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    Dear Keshe,

    I'm really excited about the possibility of assembling your plasma reactor.
    Every day I imagine myself in my little garage, with a table, some electronics instruments and perhaps with 'unusual' materials, to connect wires,
    pipes, control boxes.
    But at this 'starting' level of knowledge about the reactor I have a lot of difficulties to understand what instruments are necessary to keep under control all the phases of construction of the reactor.
    I think it could be useful if you give us a list of essential control instruments and materials (like for example tester, oscilloscope, gas bottles
    and so on) to be able to realize a functioning prototype.
    I believe this could be the right way to start this so ambitious project and arrive at the final result.

    Many thanks,

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    Here is my list of what I believe will be needed (Mr. Keshe can comment/advise if I make a mistake):

    1) probably the most important!! a GEIGER COUNTER!! (to make sure that you are not harming yourself in the process of the experiments)
    2) Vaccume pump (Mr. Keshe advises that a pump able to reach -7 BAR is needed and probably costs ~1000 EU, his pumps are ~10000 EU)
    3) Multi-meter (digital is probably the best)
    4) Tanks of certain elements (the list of elements to be provided during the teaching, as I do not want to advise anyone "what elements" to get)
    5) Empty tanks to hold new materials/elements and to provide a safe way of "flushing" the reactor
    6) Oscilloscope (probably a good idea, but not known if it is required)
    7) (this is for people that are going to create the reactor from scratch) - Brazing/welding materials to construct the core. (a nicely equiped shop would be great!)
    8) a florecent light tube, for testing the magnetic fields outside the reactor (as per the study group and comments Mr. Keshe posted)

    and probably THE most important "check" to make:

    9+10) UNDERSTANDING the technology!!! You could do so much good by creating the reactor, but could also do so much harm if not understood the principles behind what you are doing, and the do's and don'ts of the system (again, Mr. Keshe to advise during the teachings, but your job is to understand what he is teaching). Read, read, read, but most of all, understand!!!!

    Thank you,


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      Very well said, we cannot assume everyone has the tools and expertise for this project, however, I believe Mr Keshe will try his best to instruct us how to create a reactor as easily as possible. It's certainly not for everyone, but his method of teaching allows more people than ever before to move closer to this goal.


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        Dear Mr. Keshe

        I'm very excited about this, waiting for it for some time.


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          I have a few questions about thse answers is you could comment i would be grateful:

          1) As H,hydrogen, N nitrogen, He, helium, O, oxygen, all gases, except C, carbon, this is for electrical pickups for energy generation?

          2) i suppose the tanks for gases and empty tanks for retraction..etc would be available off the shelf, but the cores Caroline, outer core, central column... What is the easiest method to make or obtain these critical parts?

          3) can any of these be assembled, constructed, from off the shelf premade items?
          being that I doubt many if any on the forum have a way to build these from scratch out of raw materials.

          4) Are there parts on the market designed for some other applications that could be combined and assembled to use for our purposes possibly?

          5) i think if we could know the material we should be using, the shape and dimensions and more importantly, a safe method to assemble them.. a simple example of what I mean would be, you have say two half sphere pieces and you want to make a spherical core from this, is there a safe method of joining these, welding, bolt,seal, etc to make a one piece sphere,or, must the cores be made of a single metal castes piece?

          6) I have heard you mention that some of the new reactors you have built were completely made of plastic, is this a possibly for a study project?

          when I think about how I would build a reactor, these are some of the main questions and concerns I have.



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            what and where to get.

            okay now we can begin.

            question concerning 1.What kind Geiger counter we need, I know that there are several on the market, there are for x-ray, gamma, beta and alpha, with different price class, as I've seen in the patent comes into everyone's case alpha and beta radiation

            would you like to view I think this alpha beta and gamma range.


            question concerning 2. do You have one suggestion at a shop in the benelux a proper pump to buy, it all looks very nice for specialists but the pumps go from very small to giant big roof racks lifting large concrete slabs etc. so if you have a particular model has that good then we can continue on.

            3.A digital multimeter will there be.

            4. this is in small quantities to obtain?

            5. how large the capacity, should they also be pumped or vacuum cleaned or is a standard cylinder of approximately 20 liters enough.

            7. are there standard spheres on the market, and what kind of material should it be and how thick should the wall be?.

            I think I already have enough asked, to temporarily to go forward for things to make or buy.

            greetings Ad

            oke nu kunnen beginnen we.

            vraag betreffende 1.welke soort geigerteller hebben we nodig, ik weet dat er verschillende op de markt zijn , er zijn er voor x-ray ,gamma, beta en alfa,met verschillende prijs klasse, zoals ik gezien heb in het patent komt er in ieders geval alfa en beta straling vrij
            zou u deze willen bekijken ik denk dat deze alfa beta en gamma bereik heeft.


            vraag betreffende 2. heeft U enige suggestie op een webshop in de benelux om een juiste pomp te kunnen kopen , het ziet er allemaal erg mooi uit voor specialisten maar de pompen gaan van heel klein tot giga groot vooor het heffen van grote platen beton enz. dus als u een bepaald model heeft dat goed is dan kunnen we daar op doorgaan.

            3.een digitale multimeter zal er over wel zijn.

            4. is dit in kleine hoeveelheden te verkrijgen ?

            5. hoe groot moet de capaciteit zijn, moeten deze ook vacuum worden gepompt of worden gereinigd of is een standaard gasfles van plusminus 20 liter genoeg.

            7. zijn er standaard bolvormen op de markt , en van voor soort materiaal moet het zijn en hoe dik moet de wand dan zijn .
            ik denk dat ik nu al genoeg gevraagd heb ,om voorlopig vooruit te kunnen om dingen te maken of te kopen .

            groeten Ad


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              Does one needs all of this to make a -
              2007 Micro plasma reactor - EP1770715A1 ???

              James AKA Lynx


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                Thank you for this message! I am very much looking forward to viewing this!


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                  Dear Mr. Keshe,

                  Could you please clarify if pressure plays a role in the reaction, since I understood it does not? In fact you indicate that a vacuum pump to realize a -7BAR is necessary.
                  Could we work at 10-1 mbar pressure?

                  You indicate the presence of C and O. Does that mean C02?

                  What is the role played by N?

                  Thanks & Regards


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                    Your answer is in patent EP 1770717A1. Outside of that Me Keshe will have to explain.

                    James AKA Lynx


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                      For a radiation detector, you can get the Radex RD1503 off of Ebay for a good price.
                      I have one and it uses 2 AAA batteries which are easy to get and last long.
                      Check out the specs on Ebay.


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                        Hello everyone,
                        Mr. Keshe can correct me, if I am wrong. This is my understanding of what I read and some my engineering experience.
                        1. This Geiger is probably OK (I am not an expert), but I thought for personal one like a pen. Usually they come in pair, for double check.
                        2. Pump is depending of the size of your core. You need 2 pumps - one to open air with 10-1 and deep vacuum for 10-7. That is how cheap deep vacuum pumps work.
                        3. Any bought in now days will do. Of course at least for $10-$20.
                        4 Anything suitable will do.
                        5. I have some old expired BBQ gas tanks 23 liters. That should be more then enough for flush. You need to adapt them for your needs.
                        6. I would suspect - metal core for experiments is better. It is stronger and offers some shielding. At lest till you know what you deal with. And is easier to do quick changes.
                        7. Reactor can a half or full sphere. According to Mr. Keshe - copper or stainless steel. Thick 5 mm. SS is difficult to work with. Copper is easier. 5 mm. is very thick material, needs a good shop to make it. But is not a problem to be made from 2 mm in any shop. I think that will do for a beginning. Size 100 mm. (10 sm.) diameter looks good and convenient to work with. Standard copper pipe for middle column 1" (2.5 sm. 25 mm.) sounds OK. Enough space and used standard plumbing parts. Soldering - SILVER SOLDER! If you make dual core reactor - outside core must be ~X17 the inner core.


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                          this is beta and gamma no alfa

                          Originally posted by Abbarue View Post
                          For a radiation detector, you can get the Radex RD1503 off of Ebay for a good price.
                          I have one and it uses 2 AAA batteries which are easy to get and last long.
                          Check out the specs on Ebay.
                          Hi, Abbarue,

                          this radiation detector is only beta an gamma ray is not for alfa ray,
                          I thought I had read somewhere in the patents that alpha and beta radiation could be released.

                          Sincerely, AD


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                            Originally posted by foth View Post
                            Hi, Abbarue,

                            this radiation detector is only beta an gamma ray is not for alfa ray,
                            I thought I had read somewhere in the patents that alpha and beta radiation could be released.

                            Sincerely, AD
                            Alpha rays are shielded by very thin layer of material, even a sheet of paper can stop them.
                            So they are harder to build detectors for. Just the frame work of the detector will shield them out.
                            Unless the Alpha is being produced outside the reactor walls, the reactor structure will stop them from leaving the reactor.
                            So unless the detector is built right into the reactor chamber, I don't think we can measure the alpha.
                            But if the reactor is producing Alpha particles outside the reactor chamber, which could be possible,
                            then we need to watch for them.
                            Wearing a thin layer of protective clothing like medical gloves and staying behind a thin plastic shield should protect against them.

                            Mr. Keshe; Am I correct on this?


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                              Originally posted by MTKeshe
                              As some of you know when you have attended some of my presentations, I have informed you that I was Magravs saturated during the prolong testing some five years ago.

                              This has affected my pancreas and liver, but at this moment I am coping with daily problems with this even today whole day.

                              That is why I keep on insisting that do not stay near your reactors, until you have established its power and other characteristics.
                              This is precisely one of the main reasons why I do not yet have a desire to attempt building a reactor - there is power in knowledge, and I don't feel powerful enough yet! I will remain a faithful student, and only attempt to understand the theroy



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