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  • Nanocoating Magrav Coil

    Hello Thank you for the information. I have a question regarding the direction of the plasma flow. Looking at the coil blue print, the gravitational and magnetical plasma move in opposing directions, it seems I would want the nano coat of the magnetical coils to be polarized in the opposite direction of the gravitational coils? or do we polarize the coils in the same direction?

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    I think I figured it out. Whatever nano coat method, when we POLARIZE the coil the plasma is sent in the direction we choose. The micro crystalline fullerine molecules are organized in a way to trap the ether plasma, in the same way you fall into a pool of plastic balls at a fast food restaurant. I was worried that fire coating while the coil was fully assembled would cause the inner and outer coils to flow in the wrong direction but I see that by adding the voltmeter to touch both ends of the coils, polarity is guaranteed. SWEET. This is amazing!!! SOO MANY TROLLS AGAINST THIS EFFORT. SErious. Just do a little experiment of nano coating and then see that it INDEED exhibits both micro voltage, and super conductivity, all the while the nano coat insulating from the electricity. All you have to do is pick up all the tools at your feet. Good show. Thanks a lot.


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      It is that mircrovoltage application that helps to form the nanocoating crystaline structure that aligns it for the flow. You've got it Angkhut! Way to go! You are well on the way to becoming a Nano coating specialist. Love and Light. -Keith



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