Peace treaty II.

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  • Peace treaty II.

    Hello Mr. Keshe!

    You said that another atempt for Peace treaty will be made later this year. Any new info on that?

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    May I suggest no more posts in this topic because it seems to have had a negative impact on progressive movement of the technology.


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      Watch this space please, it is more alive than before and it is showing its results in peace talks.

      If you remember I gave the hand of peace from and on behalf of Iran to american official when handing over the USB stick, now we see the dividends of all of your hard work.

      The world leaders whom have received the peace message have read it, understood its gravity and have responded.

      We have to keep our silence not to interfere, we have done our job and soon we shall see Iranain scientists next to USA and other nations whom they think they are at war with each other learning and sharing our technology.

      It needs wisdom and patience to allow government work their way.

      We thank both nations in keeping to their ethos of peace around technology.

      Very soon we will respound to this call and we will share and open new doors for the world of science, technology and peace.

      Our silence in the past months has been our strength and in the coming future The keshe Foundation will bring peace among all nations of the world through one common science and technology teaching.


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        Thank you so much for this promising update and all that the Kf is working on... it is truly awesome and in line with the Liberation of this most wonderful Planet

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      Still very much anticipating the progression of this specific area of the Foundation.


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        Watching how Mr.Keshe conducts his business is as educational as listening to his talks and workshops. It's eye opening how he knows just exactly when to sit still in silence then when the conditions are right he moves skilfully, swiftly and peacefully to his next position. If I may say it reminds me of buying a rare fine Persian carpet from the finest emporium in the souk by the process of "haggling". The end result pleasing to both parties involved if the process is handled with knowledge, firmness, respect, humour and dignity.


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          I would like to thank all those whom have been supporting the Keshe Foundation in different forms and ways.

          Now that we have achieved the basic goal to open the teaching centre for knowledge seekers from around the world, the first step for our work and initial conference in the new centre will be to hold the people peace conference in the new centre.

          Achieving peace through enfacing the new knowledge and through its applications will be our main target.

          In the coming days the second peace conference in the new centre will be announced.

          We have facility to make available up to 1000 seats in this conference in the new centre.

          The second peace conference will be for the people and not for ambassadors and officials as they had their time now as human-race collectively we enforce peace through peaceful application of technology.

          In this conference all systems and methods used to create all applications of the technology will be open to public to see and test and ask questions about them from all knowledge seekers.

          The centre has facility to help with accommodation at 4 star level and we will announce the number of rooms availble for the peace conference period.

          M T Keshe


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            Thank you, for your strength to carry on this work, Mr. Keshe. We need peace more than anyone realizes. Our nations are sick with it like addicts.


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              The world now needs the peace really hard!and it has to be done before another world war begins!i put my trust in you and the foundation.and i am really excited to see a running reactor and the possibillities of the system.



              No announcement yet.