GaNS can I drink it ?

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  • GaNS can I drink it ?

    I decided to try and took a spoon full of my GaNS from nano copper plate with zinc plate... Felt energized in my chest area and totally alert and aware

    All salt was washed away, no salty taste at all

    Gave some to my goji plant project to I'll update next Friday
    Best to you guys out there // Tomas

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    Hi Tomas,
    I am a ordenary Forum User like you - only more posting and maybe more reading of postings.

    ​There was a direct warning of Mr. Keshe of consuming the GANS, as it apears that more of more Gans-Producer begin to taste it. So you are not alone with your try.
    ​Personally i get known to Gans with the meaning of "fuel" - so my Imagination is like patrol for a car and i am not about to try to eat it.

    ​You said - you decided. This is ok for me, because you will probably not begin to blame other for your desicion. Actually - I would be interested how it works to or with you, if you talk about your

    ​You said:"Felt energized (in my chest area) and totally alert and Aware" sounds similar to a friend of my who takes "Ritterlin" for this effect as he was doing his graduation on a University. Well he passed it ... As a male Nurse working in a Hospital, i see very day People take medicine for the Body. I am sure im many cases that not the Body was the Problem. Pills and medicine are often only a Substitute for a mental or spiritual Problem.

    ​If you go a new way with stable results for you and others - fine. If i find you praying "Oh Lord, give me my daily gans today" - i will treat you as my car.


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      I get back to you on this it's a hectic time for me with family and work and so on... When I find some time on my own I'll reply better.



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        I remember a posting there it was said "Mr.Keshe takes no Responcibility for consuming Gans". "No Responcibility" may the reason of the confusion.

        ​Many years ago there was a Australien woman on german Television saying that a human Body do not Need Food. I donīt know if it is true, but Keep it in mind. Personal i believe that there is a way out of this "eat or been eaten" concept somehow. So would be nice to hear about your or any other experience

        ​I heard Gans was also called "Manna" or "atomic Gold". - it is the meaning of spiritual Food. This sounds like a Kind of recharge as well.


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          I drank some zink GaNS one morning and some more two days later... Anyhow 03:00 going for work. worked all day with armouring a concrete plate with 16 mm steele, so I worked hard that day and usually I'd be hungry but not so much this day and 22:00 that night I was still active and alert not physicly tired at all working hard 12 and driving many hours...

          And a good feeling from within

          That lady was right, the higher you vibrate and the more light you carry the smaller amounts of food you actually need.


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            Ok - thank you!

            ​I am a Fan of "Nothing". "Nothing" seems to be a state of good mental or physical condition and not been addicted to something. Thats my experience. I hope Plasma can help on this spiritual way out of a material world. I do not know much about vibrations or carrying light. But i know if i concentrate on spiritual Things with interrest or love i feel better. I can be that Body Things may disturb and this should not be ignored. Meditation in the way of doing Nothing to have a look on what happens is a good way to solve those Problems. I guess this has something to do with Vibration or light too. What is know is a coming and going ...

            ​Anyway i like if People talk about (new or old) Possibilities.


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              I got to ask... I want to test building an off grid Magrav but my registration deny access to blueprints...?



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