Propagation without sunlight?

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  • Propagation without sunlight?

    How about this suposition. Plants need sunlight to grow. Or do they? Are they using the actual sun light or the energy (plasma) during photo synthesis? I'm going to plant seeds this winter and give it a shot.

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    Also, if you really need sunlight in closed room, then you can put some metal plate outside (put it under sun and stick to wall) and wire it to your plants place and hook up to another metal plate 15-20cm above plants. under plants you need to put another plate (maybe aluminium foil?) and ground it. its works very well, like a real sun


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      I did this experiment my self long ago, and i confirm, its simply works! plants is green and healphy, as under real sun!
      you must experiment with sizes of plates (i did used three galvanized metal sheets, about 1feet x 1feet in size, one outsize and two inside room), and distance between them (two in room), if its will be too close its can burn your plant but if too far its can be not enough energy, but you will find it just in days the optimal distance.



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