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  • Reversing age.

    As far as I know this subject has not been addressed yet on this forum. I don't think that's very surprising as it's a very touchy, dogmatic and controversial subject in today's society.
    But I don't think we are here to debate currently ethical, academic or religious standpoints. I believe we are far beyond that point looking at just the first few subjects of this forum.

    I'm sure Mr.Keshe had this on his mind for years as well, it's only natural when we're talking about regeneration of nerve tissue, whole limbs, letting the body heal itself and absorbing food from just specially treated water. Age has many biological factors to it but the main one is cellular senescence, that is their ability to divide/regenerate as fast as they did in an early stage of a human life decreases.

    I'm sure Mr.Keshe is going to address this as well in his next book. But it's an interesting subject to talk about nonetheless. I might be dreaming but I would like to see a time all you had to do was drink some water to never get hungry or gray hairs .

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    Re: Reversing age.

    Thank you for an insightfull answer.


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      Re: Reversing age.
      [*]This entry was deleted and had to be put back in again[*]

      Being involved in this technology , one gets asked to grow different things for different people and sometimes the first questions are all the same and about the same organs.

      Therefore your question is not that hard to answer if you managed to answer the rest.

      Yes you can live with water as food , as I said before we need volunteers whom do not cheat, and secondly about age and grey hear, I think I try the second one first on my own and let you know the result one day if all of it has not fallen off by the time I get to this job.

      About the ageing, my dearest of readers, if one knew how beautiful existence is on the other side, no one would have stayed one day with all the hardship of the life on this side, but man has the habit of grabbing to everything even it ends to harm him at the end, do not worry about the age as hair is more important than the age.

      But in all truth one can extend the age by several hundred years, but reversal is rather impossible.


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        may we know how we can extend the age by several hundred years?

        thank you


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          The Ancient Egyptians and other older races knew how to extend life, that knowledge is still within our own genetic memory one must simply learn to unlock it within ourselves.

          Or ask others whom have done so already. It may be simpler to connect with out cousins from out in space and have them to help guide you to that knowledge.

          They are and have always been watching us and listening.

          Your perception and reality may differ and feel free to choose to keep an open mind or ignore me. Either way have a wonderful day evening and night.

          Dr Keith


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            Hello and thank you for answering my humble question.

            unicorno, are the health apps presented by the Keshe foundation able to stop the aging process? I have read a lot about Gans and what horrible diseases it can cure/prevent, but I never read something related to the aging process.

            Dr Keith, your words make me start dreaming..
            of course we would need to know how to unlock this knowledge from our own genetic memory, I would be grateful if you can let us know how to achieve this. I will always have an open mind for this.


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              Dear Harald,
              Why do I just have the impression that you are another "Double" / "Shapeshifting" / "Nameshifting" Avatar for Whoever ?!? And why do I have the impr(inting)-(s)ession within my contorted mind that you are asking me for "scientific" explanation about health apps when I'm not interested in apps and computer-issues (but always in "rotten app(le)s", although I'm fully aware that we need to know about everything), meanwhile I would prefer by far make you dreaming, maybe toghether with Dr. Keith !

              But, of course you can have my ice-cold scientific approach to stop the aging process
              (because you ask so kindly and politically correct for the good of All) :
              1) When you bath for example seedlings in CO2 (+ zinc oxyde) Gans-Water you put them back into their "original state", so you reset the plant (you can correct GMO's) so why not your whole body ?
              I hope I can make you "dream" of Dr. Keith's "Genetic Memory" going further on here ...
              2) Tesla said : "The Secret stays in the fact that the light-particles restore their original state" and when you read Mr. Keshe's book "The Structure of the Light" you know that the Light is an elongated Plasma itself fluctuating from 1 spherical to another spherical (so I would say one is comparable to the higher mind the other one is comparable to the physical mind - both are points of observation, but 1 "knows" more (has a higher/wider perspective) and the other 1 can draw from it, but it remains an exchange of information (remember the fluctuation) and when they "balance" they can heal eachother (I believe at the soul-level)
              3) Furthermore, we know that Ganses are alike many, many, little Suns / Plasmas and the Sun has a self-sustaining "mechanism", so it is a capacitor AND a transformer (a rechargeable battery) because it can "fecundate itself" it is an "Androgyn" and you can do too with 1 as long as you have both "the magnetical AND the gravitational" (in your Plasma-cells "for healing-purpuses") ; because once a magnetical - and a gravitational + have linked up and started counter-rotating they have already the potential to create a 3rd "entity" (a 3rd layer or an atmosphere) Now, inverse the flow of one of them and you have probably "the why" of the "Neutron-inversion" possibility.
              Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong !

              Coming back to Dr. Keith's dreamy "Genetic Memory Bank" I can't resist and I beg your pardon, if I sneak in a little song for the occasion :


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                Hi unicorno,

                thanks a lot for taking the time to write.
                I got the term "health app" from the keshefoundation website, I did not make it up myself: .

                Regarding point 1 - should I understand that if we bath ourselves in CO2 (+ zinc oxyde) Gans-Water we will be put back to our "original state"? I am not sure what this state looks like, will this stop aging? Or do you actually mean drinking water energized with CO2 (+ zinc oxyde) Gans ?
                Regarding point 2 I would prefer to have an answer from Dr. Keith - hope you don't mind.
                Regarding point 3 - should I understand it is related to point1? as Gans sustains itself and "helps" us doing the same by drinking the water energized with it?


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                  Perfect, reminding everybody about Heath Applications (and all the others is very important, thank you ! There are also the health teachings with Elya and the testimonials you can look for.

                  Point 1 - I remember somebody saying putting CO2 Gans-Water into the bathing water (I haven't done it personally, but I'm sure we get a beneficient effect from it and anti-aging effect, but I don't now how to explain you this in a scientific chemical way - what i remember is that CO2 is a fertilizer ("Treibhauseffekt") and zinc stimulates "emotion" (read : e-motion or I in motion, so what gives you the "kick") Looking at it from this perspective it "fertilizes self-expression" which I think is the reason why we are here for, for what other reason "Source" might have created you, if not to mirror (and here you can understand that you are an extension with the same "original property-potential" of IT) and It expands itself through your unique perspective. which is your "driving life-force". So drink it, put it in the waters or create i in a non physical way (through psychology for example "the magnetic-gravitational field strength of a "mind-set" that corresponds to the chemical elements you use with this technology) You might as well apply (another app) Philosophy or Poetry when you say Re-verse-ing age. (Re-formulate-it with mathematical equations. It all leads to apply what has the highest amount of "excitement" for you in it, so look for your passion at every given moment. If you like producing Gans and / or "un tipo Ganzo" (a "cool guy") crosses your way, then you can get to the same result by creating your "association" and cross-connect everything using science, philosophy, poetry, literature and whatever works best for you + love to keep you interestes in life and in a healthy state.
                  Another "thing" to remember if you loose hope, love and faith on the long term, you'll either die, or commit suicide, or make yourself ill (often another form of a slow suicide)

                  Point 2) Looking forward to Dr. Keith's exposure !
                  (I can lean back, we have lots and lots of EXPERTS IN ANY KIND of "Field-Strength" within the Keshefoundation Family !

                  Point 3) The Sun (if you think of the Solar-Plexus Chakra) it leads yes to point 1 or "what you feed of" for a living (somebody wants to nano-coat money ? Coins are legacies)
                  For me I prefer Helios (or Helium) :

                  PS : Found that one on the Nasa Forum (in 2007) regarding Helium,
                  if somebody needs to "take off" for "health" reasons (in case of planetary insanity) -
                  otherwise it can fit easily under "Space "Lift and Motion" -
                  perhaps Mr. Keshe can explain the link from
                  Deuterium (Deux = 2 parties) to Tritium (Tris = 3rd Party)
                  to Helium = "Heel"-ium (the Kickstart = a by-product of the ionization of the hydrogen)
                  to He(a)l a "Lilium" (but science2art can come in t(w)o as a 3rd party, hi, hi, hi, ha, ha, ha...)
                  but now, let's get serious again with Doewolf, Doug and Harald and their heavy Liquid Plasmas, but fortunately we can get asap to the Gaseous part so that we All can sing together "O Sole mio" :

                  If there would be such resources of helium available, it is clear that new generation of nuclear reactors used for space technology will not utilise it as in the fusion reactors which to be planed for the future.

                  If one looks at the real operation and use of helium in the galaxies, helium is the fundamental elements in the creation and then control of gravitation system, for systems like stars and their solar systems.

                  What comes as helium, even in the over heated centre of stars , which its by product is helium, this element in fact even at this stage becomes the process to sustain the ionisation of hydrogen , and consequently the energy released and in the fuel circle, helium is the cause of and the reason for the sustainable massive gravitational field of the stars.

                  What this means is that, helium has been thought in the schools of fusion technology, due to inherent design of these systems, helium has become the ultimate target element and its by product of process of production of heat for further running of turbines.

                  But in reality in universe helium is a facilitator for ionisation of hydrogen in the stars for their heat and sustaining their gravitation fields and not a by-product, and this is the fundamental point which past nuclear scientists have not realised, and that is why the fusion systems are built through external magnetic field system , where in stars, helium, is the stepping stone for creation of magnetic fields in the stars and the heat generated is a by-product of the ionisation of the hydrogen to maintain the gravitational field and in turn to keep the elements of the star together.

                  Putting this in a simple way , this to say, that if nuclear scientists and Cosmo-physicists bring their knowledge together, then they would have, a long ago, realised that present fusion reactors are dreams which will never come true, simply due to the fact that, nuclear physicists never understood the full principle of the use and utilisation of helium in natural order of creation and control of solar systems and their fundamental roles in their creation and control of their magnetic field strength.

                  In reality one does not need high fusion temperature to create massive amount of energy and gravitation systems.

                  All our gravitational system are made of petrochemical products, which by their nature they can not stand temperatures of over 100 0C, but they have produced in their small dimension , about 30KW and surges of 600KW, but at the same time, they always generated lifts for neary10 kg or 100kg of the weight too and they can do even more, using the same system , but by changing the helium combination parameters as part of fuel.

                  The principle element for the running of these reactors has been Helium, but we have utilised this element, as it has been done for billions of years in the galaxies, that, we have used helium as a facilitator and not as source of energy or as a by-product of sources of energy as it is assumed in the fusion technology of the present time.

                  Thus by doing so, we have been operating portable nuclear reactors which are safe, operate at room temperature, and at the same time these reactors have allowed us to create dynamic magnetic fields , similar to earth magnetic fields, which, not only their strength can be controlled, by simple method, but by allowing several of them to interact with each other, we have managed to crate the gravitational systems, which can operate within other systems like gravitation field of the earth.

                  Thus for the first time allowing in a man made system, the process of gravitation field positioning of one system in respect to another gravitational system like earth.

                  I have explained this in my gravitational papers, which, if we redefine the Newton’s law in this way “ that, gravity is positioning and strength of two or more magnetic fields in respect to each other” rather then as present definition of “in respect to the position two bodies or masses”, then the use of gravitational system and the understanding of gravitation field of objects like stars and planets even atoms and their replication will have a realistic and achievable meaning.

                  Where gravitational fields are in fact proven to be created due to interaction of two or more dynamic magnetic fields up on each other. This is very similar to the pulling or attraction or gravitation forces in solid magnet of oposite poles create. Where in dynamic magnetic fields which are created by and due to dynamic plasmas, the interaction of these multi magnetic fields up on each other become the cause of creation of gravitational fields in a system, this being an atom, a planet, a star or a galaxy, and the positioning of their fundamental elements within each one and in respect to other matters within them.

                  Thus by understanding this phenomenon, the new systems will allow positioning of the system at any point in respect to the surface of the planet, or what some like to call antigravity system.

                  In fact this is exactly how planets and stars find their position in respect to each other in solar systems and galaxies, that due to their positioning of their gravitational field forces in respect to each other and we have done nothing more but to replicate them in our systems.

                  Thus helium’s of the Moon will not cause any further pollution or other problems like CO2, as they can be used for the running of the future energy systems, that due to their inherent characteristics, their amounts will always be constant and never will be released into atmosphere as it is done in propulsion and combustion systems of present time.


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                    Unicorno thank you for your kind words and videos. I come from a place and state of mind that if I am ignored it is not my issue. I am sharing what I am being guided by my own inner voice (unconscious mind or universal or Divine guidance) to share.

                    Harald - you must learn to communicate with your own unconscious mind, there are many ways and techniques to accomplish this communication. Understand you already know how to do this, it is a mere disciplining yourself to quiet your mind, ask your question and await the answer, don't be surprised if you get an instantaneous response. You must learn to trust yourself and believe in the force or the universal consciousness which we are all connected with already. Some do this by meditation, hypnosis, visualization. Do a google search or youtube there are videos and books however is best for you to learn. What works for one may not work as well for another, there is No wrong answer. So let you inner voice guide you to what will work best for you.
                    All the knowledge of the universe is at our own fingertips, we just have to put in the work to understand it. There are things here in the universal technology which is found here in the Keshe foundation some will instinctual just understand sometimes without even consciously aware that we understand. Go with the flow of things and see how you get along.

                    Here is a Youtube to unlock your third eye

                    I hope my contributions here are of value to those whom it resonates with and needs it.
                    Much love to all.
                    ​Dr Keith
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                      I had a further insight on reversing aging, Our bodies and cell are consumed and replaced on a regular basis, I believe the current medical facts show that every cell in your body is replace every 11 months. Hence your current body is not the same as it was a year ago. Which means that if your soul dictates to your body that it should create the same condition of a younger you such as when you were in your mature adult prime, the "memory" in your cells should organize in that desired state, hence either preserving your mature adult body in that form indefinitely or as long as your physicality can be sustained. However we also have environmental factors in our polluted world that competes with out bodies being in their perfect health and form. Something to consider, from Antarctic Ice core samples show that even back in the time of the Roman empire there was Lead fumes that reached Antarctica and were frozen into its Ice from thousands of years ago. In the Last hundred or so years we have been polluting spaceship Earth at a geometricaly faster Rate. We need to not only detoxify our Bodies, but our planet spaceship as well. We are at a time where Either we help clean up Mother Earth, or she will react and Clean Us Up and then herself. We must help create the environment where we can be younger. Hope that Helps and stimulates thoughts.

                      Much Love to all.
                      Dr Keith PhD not MD.


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                        Hi dear friends,
                        thank your taking the time to writing detailed description of your thoughts to this subject.
                        I would summarize what I have understood as actionable suggestions and would like you to correct me if I am wrong:
                        1) drink and bath in water energized with CO2 Gans-Water - this should provide a beneficient effect from it and anti-aging effect
                        2) use Helium - I do not yet realize how

                        communicate with my own unconscious mind through techniques like meditation to be able to access the knowledge how to extend life, which still is within our own genetic memory - which should stop aging - Here I must say that I started to meditate using similar youtube videos
                        4) Ifyour soul dictates to your body that it should create the same condition of a younger you such as when you were in your mature adult prime, the "memory" in your cells shouldorganize in that desired state, hence either preserving your mature adult body in that form indefinitely.
                        The obvious questions is now of course if there is someone who has applied these and who can tell us that they work.

                        Have a nice evening,


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                          Mein Gott Harald, Bei Dir, mir und uns Allen, ist noch nicht Hopfen und Malz verloren !!!

                          As you put the "IF" and the "should" they sound like assumptions, because in my eyes you do not corelate (read : co-relate or core-relate), but there's nothing wrong in it, IF I don't mind (I get just a litle bit impatient, because I feel a bit helpless If I cannot explain myself, so that you can understand, but I know that you put "things" to provoque a reaction.
                          My best "arguement" :
                          IF you think we write detailed descriptions of our thoughts for acctionable suggestions
                          I counter-question : Would you act? if you Could ? Do you think you Should ?
                          and I propose you my answer :
                          CHOOSE the Gans or "die Goldene Gans" (or "i ganzi" = ital. fùr sympathische Typen)
                          but, DECIDE, or LET IT BE (It's APP to you)

                          In the NOW we can CREATE NEW MEMORIES for TOMORROW's process of Ageing !
                          Do you choose a Golden Age or a Golden Ache ?
                          A Good-Night song for CATs and Dogs IF we play the game :


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                            Now we know that "behind" Albus Dumbledore there is J.K. Rowling, like behind every great Man there is a great Woman and a gracious Self.
                            We should analize time, if only we could, would we ?
                            Take your time at 1 second before Midnight (looking forward to the next Full moon on the 14th)


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                              Should there be somebody not feeling well :
                              Tip 1 ) Go for a walk with your Doggie
                              Tip 2 ) Go for Oxygen in aHnother way
                              Tip 3 ) A wierd (w)hole in 1 !
                              Leaves many questions open, so what ? !
                              Relax :



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