Questions on building a Magrav

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  • Questions on building a Magrav

    Question 1. After nanocoating the 3 sets of Magrav coils,
    and we have added the centre GANS balls such that the top
    or 3rd level has CH3 GANS in it, the middle layer or 2nd
    level has CuO2 GANS in it and the lower or 1st level has
    CO2 GANS in it - are we to add a dilluted solution of the
    same GANS onto the magnetic and gravitic coils of each level?

    Question 2. The Magrav capacitors which we have nanocoated
    both the coils and the centre pins need to have partchment
    paper that has CuO2 spread onto it and rolled around the
    centre pin then tied and slid into the capacitor coil - is
    there any other metal such as aluminum foil or such added
    to the rolled up pin and does the capacitor coil have some
    dilluted solution of GANS added to it?


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