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    The worse Problems of the World are solved by ...

    Mercedes/ BMW/ Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank? (I am German)
    How many money can be earned with destroying the world and how many money can be earned with rescue the world? Well, what i hear is that they are charged guilty for bad behaviour and need all their money for the pay back. Industries says - no money! It has to do someone else.

    Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Ghandi?
    Richard develops the SpaceShipTwo (congratiulations! - as a Privateer). But if his plan is only to escape from earth - there will be only space for his family - i guess.
    Bill makes all the money to cure Cancer. One of the personal worse disease! Soon, NoBODY has do die and we have a Planet full of ... Body´s. Bill is a nice Guy, he only likes to bite to often.
    Ghandi is not available in the moment. I hear he plans to get the Body´s out of India. He say´s please keep GATES and WINDOWS shout.
    Human Superheros - no Time! It has to do someone else.

    Politicans, N,NA,E-SA, United Nations?
    They are working on it and They knows what to do ... Waiting for someone else.

    They, You and Me?
    I hear that Solutions starts around this place. I am looking 2 year for someone creating GANS with me. Most Friends are interested watching Films - Amageddon 2016. I heard someone else found an unexpected new way of rescue the earth on TV.

    Mr. Keshe?
    If Keshe "things" are done - are we "some ONE else"?
    I see more and more People who are prepared for a journey...

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    I don't know why you guys need to be so complicated- you always speek in enigmas and teach for 4, 5 hours every day, however you remain extremely interesting to me, hacking into my mind.
    What i I just wanted to say is :
    Merci beaucoup a Jacky - j'ai regarder un petit peu des Workshop en francais du 13 et du 18 octobre, mais au lieu de comprendre mieux (miao) vous avez fait une cofusion terrible.
    De tout facon je veux seulement Te dire que je t'aime beaucoup et je comprend un peu mieux (miao - mon dieux, caprice des dieux) nos "tears" - J'ai l'impression que toi Tu étais assez tot en peine pour moi parce que tu avez peur pour moi de ce que je dois "subir", mais ce n'étais rien du tout - le seul douleur qu'on ne pourrais jamais supporter c'est de ne pas "aimer" et de ne pas l'exprimer : Comme ca je le fais maintenant : la prochaine fois que nous nous rencontrerons, je ne veux pas m'en aller sans t'avoir dit "au revoir et t'avoir embrasser". Gros bisoux, de ta ?
    Je ne sais pas ce que suis pour tois et pour nous tous, mais il faudra en parler le plus tot possible.
    Je cueille l'occasion de remercier à tous mes "body-guards" :
    Et's / Cyborghs / Beasts / Madonnas / Tranformers / Ghosts / Artistes / mes Famille et tous que je trouve "le long de la route" quand je me promène avec "mon" chien.
    Gros bisoux a Mr. Keshe de sa petite Mascotte (l'autre x 2)


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      Quiche al Plasma Innovativo” (Pranzo)
      Ingredienti :
      1 pasta sfoglia (già pronta)
      1 cipolla
      1 gambo di sedano
      3 carote
      1 ½ zucchina (o secondo la taglia)
      1 confezione di cuori di carciofi surgelati
      3 pomodori
      Parmigiano (grattuciato) quantità (libera)
      Edamer (grattuciato) quantità (scegliete Voi)
      Spezie :
      Sale aromatizzato (come decidete Voi)
      Noce Moscata

      - Stendete la pasta sfoglia insieme alla carta forno sulla teglia
      - Fate un soffritto con cipolla, sedano e carote, aggiungete le zucchine
      e poi un po' di acqua – lasciate cuocere per 15 minuti
      - A parte, fate bollire i Cuori di Carciofi (ancora surgelati)
      Con una forchetta picchiettate la pasta sfoglia
      (l'ho imparato da mia nonna, così la pasta non si gonfia durante la cottura)
      • Distribuite sopra equilibratamente il parmigiano grattuciato
      • aggiungete le verdure cotte
      • tagliate i cuori di carciofo e prendetene soltanto la punta più tenera
      (il resto lo date al cane, insieme all'acquina delle verdure,e all'acquina dei carciofi. Aggiungete il pezzo restante della buccia del parmigiano (grattugiate leggermente la parte esterna del pezzo, perché è stato maneggiato troppo persino per il cane)
      • ponete le punte di carciofi in modo armonioso ed equilibrato in modo che ci sia uno (non importa quale) ma soltanto 1 al centro. Corspargete poi il Vs. Capolaro con tutte le spezie in modo super – abbondante. Ed aggiungete poi in modo longitudinale tutto l'Edamer (non c'era la Fontina Valdostana al Supermercato)
      • Alla fine tagliate i 3 pomodori a rondelline e disponeteli in modo armonioso per l'occhio.
      Infornate il tutto circa a 180° (in forno ventilato) per circa 30 min.
      Commenti :
      Io : 1 goduria !
      Nostra figlia : Mamma, è buonissima – è una ricetta da
      Masterchef – Alleluja !

      Cena :
      Salsicce nostrane + Cavoletti di Bruxelles
      (non ho tempo per la solita ricetta, perché è ora di andare a chiudere gli animali per la notte e poi pelerò i cavoletti

      (+ darò per mio marito una fetta della “quiche del pranzo”)

      Io non ho fame, ma tanta sete, quindi ora ve la vedrete fra di Voi,
      ho da trovare delle canzoncine per il “Party”
      (non trovo più i canzoni che volevo mettere sul forno ieri)

      Visto che non c'è più “Il party” , la scelgo per me :

      per tutti i Master – Mascott :

      per noi tutti :

      Dicono che stasera comincia la serie “Medici” in TV, forse me la “spappo” come il mio dolcetto che ho trovato in congelatore appena in tempo :
      Si tratta del “Deli-Cheesecake”
      (per fortuna m'ha confortato all'ultimo minuto) solo che era un “semifreddo” ed ora sento bisogno di un po' di “Red Hot Chilly Pepper e sogno “El Calor” dei Caraibi con un po' di “Merengue” per smuovere la “ciccia”, se no mi addormento all'istante.

      Un Bacione e Buona Notte a Tutti !


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        sorry - I understand only Enlisch and German and too many Data. You message is "you don´t want or need to be understand" - right?


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          Industry has always worked hard to provide comfort to mankind at the expense of exploiting nature.
          No one will escape Earth before science creates a space station similar to the one in the cartoon spaced out.
          Politicis is the art of getting the power to decide the future of a nation or several nations through promises and negotiations.


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            Yes Spacekesher,

            ​and we like to make it comfortable for us. Especially our Mind want to have it comfortable - to get the Feeling "I am Save and Nothing to worry about".
            Guy´s like me - who seek Truth, and find some curious - often put out of normallity of the community. They say:" You are complicate or insane.

            ​First we have to blow up our Mind (the way of thinking) like unicorn is doing in the Moment - or let a teacher change it step by step. Then a space Station is nearly done .


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              Dear Doewolf, Dear Spacekesher,
              Since I'm extremely confused these days, I hope I can get some clarity by asking some question.

              But first I just want to make some statements.
              If somebody or persons like to speak through flowers & pics to me I might feel involved, but probably am just to selfish to "read" these things as "signs" and therefore I feel rather foolish but tell you anyhow what I feel & want to say thank you to All :
              1) Coleen the Monkey pic is just rainbowy great and fortunately 1 leg is in front of the intimate part and the wire is not connected and "out of order" and in a way doesn't fit into the pic. It's great to see everybody is having a good time !
              2) Wonderful flower pot at the conference (in a way even sexy with that black wand & the "oranje" flowers, looks very much scientifically artistic) - by the way also liked the orange flowery blouse.
              3) 3 pain-pens for writing black + red + at a certain distance a green one ("just" for the heart)
              4) I'm not sure if a friend of mine was there because picture is not very neat.
              Unfortunately I had to change computer and can't get pics + amps up for the moment...

              I'd love in a way to start to teach & I think the best way would be if just somebody (if there is somebody interested) to type in a question for me - I'll give a short and honest answer not around the bends as so far.

              I have some questions for you two, please answer straight forward, or say just "non of your business" :
              1) Are you one & the same physical person ?
              2) Why did you choose the "Avatar-name" Doewolf ?
              3) Why did you choose the name "Space-Kesher" ?

              Much love (a bit chilly, sorry) to All !


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                The problem with a lot of us men is how we express ourselves.


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                  1. Spacekesher and me are not physical the same. (From my Point of View)
                  2, My full Name is Wolfgang Doering -> Doewolf.

                  My Story or Definition of Unicorns and Wolfs

                  Wolf -> Sign for "can be lonesome" so "can be social". Expert of Survial through killing robbing stealing and feeding,
                  ​Unicorn -> Sign for "can be social" so "can be lonesome", Expert of Survial through Art (Poet, Musican...) and starving .

                  Both have a similar Source: Twilight - the World of blown up Minds and how to survive in it.

                  The Unicorn creates bunches of Flowers - forms concepts out of "Something". (or even Nothing???). Important as Artist - to see the possibilities.
                  ​The Wolf is good in understanding "something" - see what "is" as "it is". Important as Predator, to see nothing more or nothing less like it is.

                  In this Twilight Unicorn and Wolf are not really friends, because Unicorn and Wolf are twilight (Duality). As a Surviver you know that it is ever your own fault - this describes the Ability to be ONE - right?

                  ​And yes - you are a good teacher because you can correct mistakes (as you just did)

                  Thank you all (and somone else) for some Love!

                  PS: My Earth Space Connection (you are also looking for unicorno) is the "Unicorn" Doug MacDonald. He is Administrator because ... he is not affraid of a Wolf
                  Last edited by Doewolf; October 23rd, 2016, 08:30 PM.


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                    I like Posting of Doug - they are short and good to read. This makes it less complicate for me.
                    Postings of Science2art have very good links. But they are full of Data - it is art for me and thats all if i get sleepy - it switch them off and don´t think about it much. Because except from the structur and some Highlights - he says nothing personal. This makes it easy for me.

                    My Question for you unicorno:"Why do you choose the unicorn as your avatar?"


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