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  • Flying car? ;)

    i tough if build the subj then i want it looks like on the pic!
    fake wings looks cool! also needs make some fake sound of rocket engines and apply on the back fake duse's from red pulsing led's.
    in reason do not shock too much some people by accident. just jocking! lol
    but... if think seriously... why not? i think its time, anyway.
    i tough its possible to build large 3D printer and print whole body or one part by part and somehow glue parts togeter.
    my questions is, how big priner needs and what material should be best for use?
    i think about some cheap but strong plastic like,
    what can be produced right on the site and need some, not expensive, components
    to create that material right in home/garage. after get parts together i tough use plastic what used for coating cars.
    i guess its can be one pilot sit upfront and 1-2 in back. size like a car. or litlle bigger.
    i think even we can start kickstarter with that some day, what do you think?
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    I meet my brother today - the works with a 3D Printer - maybe he knows better.

    ​In March i was going back from my garden into a tenement - with water and power out of the wall.
    I have a interesting neighbour - he is steering helicopters and planes with a remote Control. He also has drones, which are easily to steer because the drone have 3 Gyrometer for Stabilisation and 4 electromotors. The cheapest drone costs about 20 Euro and his fastest drone is about 150 km/h fast.

    ​The main Body is build out of plastic - i will ask my neighbour as well. Anyway can be a good idea to look into some blueprints of drones. They got even LEDīs (2 green for the front and to red for the back). So the Pilot knows where to fly to. A Little more expensive solution is a camera for the drone and a 3D glasses for the Pilot.


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      anyone know how to produce good strong plastic, right from their components? something cheap enough? i hope someone here know chemistry much better then me. thnx!
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        I saw a nice plastic from a lot of styrofoam and acetone. Ratio more styrene to acetone, the less wet the quicker it dries and is pretty solid. Hope milk bottles can be cooked in an oven but needs a mold and is messy. Also one i tried was oil and plastic bags, it worked but yuck! I would try the hype or styrofoam acetone. Hope this helps a little.


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          The space ship dream is easy, look at the insects and they fly like ufos all day easy. Grebennikov and his flying insect platform is neat, and the nano tech is right in line with that.


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            Thnx a lot!
            i think its what exactly i was looking for! Thanks!
            Da, i enjoed reading Grebennikov also long ago, his language is very beautiful to read.
            I just wana be prepared to time when its will happened cant wait!
            ps: this old lady with banner on my avatar: its said, spaceships is not only for rich, as luxery toy, but also for transportation! (in context means "free for everyone"). i agree with that and support the idea. freedom for transportation must be a part of freedom itself. Or its not a freedom, at all. Then i dont wana live in that world and like to leave it, with peace. I think on this "flying car" will be possible even get to space, maybe to this "seven planets" been found not a while ago?
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              the USA Today newspaper by beginning of this year said "2017 will be year of flying cars", literally. so, i believe (why not?) its can happened, and actually, *i wish* its will happened asap.
              i not happy about mail services any more. they keep loosing packages, packages coming in damage, then payed for 5 days international delivery, its even after 15 days no one cares. they acting like a mafia (cause you have no options), just taking your money but after that no ones cares about you anymore. even if you complaint about missing package long ago (what must be at least be paid as covered by insurance). i saw alot similar complaints on net. criminals in mind. we need totally new system of transportation/delivery. its means more choices then one (well... three or four in one hands - its still one). i will like to see at least hundreds of real choices for transportation my packages, not one for most. i though any drone can delivery my package faster then any of this "monsters of business".


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                My Brother (who (learns) to works with a 3D Printer said a normal 3D Printer does about 10x10x10 cm and it goes up to Dina 3 (means about 30 or 40 cm3) and it is possible to put them together with glue (as you said). A Thermoplaste which can be formed at about 150 C is used or something called Elastomere.

                ​A Drone with the 4 Propeller is interesting to look at but a magnetic solutions would be Keshe style.

                I was working as a postman for a while - Itīs ok with letters. Everyone likes Postman and Letters (even Bills if you are a buisnessman). I even was working 3 months with packages as well - and i say we got Presidents, Postman and Brides as we deserve to have. I was trying to deliver packages with my bike - nearly everyone like the idea in the beginning. It was stopped from the Headquarter because they say, packages can easily taken out of a Trailer. Anyway

                ​I try to Change "Standards" and it costs quite a lot of communication. But i allways prefer a human being to solve a Problem intstead talking to a Drone or sent one to solve my Problems.


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                  I just mean, with plasma batteries we can change whole world by robots and automation everything we can. and free people again.
                  Bill Gates likes idea replace anyone by robot (if anyones wants and agree to), then tax this robot and send some money from this tax to the person who was replaced by the robot. for life. i like that.
                  ps: i was thinking about build big, much bigger 3d printer. everything from scratch. specially for that project. i think now even possible to print whole body at once. or at least print very large parts.
                  same technique can be used for make whole new body for cars. you can make your average car looks like really cool, or you can even have "new car" every month, only old tires lol.



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