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  • Morgellons

    Hello, Do you think your Technology can cure morgellons? There are 100 of thousands of people around the world with this disease. When they go to the doctors they are given the label of dillusional and can get no help from the medical establishment. They try to give anti-pschotic drugs to morgellons suffers. The CDC did a study and came to the conclusion that morgellons suffers were mentally unstable drug addicts.

    Many sufferer's have committed suicide or have died of cancer. The fungus goes throughout the body and make insects and bugs attracked to them. There is some thought that morgellons is caused by gmo food and that they have plant dna now growing in them. People are pulling bugs and plants out of their body.

    I am a suffer and will do everything in my power to help myself and fellow morgellons suffers.

    There is something very wrong in our world. Can you help. Thank You. Ruth

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    Morgellons is a dreadful psychological breakdown which in most cases is cureless according to a study made at However, I never heard it causes cancer: how is it possible if disease is mental? Most probably it is caused by medicines suffers are using. If you're asking for help you already have all chances to recover.


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      Ruth has posted 2012

      you write "how is it possible if disease is mental?"
      I was working as a male nurse in a Hospital and saw that more and more diseases official claims to have a mental source. You can ask: "So is it my fault that i get it?". I donīt know - but what i know is that it depends on you how you deal with it. At least you should go to a Person who you believe that s/he can help you!
      (donīt laugh - i really meet Persons who say "they canīt help me" or Doctorīs who say "i canīt help you")


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        Hello Humans!
        Anyone heard about Dr Rife and his frequencies healing machine?
        The knowledge is connected to Tesla's works. Anyway, some people replicate this device and i can confirm its really works (its saved my life about few years ago).
        Try your self, its not expensive.
        ps: how many people seen the one of most popular picture of Tesla where he is sitting on chair with a book and behind him is big round coil - even not many knows what this coil is *medical device*! second coil is upfront of him (not in camera's focus).


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          Hey Space dream Yes love my spooky2. Love and Light. Keith


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            hi sir drkeith
            do you know how to hook up spooky2 to magrav, correctly? maybe some electronics scheme need for that?
            or with direct connecrlion maybe, even, posible? thanks!
            i got some idea, want to check it out.
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              Plasmatically or even at a quantum level they are already connected or you can plug in your computer and frequency generators into a strip connected to the MaGrav.
              Although I am sensing you are thinking of using the MaGrav coils to send the frequencies through?? I haven't done that, yet.

              Ruth firstly I apologize for not contributing this earlier to you. I would recommend contacting the Doctors of KF Click here to reach out to them.
     The following is extracted from that page is for your convenience:

              "If you want to apply to have your health case considered, send an email to: and explain in detail your condition, symptoms, appropriate health history, any medications you are taking and etc. The more information you provide about your medical situation, the better.:

              All the Best. Love and Light! Keith
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                my idea was just to apply/inject the healing frequencies in to magrav field. i tough i need some capacitor for make connection. but with nominal, any recommendations or ideas?
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                  i think i figure it out. any plasma capacitor should be help.



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