Finding the live wire of appliances

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  • Finding the live wire of appliances

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently trying to condition a unit... and according to the manual ( whatever you plug in after the Magrav has to match the live wire as well. I'm quoting:

    "Also, do keep in mind that any electrical devices that are plugged into the Magravs Power Unit henceforth must also be plugged in to match the "Live" plug on the unit itself."

    So my question now is - how do you determine the live wire of a LED or a computer?

    Thanks for any hints.

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    I solved the question for the light... as you can simply check with the phase meter when there is no bulb in the socket. Still: How do you determine it with other appliances, for example the computer?

    Thank you.


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      Akeron, in most places once your figure out which plug is the hot side, it is usually pretty consistent with the other plugs.


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        Thank you for the answer, DrKeith. I can see how this makes sense... and also how it might be applicable in a lot of places, especially those where you have a distinct difference in the plug. Unfortunately in Germany, where I currently am, this is not the case. Both "sides" look the same, meaning you can plug them in either way and never see a difference. The exception might be those that leave the socket at an angle. In that case you would have it either pointing towards the earth or the sky. Naturally people would have it pointing downwards, in most cases.

        This is really no solid base to build a theory on though, so I hope there is another way to find out.


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          Akeron there are usually strict electrical wiring standards in every country that electricians are required to wire homes and the continuity tools will help you identify the hot pole.


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            I'm sure there are the strictest standards here... but usually nobody cares about the phase of the appliance. Maybe my words were poorly chosen, so let me show you two pictures.

            As you can see the plug can be turned 180 and it's all the same.



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