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    Dear Mr. Keshe,
    Perhaps it would be possible for you and your web development team to make your forum available to mobile apps. I travel extensively and do not always have my computer with with me to access your forum. There are mobile apps available, such as tapatalk which allow access via smartphones and tablets like the iPad. There is no cost for forum owners such as yourself to activate it and you are free to remove/delete it at anytime you wish. There is however a nominal one time app charge of about $2.99 usd (Apple's app store) for users. If you are interested in activating your forum for mobile web users, which removes the need for using clumsy web browsers like safari or firefox, simply go to for more information. It would be a nice improvement for accessing your website while traveling. Thank you.

    Live in Peace

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    They day its activated but i can not find it in tapatalk. Can you help me?


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      Did anyone get how to add this forum in tapatalk, i could not, someone help



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        I have also looked for the forum with tapatalk. I cannot find it as well, so we will have to wait for the admin to find the issue and respond.

        ADMIN - Please look into this with the tapatalk app. There are many people that use the app to better access the information.

        Thank you for your response.


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          Yes forum admin Tapatalk will be a good choice. And will be also helpful for all community members to access Keshe Foundation forum much easier via app.



          No announcement yet.