los materiales radiactivos de la tierra, o enterrarlos en lo profundo de la tierra, en una forma segura, para que puedan empezar a trabajar con la misma tierra de la superficie y con un suelo más fuerte para el cultivo.

                Por favor ayúdenos a pasar este bloqueo y llegar a las comunidades afectadas en Japón.

                Necesitamos traductores locales para que puedan explicar a los agricultores el proceso completo.

                Las comunidades agrícolas tienen todo lo que se necesita y no tienen que soportar ningún gasto para extraer los materiales de la tierra en menos de 15 días.

                El proceso se puede utilizar también para la limpieza del agua contaminada.

                Los agricultores pueden dar el cesio recogido a la planta de Fukushima para su control y custodia.


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                  Mr.Keshe and his Foundation have from the beginning set a new break through standard for both science and ethics which highlights by contrast the flaws that have controlled and handicapped human progress up till now . Another scientist, Carl Sagan, warned that if science was not shared and understood by the "ordinary"people it is supposed to serve this is a formula for disaster. Mad power hungry men will do anything they can get away with by keeping secrets from the public and that is why we find Mr.Keshe in the eye of this storm, the Fukushima crisis, he has opened up the only solution possible for this mess by teaching and sharing freely his knowledge to all. If Governments fail to do their duty to their citizens as so often happens then given honest and clear instruction the people will quickly learn to help themselves leaving the Government with egg on it's face. This crisis is a very important learning experience for the whole of humanity with life or death at stake.


                  • Doug MacDonald
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                    I have sent my concerns and criticisms to Mr Naomi Hirose TEPCO officer in charge of response to this crisis through their website portal and made it abundantly clear that this problem is global in scope. All countries on earth stakeholders not outsiders. That history will condemn the weak and incompetent leaders who fail in their duty of care by not allowing the best available expertise worldwide, who have offered to help, full access to the Fukushima region immediately. That narrow mindedness and secrecy have never solved problems only wisdom humility and the courage to act properly. That they must rise above politics for the sake of their children and ours or the people will do the needful and put them to shame and disgrace. That because radiation knows no borders and travels freely around on wind rain and ocean currents it will haunt humanity until properly addressed in a unified effort.

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                  Maybe we need more soil. I know in every country there are associations That are already careing about the situation in japanese seas. There are associations focused on The Global situation And There are associations focused on seas situation. Well....They are already focused on this Matter But probabile unaware about this Kind of solution. To raise The voice properly another Way could be To inform those Kind of associations. They could spread The voice much faster than few emails like we of the forum Can ever do And join with the already existing forces around the world in our countries.


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                    Some updates on contaminated water situation from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

                    You would think this should be reported as a top news all day in Japan, but not. Unfortunately more reliable news comes from oversea reports on this matter.

                    ​This NHK report describes some of the past effort by TEPCO. I hope NHK really really supports Keshe Foundation as they told so to Mr Keshe on their email.

                    Originally posted by S7eeZ View Post
                    They could spread The voice much faster than few emails like we of the forum Can ever do And join with the already existing forces around the world in our countries.
                    How about Geenpeace? I will contact Japanese one.


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                      Today from Reuters:


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                        We stay as a scintific group and not pressure group for solving this problem.

                        We offer technological solution and not try to show how they try to solve their problem.


                        • Kimberley
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                          Mr Keshe and all I would like your take on the following four pieces of content that tell me that what happened with the reactors in Japan is not to be feared as we have been led to believe...I could post a whole lot more however this is good for starters.

                          I asked Mr Keshe to view the Galen Winsor lecture from 1985 over a year ago and have still not gotten his comments about it. I and many others would truly appreciate your views Mr Keshe....thank you.

                          1. Meet Sunniva Rose from Norway. She has a PhD in Nuclear Science. This is an 18 minute Ted talk she did in November of this year, 2013.
                          She does not believe, from her learning of nuclear science, that the Fukashima breakdown is as bad as we have been led to believe.


                          2. This is a great article titled "28 fallacies about the Fukushima nuclear disaster’s effect on the US West Coast"


                          3. This is an hour and a half lecture done in early 1986 before Chernobyl incident.

                          Galen Winsor is a nuclear physicist of renown who worked at, and helped design, nuclear power plants in Hanford, WA; Oak Ridge, TN; Morris, IL, San Jose, CA; Wimington, NJ. Among his positions of expertise he was in charge of measuring and controlling the nuclear fuel inventory and storage.


                          Thank you! Much love, peace, health, joy, and fun to us all!!!

                        • Kimberley
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                          Here is the 4th...

                          4. 4. This is an audio of Galen Winsor talking a few weeks after the Chernobyl incident about what happened there. (do not let the intro from Ben Williams throw you off. what Galen has to say is interesting)


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                          We stay as a scientific group and not pressure group for solving this problem.

                          We offer technological solution and not try to show how they try to solve their problem.

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                        Understood.....this make sence...dind't mind about that.


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                          Originally posted by S7eeZ View Post
                          Understood.....this make sence...dind't mind about that.
                          Sorry....."i didn't thought about that" was that i meant grrrr...sometimes i rememberred the wrong term.


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                            A short documentary about the Fukushima disaster:


                            The current Japanese government is clearly incompetent in dealing with the situation. May be the world community under the leadership of U.N. should take over the situation and clean it up for the sake of the survival of the human species.



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