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  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

    The Keshe Foundation today has released its first medical video and accompanied paper for the illness known as ALS.

    With the release of this paper Stichting the Keshe Foundation for the first time in its history opens the doors of its research to the public for a glimpse into one of its most closely guarded research programs. This is the application of its spaceship program plasma technology in the domain of health in order to overcome and/or reverse some of the ailments, which the present world of science and medicine has no solutions for.

    We have developed the health section of our spaceship program because we believe the spacecraft of the future will not be able to carry all the medicines and doctors of every discipline required to cover all aspects of the health needs of people in long-haul deep space travel. In order to meet every eventual medical need there would be more medicine than food and more doctors than passengers on board these craft.

    In our health program we have set out to understand the fundamental basis and cause of each illness in the magnetical and gravitational structure of the human cell. From this we are striving to build one unifying health system that works in the same way as the human body and that can be used in space for all ailments by simply adjusting the operation of the bodyís system so as to help it overcome any problem.

    In view of our development of plasma technology and its applications, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) should no longer be a death sentence handed out by doctors, who tell their patients in the same breath that there is nothing that can be done to save their lives as the present world of science has no cure for this killing disease. The present medical world cannot explain the origin of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or what triggers this process in the human body.

    From our research we can with confidence state that amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a reversible condition in most cases, if it is discovered at the right time and handled in the right way by a competent team of physicians.

    You tub video on ALS

    The paper on ALS

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    thanks for the work and information Mr. Keshe


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      Buen trabajo,sigan asŪ.


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        Due to request from viewers of the video , today we will post a form for those whom want to ask for more details from the Foundation about ALS.

        If there are any questions or to join the ALS program and development please contact


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          Every day we are moving into a brighter world as Mr. Keshe and his wonderful Foundation release openly their work and results to all. The momentum is building as people actually see the benefits unfold not only for the volunteers themselves but this also creates a ripple effect that spreads very quickly to hundreds of people (family, friends and colleagues} directly and indirectly involved. GOOD NEWS TRAVELS FAST as they say.


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            Congrats Sir!
            Amazing work!


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              video is not working??


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              The link works now and we have finished with annual service of the server.


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                FYI on iPhone YouTube app opening from Safari does not load but does with chrome or other browsers. strange


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                  Thank you Mr MT Keshe for everything you do
                  is it possible to have a transcript of this video so we can translate it?


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                    Thank you we ask the spanish team if they can to do it


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                      Yes, with joy we can make the transcription of the video.
                      At the moment we are working on the translation of the paper. Will take few days more.
                      If you feel the video is priority, please let us know.
                      Thank you!


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                        The transcript of the video in english has been done by Chizuko Ikeda as much as he could, please those whom can compete it and send it back that other teams can do their translation to their language


                        My name is ++++, and Iím having ++++ it is ALS I received 6 years ago, it was 2007, and Iím 44 years old now, I was 38 I received this bad news, and thatís it.

                        How was your position before you started this process with the foundation?
                        The position was , I was closing I was stopping my life more or less, not willing to go out not willing to meet people so it was total closure, not only from physical point of view but from physiological point of view. It was kind of hopeless life more or less without any ++++ or any big expectation for the point of view, for the future.

                        What was your condition when you started this position physically and mentally?

                        The biggest changes were from physical side, uh physiological side. I was afraid to go out to live a normal life. So I believed that staying at home I could, something could happen and maybe to heal to recover, but now I guess this was bad thinking because at the end the message was not of life, there was a message of death, close at all not going out with family so on and so on.
                        And in the past my physical condition was, before ++++ yes I mean, but from physiological point of view I was really closed, this is very completely changed now so this is the biggest changes from the psychological point of view.
                        Physicality the first signal I get recently, the big signal one week ago, so part of the walking it is improved since we met five months ago. The rest is coming now, so itís first physiological point of view, these are most important, and then physical now.

                        When was the last time you came to where you worked, where you are going today?

                        I was here nearly one year ago, and it was a job so I had to come from some professional situation. And then I say I have no plan to come here in the future. So the wish was OK maybe one day but without really believing. So now Iím here because I came here with no reason, and so I came here itís kind of holiday. Letís go do things, I Ďm here because I want. So before I yet to come for a reason, now Iím here because this is life and difficult but +++++ is a big thing.

                        When you were here last time, could you walk on your own? OrÖ
                        No, oh maybe I could but I didnít. So I was walking hanging onto the shoulder of my wife because I was completely insecure. I was afraid at that time one year ago to go out towards a pain, it was pain not being like physical pain but it was difficult I was afraid to go outside for my condition. So that was related to the risk to fall down to hurt myself, but also the rest was to meet the people in this condition. So I felt really uncomfortable to go out.

                        You started the process in March.


                        When we saw you at the first meeting you could only walk with the help of your wife holding your shoulder.

                        Yes, yes at that time for me it was unthinkable to walk outside, I was doing that at home, at home was easy, but outside I completely needed the support of my wife to be sure, so it was kind of safer for me.

                        But now?
                        Now, every time she offers me the not shoulder but the arm, I say ďI donít wantĒ, so I walk alone as much as I can. If I see any obstacles on the steps and so on, and Iím not going to be stupid I donít want to fall down, so only the situation when I need it.
                        You walk at home upstairs to the second floor, how was that really changed there?
                        I have these steps it is quite tough because the steps are high. This is kind of ++++ for me. It means I can measure my carefulness everyday doing these steps. The situation when used to when I started living in this house, it was OK I was able to go without problem, but anything was worsen the situation so more difficult.

                        In the last month, even after the treatment I had kind of changes in a situation, so not improving. Rest of the year kind of bad week it means where I reached the limit it means I was not able to do the stairs this was kind of shock I was afraid of the day.

                        And then I understood that it was only from the mental point of view, I was afraid. Week after, I mean last week, I had experienced a completely new situation. Iit means everyday from Monday to Friday I was stronger and lifting this +++++ but much stronger. And every day was better than previous, this happened from Monday to Friday. This never happened in 6 years.

                        So you have some control of your arms and +++++?
                        Yes, I started to have control on the right arm, +++++ I can not lift so Iím very weak, but letís say I started very light control of shoulder. It means itís not enough to move to rise, but if I lie on the bed with arms, letís say on the high side, the left is going falling down because gravity I cannot control the right I can control a little bit. So ++++++ going down.
                        This, you could do before?
                        No, this I discover by chance same week of August, because I was expecting bring the movement this arm falling down and unconsciously I was controlling, so thatís why I recognised there is something strange, itís not normal. And then after that day this control stays up to present. Some day it is better some day it is, letís say little bit worse but this control is present up to date.

                        And you are walking.
                        Walking is a tricky point; I improved because one year ago I was walking with my wife, now I walk as much as I can, so I donít want a support. Some days I walk much better than others. I started to walk also on the ground and grass. I mean difficult in the past, and this has changed.

                        The problem of walking that for me is it is so minimal changes day by day that itís difficult for me to recognize the changes. So others told me ďLook, you are walking different wayĒ. So it was difficult for me to believe that I was walking differently but looking at my first video, and remembering how I was walking one year ago I must say I walk in a different way.

                        So I compare to my previous situation when I was running and doing everything, so if you compare to these you are +++++, but compare to one year ago now Iím walking I donít have any big slant or big ++++++ really, but walking is different for sure and itís better.
                        Your son made a comment about your walking.

                        Yes, my son, my ++++ son, it was a day when I was supposed to be +++++, so we can +++++ so, I was feeling myself bad going after for the ++++++ , and started to walk. I said OK sometimes to ++++, you know. And my son ++++++ behind me said, sentence was like ďDad to be without +++++ to be a +++++ you walk fast , I said ďWhy? why you said thatĒ .

                        For me I was walking bad, for my son I was walking fast. And my son sees me every day. So my felling was wrong. Thatís why I said itís difficult. For the walking ++++++ I see from the others. People +++++ one, two, three weeks, one month.

                        For me those are the same, for people sometimes it is shock. Then I believe everybody is lying to me. Thatís why, changes are so small and sometimes for me it is difficult to believe, so I am becoming used to the changes. But one year ago I was walking very differently than now.
                        ++++ and you started Interacting more with society, can you tell us +++++ ?

                        Yes, This started couple of months after start of treatment. And this was the one of the most important changes and the first to come, so it is the psychological point of view. I was not willing to meet the people +++++ children to school and so on and so on, and other families as I told you I preferred staying at home and I feel safe +++++ and mu family can go out and enjoy and so on, but at the end this was not good
                        How long did you do this, 3,4 year?

                        Yes, ++++ I closed any intellectual activities because I felt uncomfortable doing these.
                        The beginning was kind of challenge, difficult +++++ so I accepted to do something that I never did before. So to meet people or ++++ I refused to meet in a specific situation; parties or dinner or social events. The beginning was a big conflict, I do I donít do +++++ but I did it.
                        Then continued treatment passing the time I wished to meet people to go out stronger and stronger and stronger, from one social activity became two three and four. Before there was a fear about situation of reality, at the end it became not, so fear was much weaker ++++ and reached the point ++++ that I met all these people without any fear about what they could think about me.
                        Can you tell us situations?
                        The situation was, it was middle of August +++++ in Italy, and I was invited by +++++ of my son, invited us +++++ for country side for a BBQ. Country side for me means ++++ in Italy ++++ difficulties. And also their house, to reach the house there are very log steps and +++++ hundreds of steps for me in that moment it was impossible.

                        But now +++++ letís go at least, I donít know , I didnít see the situation, I said first, letís go there and then letís see what happens, at the end it was wonderful +++++. I was able to walk ++++ down, it was not easy, we spent +++++ between friends , eating, drinking, laughing. So it was ++++ , children were playing, so I was very surprised. People donít care about me completely, so after ++++ I felt like normal completely normal in spite of all my difficulties.
                        Would you done this last year?
                        NO, all these social situation +++++ since I started treatment. Iíve never done before.
                        +++++++++++++++ ?
                        Yes, yes
                        Would you have done that?

                        No, all I have done in the past in these situation, or easy example every Friday, my ++++++ summer time go to summer camp ++++++ they organise every Friday, the end of week +++++ ,more +++++ I never attended to any of this one.

                        Because of your ALS?
                        Yes, but funny things, in the past my physical situation was much better than now 2,3years ago, but I didnít go. Now I ++++++ attended +++++ and Iím still alive I enjoy. And the funny thing is that my son again, asked me why you didnít attend in the past? And I couldnít answer, because he said you can come now that you were ++++++ wonderful situation, why you didnít in the past, you were much better ? I had no answer.
                        When did you see the first change?
                        I think after some weeks letís say between two, ++++++ I started to see some psychological changes in one month more or less.
                        What do you think the future holds +++++?
                        First of all I started again to think about future, this is a good point. Looking at these changes it seems to me that I started new ---- that I can not stop so, ------- to the office, going out with friends and so on------- and I donít want to stop, so my thinking now is that it was stupid ------- before. I Ďm wondering why -------- now itís strange what I did in the past.
                        29: 24

                        youíve been back to your office in Milano four weeks ago?

                        Yes, one month ago exactly, this office I opened ++++++ years ago. Then we changed ++++++ but I never visited this office.

                        When was last time you were in there?
                        In this building Iíve been never. I was in the previous building, but last time was 2008 I guess. I stopped to go to the office in Milano because I was working in Rome, so I stopped over there, so it was very long time. It was a new office opened two years ago, and Iíve never been there.

                        In August, the beginning August I was back to Milano meeting guys and looking new office. It was very nice because +++++++

                        Strange thing when I was there, even new office feeling was like I was working there forever. I had no bad feeling, oh my God itís many +++++ I Ďm not here +++++ people ++++ strange. I felt completely normal.
                        Are you going back?
                        Yes, the end of this month +++++ and every month Iím going in the Milano office.
                        Do you see going back to work normal in the future?
                        +++++ absolutely.
                        So today you are going to see your colleagues more or less for the first time?
                        Yes, this +++++ in Rome, nearly one year, one year I didnít meet , and they donít know anything about this treatment Iím doing. I kept, I reserved, only two , three people know, and they donít know anything about that Iím here in this moment. We are going to the company it would be totally shocking to many people. So I donít know ++++++.
                        Are you coming back to work in Rome?

                        Yes this is my target.

                        One of the things which is important to understand by the work of +++++ foundation,
                        We call ALS ďthe death wish that comes true, which means that psychologically two certain reasons;
                        Individual sets off a certain kind of process that terminates the life. This termination of life means they can escape from the problems that they are facing, some people chose hanging by suicide some people choose different methods of ending life.
                        But ALS in fact is the same process but starts with a process of psychological double trigger, which we understand the process. And this psychological change which then afterwards becomes a physical change as we see it on this coming back and the walking as change.

                        It is the process of development it is the psychological change in the understanding that there is no reason to take such a step.

                        They literally trigger the death code in the brain and the process as we see in Mr. ++++, has started literally ten years ago it is something which is not gradual the first trigger comes any stages of life and the second trigger it happens when the second crisis comes.
                        And now we start understanding the process much better and we see more or less start of the reversal limit and physical disability changes.

                        We have recorded whole case from the beginning so the steps we see changes in walking Ö? The walking has changed ++++ we see ++++ arms ++++ stages?

                        So we today record the whole event ++++ ? We are not taking any steps we are done the same thing in Milano, yes so this is just for archives and at the same time to show to ALS community that there is a solution there is a new way to look at this disease and nobody should die from this disease any more.

                        I thank you for your time. and I hope you will see a good day.
                        I hope, this is the target of today

                        Thank you


                        Today is 6th of October 2013, after the two surprise visits to my company, beginning of August in Milano office and beginning of September in Rome office, I did it again, second time.

                        And in both case it was in general much easier and much normal approach. So I had no big fear to go there, simply pleasure to leave/ live? to go out and meet people, others, my colleagues. So this was very nice, and even coming back, thinking was to the next appointment, next meeting.
                        So I decided with pleasure for example, I will go meet more +++++ in Milano office if more OK, and also ++++ colleagues in Rome office. In this case logistics is more difficult so I have to organise better.
                        But in general I noticed that Iím thinking again in term of future, not past or present situation. All together this result, what I achieved in the last couple of months for me was really unthinkable only three month ago so I mean in June.

                        This is unbelievable, unbelievable at this stage.

                        ++++ nice this ++++ that all this activity what I did what Iím doing ++++ impact also on the others, for example, my colleagues. I learned at the end they donít care about my physical situation. They are
                        of course ++++ they are sorry, but this is not the main point, they donít care about this.

                        What really important seems to be my presence there for the fact that I move, I travel there just to meet them, and this is the important part, and itís different from what I thought, completely different.

                        So this awareness helped me again because +++++ a lot psychological part of this ALS +++++ composed by two parts, main parts. One is physical, the daily difficulty to do things simply. The other part is psychological, this is the driver of the illness, and we can summaries in one word, itís fear, fear of the situation, fear of going out, fear of the others what they could think and so on.

                        Reducing the fear is the most powerful part and I think it is important step, and indeed the evidence of today that despite my physical condition was much worse in the past, some years ago, Iím now doing things that I never did, I never wanted to do even if when my physical condition was much better than now.
                        This is really surprising me a lot because itís nonsense itís not logical. Now that Iím worst Iím doing more than when I was much better.

                        Another achievement, nice thing last month was from the physical point of view but itís linked to the psychological part. Normally at the end of the day, late evening or at night time I have very low energy, so really weak, and I ++++ my house.

                        It is quite tough to do itís kind of challenge every time. Couple of time I was able to do ++++ night little bit some efforts, but itís kind of very unusual thing just go upstairs, and spend some time with my children one day go to bed. So this was wonderful for me and wonderful for them and big achievement, so simply wish to go upstairs.

                        All these facts together, as I said before quite surprising me about this evolution and I feel positive, so this is a positive feedback absolutely. And I hope this will continue also in the future.


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                          Lourdes commented
                          Editing a comment
                          Thank you Chizuko Ikeda !

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                        Can we translate from that text or have to wait some other one?


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                          Is it still true that we cannot donated in the USA without breaking the law?
                          Is there another way I can get the paper?
                          Does it work on MS?

                          James AKA Lynx



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