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  • 186th KSW insights

    Insights from the 186th KSW
    Fields- field strength. Can we infer to field as feeling(sensations) the by product of interaction. We can see matter interactions in relation to our feeling. What sensation do you get when you're creating your projects( projections). You're projecting the fields( feelings) and we receiving the feedback. We think it's the outer that's giving us the sensation( feelings, fields). When it's the relationship of the two but more so from the initial state( soul) then the conversion confirmation. Like Mr Keshe says the maturity, being able to confirm without confirmation. Acceptance.
    Knowing, the unknown known inclusive of the abstraction.
    Are you using more energy to bring back a reaction projection. Do you already or can you feel the sensations before. Eg.going on vacation. Wanting something. From the conception of the idea. The initial feeling. The joy, desire. Already creates a feeling( field). Feelings manifest matter. The resistance or emotions can get stuck or imbalance. The 5 senses (sensations, feeling)are our interactive mediums(entities )to this experience. They rely on our association(perception)with some sort of feedback loop. Sight even though is seeing has a feeling associated with it. So too the other senses. The 6th sense(sensation, feelings)perception. cumulatively the projection reception of others. Then there's also the game like correspondence. First, second, third persons perspectives. Eg. Do unto self as you'd have others do unto you. Shifting perspectives. So it's necessary to elevate beyond the introspection of the self as singular to the totality to be able to perceive from the limited state, the higher fields( feelings).
    There's magic to the music. A great song to abbreviate my insights. More than a feeling by Boston.


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