URGENT Notice. If you make plasma water, (for food) Please Read.

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  • URGENT Notice. If you make plasma water, (for food) Please Read.

    Hello to all..
    Recently, my primary nourishment( source of food) was a small bottle of plasma water, and i made that last me for over a week, because eating food can cause dangerous complications for my body, as i am sick with a neurological disability. Althougth i could literally feel my illness getting better internally, whilst drinking the plasma water, The bottle lasted me for as long as i could ration it, but sadly, it has now finished.

    , i have watched the vedios of how to make the plasma feeding water, but i am so ill, that, making the plasma from the raw materials is not a physical possibility due to my disabled state.

    If there's anybody reading this, who allready makes plasma energy water for Feeding, Will you consider posting one bottle. DO Not worry about any cost to yourself, because shipping will be covered in ADVANCE througth me, and i Shall surely, if the first bottle is succesfull, and you desire to enter a regular arrangement, i will gladly PAY you, Offering You a good PAYMENT regularly.

    Note: some Gans have worked, whilst others have not proven helpfull for me, And when its your health on the line, the product must WORK., so i emphasize, i must try the bottle first BEFORE we enter a financial arrangement, But In either case, you will have your shipping cost provided in advance, and have peace, theres no scam here, because with any arrangement of further bottles, you will be paid directly UPFRONT, and in Advance for them.

    PLEASE contact direct via my inbox.
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    My Opinion - hate me or love me...

    From Time to Time some Friends wondering that i am still alive. And somehow i feel like a winner of the winners - but with the Knowledge that i am going to lose sometimes.
    I Need Air to breath, Energie to Move or Water to live (here). They give me Medicine and told me "You Need it" and i find out ... i don´t. My Question for myself was - is it worth living with "it"?

    If you are healthy and someone ask you "Do you have something?" - you will probably say "I have Nothing". For me it is important to have Nothing and if i am ill i really try to get Nothing again.

    Since i heard of People (and understand) like Budda, Hubbard, Mr,Keshe, Jesus and some other People i meet personally. I realise that there is more than having a Body and take care of it.
    Even the Dalai Lama takes a new Body if he is sick of his old one. And live is more fun with a Body in a good condition.

    If Nothing can´t be worse ... Things get better!


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      Lousy if you want water and get words only. Do it yourself.


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        I think there is no need to find someone sending you liquid which is even problematic to be send.
        Have a look to the Web shop of the Keshefoundation and you will find GANS packs you can order.
        This is tried GANS which you could mix with water ti create liquid plasma.


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          There was a official warning to consume Gans. For me it is like going to a patrolstation and buy patrol to drink because "what is good for a car must be good for my Body".

          mary You are the first "Gans Junkie" i meet. Probably you will be the first Member of a "Anti Gans Consumig Party" next Life. Good is that you have to explain then all the People what Gans is ... and then so many People have the Chance to find out better purpose for the Gans.


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            I ment she should mix the GANS with water and after it settled down might drink the water.
            Mary, don't consume the GANS


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              laiki Well for me it was clear that this happens ... so i am guilty. I worked on a Hospital - There are humans who have things and humans who need things. Some call this BIG BUINESS and Health is one of the biggest Moneymarkets. Mary makes us to dealers or we made humans to consumers. Important to me is to realize what we do - so we can change it. It was good that you tell us that we directly sell GANS. It´s the best way, better when to buy "gans?!?" from unknown sources.

              I hope she soon find out - she does not need it this way. And if she is honest like we try to be - she will be going to be a better Gans-Expert as we are. Because of own personal experience.

              mary Will you be willing to post your experience with Gans here? This will be a avantage for all of us and probably for other humans who are in the situation like you in the moment.


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                ​@Doewolf , This technology was designed to serve and to help humanity.
                Mr Laiki's comment was a compassionate one,
                So i am shocked that you choose to compare a Human needs issue to that of a "drug junky"
                As we speak, was it not a short while ago that Gans supply, from the Keshe foundation,
                Need i say, Water made from them, and the likes of such, were being sent to the earthquake victems of italy (of whom i am certain, that many had been made disabled). But yet a paralyzied person, in need of assistance is being compared to a "drug junkie ?

                Also Doewolf, you talk of buyers and dealers with implications of repulse but yet most people on this website have bought the Keshe products because they add VALUE to ones quality of life.

                its easy for someone to say "do it yourself" when they still have active controll and independance over their bodily facaulties.

                i am carried every day By the will to stay alive. and i am trying to do the noble thing by offering a payment. Anybody reading this post, weather it be days, weeks, or months from now **please do feel free to PRIVATE message me, if you are intrested in helping with my request.
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                  Technology to serve and help to ones quality of life!

                  What i see is that our Planet seems to be not enough to serve and help humanity´s Quality of life.
                  ​What i see is that our human Technology is created only to serve and help humanity´s Quality of life.

                  ​What i do is help myself and i ask you to help yourself.
                  And YES - it´s easy for me and i ask you why it is so hard for you? And i guess it is PRIVATE too, isn´t it?


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                    Considering that the nature of this thread will require me, and the sender
                    to engage in dialogue in which we can mutually exchange details personal by nature, e.g.- private contact /location/sending details, etc,
                    its entirely appropiate that i make a private invitaion.

                    Conserning your reply, the thread is detailed enougth to be-self explenitory. and in view of your following comments it does not feel progressive for me to engage in a further discourse with yourself.
                    All the best.


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                      "All you Need is Love" - Beatles, Mr.Keshe and some else,


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                        Hi Mary. I recommend that you get the Energizer/Alkalizer from the Keshe Foundation store website. It will give you all the water that you will ever need. Also, check out this new announcement from "The Golden Age of GaNS" on Facebook: Ben Ellis shared a group to the group: The Golden Age of GANS.

                        Happy Friday my Plasma Sisters and Bro's!!
                        Please add yourself to my new group created for Plasma Health and Wellness. I am giving my Co2 Plasma Water products away for free to people who can really benefit from the relief of chronic body pains! The pain will leave your body within 15-20 min wherever you apply the spray. You can repeat as much as necessary throughout the day. I am sure you will love the all natural product that contains no chemicals. This alternative health treatment works so well that you cant help but talk about it to everyone!! Great for Body Builders and people living a fitness lifestyle who have sore muscles from muscle growth. Please tag your friends in this comment whom you think could benefit . Please read my description for the additional benefits of the Plasma Water! My materials to make cost $10 so that's the only fee you need to reimburse me. 20% of any donations above $10 will go back to the Keshe Foundation for the free knowledge given to humanity. Enjoy!!

                        I hope this helps. Best wishes and Blessings,



                        No announcement yet.