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  • Radiation elimination

    Has Mr Keshe got a method that will eliminate the radiation leakages in to the Oceans by the Japanese Fukushima reactors...?

    This clean up could be a excellent PR for your system and will definitely have a positive impact on your technology...!

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    the russians flood radioactive contaminated bodies with electrons to wash the radicals out of the body before they can cause damage by hitting something. don't know how this is done.

    - a stationary zeppelin (or ufo) above fukushima with an electron-beam directed to it. would that work with the contaminated water and with core-elements/rods?

    - think i read in this forum: just pour sand onto it. it would melt to glass and seal it. (might leave the problem with the groundwater?)

    one thing we can do for ourselves: put our body into an alkaline/basic level. (OH, i.e. an electron surplus) eather by eating green things (salads) and avoiding sugar (and other carbohydrates) and stress (which includes e-smog). or drink alkaline ionized water like: http://www.wost.sanuslife.net/shop.p...cms_nav_id=111

    "ORP value - Alkaline ionized water has a negative oxidation/reduction value (ORP). Typical tap and bottled waters have ORP values of between 150 and 300mV (potential to oxidise). Alkaline ionized water has a negative ORP ranging between -50 and -250mV giving it its capability as an antioxidant. It is regarded by many experts as having a better antioxidant capability than vitamin C."

    social diseases from chronically overacified organisms like cancer or diabetes have (almost) no chance in an alkaline body. the other way around: mens sana in corpore sano.

    best wishes


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      I'm 2 hours away from Houston, which is completely flooded right now. I found out that there is a nuclear plant located on the coast which was hit by the hurricane. I'm not sure how hard the nuclear plant was hi,t but I suspect the public will not be told of the radiation leakage, or of an ongoing meltdown. My understanding is that Fukushima occurred due to flooding and subsequent electrical failure which then led to the meltdown.

      This will probably also occur here in Texas. I haven't seen any news on the subject (its probably too recent). But I want to be proactive and get our Keshe solutions in place. I'm going to read the ebook on radiation solutions for Fukushima.

      Does anyone know what other resources (keshe vids etc) I should check out?



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