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  • application of pain pad

    I would like to know if it is advisable to use all 3 ganses (Co2/zinc, Ch3 and Cuo). on the same pain pad

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    I know of people who make pain pads with all 4 GaNS and even also have nanocoated copper mesh inside the cotton batting in the pad.
    For a healthy person this is fine. and I can't speak highly enough about my pad that has all of the above in it. Made By Micki Creech.
    However If the person you are making the pad for has Cancer the CH3 is known to feed the cancer so that person should not use it.
    the C02 and ZNO(zinc) are safe for everyone.
    the CUO will connect with the physical body muscle tissues etc.I believe the Medical Doctors in the foundation are still testing on the benefits of CUO in a pad.

    There is also concerns from Mr Keshe against using pads for those whom have implants in the body that there may be some concerns with those individuals using pads also especially ones with all 4 GaNS in them, further testing and research may be required for that also.

    As with all Plasma technology we are on the frontiers of the technology and have much to learn how and what these materials do and how they interact with our bodies.
    With that said listen to your own instincts and ask your soul for guidance which will help you to proceed in all matters in life. Let your soul guide you.

    Hope that helps.
    Peace, love and light.
    Dr Keith (PhD not MD)


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      Thank you so much Dr Keith - your advice reflected my own feelings on this matter.


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        Agree with Keith,
        and probably we are talking here not about the Pad, but Patch. Pad as usually has a magnetic plate inside. Patch we are making with folded paper towel with Gans and Gans water.
        It is absolutely safe for everyone to use CO2+ZnO Gans for the Patch, I also like to use a three Gans Patch:CO2+ZnO+CuO
        Basically all the Gans are creating Plasma Field, and it is interacting with our Body energy field,
        and it is helping our Body (energy/emotional/mental/physical) to balance and heal different issues and unbalances.

        CO2 Gans will heal and balance our Blood system and emotional body, releasing and reducing stress and tension, improving level of oxygen and overall energy level. It will activates cells, revitalizes the body and strengthens the immune system.

        ZnO Gans (due to a large amount of Zinc) will speed up the healing process, and also will be working on cellular level.
        Zinc is a key component in more than 80 human metabolic cycles and plays an important role in the healing of wounds.

        CuO Gans will heal and balance Lymph system and Physical body overall, it affects the muscle tissue and the nervous system. Copper is responsible for good communication through the nerves and copper acts as a disinfectant.

        More info you always can read at the Foundation WIKI site -
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