Question on what exact GANs to put on Magrav coils.

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  • Question on what exact GANs to put on Magrav coils.

    Question: The application of GANs onto the coils is not
    specific in the blueprints. All that is shown is that the
    CH3 goes into the top ball, the CuO2 goes into the centre
    ball and the CO2 goes into the bottom ball.
    Correct me if I am wrong but, the application of the GANs
    on the coils is perhaps the most important part of the
    construction of the Magrav unit. In the teachings which I
    have managed to review, the plasma generators and the
    plasma reactors with the aide of plasma, either produce a
    attraction of plasma in case of the generator - or a
    repulsive force in case of a reactor. This can be seen as
    an implosive or a explosive force.The theory is I have
    come to understand is as seen in the Keshe patent for a
    reactor the lighter atomic element goes in the centre and
    the heavier atomic elements go outside of the centre in
    layers until the heaviest is on the outer shell. This is
    the design of the Keshe reactor patent and so I assume
    this device is creating a repulsive force for antigravity
    and lift.
    The logic follows that the plasma generator should use
    a heavier atomic element in the centre and lower atomic
    elements on the outer coils. In the blueprints it shows
    the three balls containing 3 different GANs depending
    on the level. There is nothing specific about what the
    coils are "dopped" with. I have searched everywhere and
    have found nothing. There is some Youtube videos that
    claim all GANs are mixed together and applied to all of
    the coils. But this does not seem correct to me due to
    the above theory.
    Then in the Keshe Plasma Reactor Group for Sept 5, 2017
    at 3:50 Mr. Keshe came on and says that only CH3 is
    applied to the outer magnetic coils and only ZnO is
    applied to the inner gravitic coils.
    Is there ANYONE at all out there that can clarify what
    EXACT GANs are to be placed on the coils??? I am extremely
    suprised that noone else sees the utter importance of
    this issue. The entire teachings are about fields and how
    these fields interact with eachother either through
    attraction of repulsion to find balance...


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