2014, the year of the change for the Humanity

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    Before mankind goes forward, they must know from where they came, so as not to repeat the brutal and contrived past.

    Please see below for a suggestion of our long ago past:



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      Something weird is happening to posts today and happening to past posts:

      1) the persons' name and the date of today is listed as a new post but the actual post is missing
      2) my posts have been erased (today's and some others

      What is going on?

      ~ Suzanne


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          Any progress updates given the set goals their time frame in the OP?


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            The road map ...2014, the year of the change for the Humanity!... the reactor?!? .. 9 months with nothing of nothing.. only video.. test .. and many workshops.. we aren't all scientists!! .. Mt keshe answer only this question.. The reactor run?? can produce free energy ?? Watt .. Kilowatt or else wath.. For how much time? .. This information is very simple to understand for me! When we can see and understand anything?? .. Thanks!


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              Not everyone is a scientist or scientifically minded, like me, we don't understand a lot of terms or processes used in presenting this technology, at present, mainly because of the need to combine the older electrical, electronic and mechanical methods of matter energy with the new plasma, gans, nano structures and their magrav fields. As we progress further I think things will simplify and be much easier to grasp even for laymen. The children will pick this up very quickly because they won't have so much of the old ways to deal with. As far as the questions about reactors and energy production the knowledge seekers worldwide are making progress rapidly along with the major players also involved behind the scenes. The road map is unfolding at light speed or faster if we consider the known facts by watching the workshops and world stage carefully. Mr.Keshe has done a remarkable job in such a short time and his tireless efforts continue unabated. It's only September and I'm sure many more significant developments mentioned in the road map will occur before years end.


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                I see it as a milestone in the history of mankind, we live and work with an outdated technology.
                Soon a new science will replace the old, the wars will stop with the time, and there will be peace.
                A European can have a friend from Asia and can see him every day.
                At the end we get contact with other planets, with other human, with human, who live with that technologie in harmonie and freedom.
                The kingdom for the mankind will come, maybe it needs many centuries of years, but, what is that?
                I hope deep in my heart, everybody will remember the name Mehran Tavakoli Keshe.


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                  This comment may appear to be a bit wordy, but after much contemplation I feel it necessary to express my feelings regarding this important, though accidental discovery. And, I have to believe that there are others that are coming on board with similar epiphanies or revelations.

                  I purchased the CO2 generator immediately after watching a more recent episode of Project Camelot in which Kerry Cassidy interviewed Mr. Keshe. Prior to that exposure, I only knew of him as an Iranian nuclear scientist who had tried to introduce free energy and had subsequently gone into hiding, as dangerous factions were not going to allow him to pursue his dream. In other words, it was just another version of Ďthe same old storyí. The criminals that run the world will never allow any threat to their profit or control. So, I never paid any attention to the activities of Mr. Keshe. After all, it was more than likely that if he was indeed legitimate, the bad guys would use him as yet another example of what not to do in this world to upset the balance of corrupt power over the unsuspecting, mind controlled and seemingly helpless population.

                  Like many people in the world, I live in a constant state of alert, suspicion, and varying degrees of anxiety, as I try each day to navigate this sea of contrived news, propaganda and events that are designed to induce a mass state of fear, helplessness and submission. I donít like living in a world where every individual is under constant threat of attack, destitution or some other horrible demise. So, during the interview as I listened very intently to the conversation regarding the curing of illness and the potential to neutralize dangerous microbes, in particular Ebola, my interest became very keen. Needless to say, I absolutely had to obtain such a device that could produce a substance powerful enough to eliminate the infections that myself, my friends and family may have to deal with in the not so distant future.

                  Considering the potential ban of this product by the powers that fear it, I immediately placed my order, even without knowing the extent of its use or validity of the claims made regarding its function. But, my interests remained totally on the health aspects alone, not knowing about other beneficial potentialities. When I received the device I promptly went online to get more information to answer the immediate questions that concerned me, primarily dosage, frequency and duration to eliminate infection. It became immediately obvious that such information was not available. The advice given by other members of the forum was to do the research. Develop an understanding of the technology in all of its many possibilities. Answers will come.

                  So, like many others, I was encouraged to become a ďKnowledge SeekerĒ. Itís a great deal of data within a lot of conversation, but Iím making my way through the archive of videos. Iíve just scratched the surface and my background and life experience limits my degree of technical understanding, but conceptual awareness and soulful resonance will hopefully assist my utilization and sharing of the technologies even if I lack the expertise to build the devices.

                  So, I become aware that its not simply the production or manifestation of the substance. Our knowledge has to include an understanding of our relationship to the source. Needless to say, my sudden and naÔve journey into this new world of possibilities has taken a profound change in direction. The Camelot interview has opened the door to a world I never knew existed.

                  Iím a 69 year old American, with no scientific background, that has been awakening from my brainwashed slumber for many years now. Understanding the lies and manipulation has taken some time, but Iíve finally achieved a sort of equilibrium in that regard. Iím so tired of the wars, the killing, destruction of lives and cultures, threat of new wars, division, deceit, lack of trust and total absence of love and compassion for humanity.

                  And, this brings me to a realization that this group of individuals at the SpaceShip Institute and the technologies being developed are a growing tidal wave of positive and loving energy that can finally change the world we live in. From what Iíve observed in listening to Mr. Keshe as he explains the concepts and fundamentals during the Knowledge Seekers Workshops, I experience a resonance with the patience, honesty and integrity with which he projects as he interacts with others. I donít pretend to know anything about science and physics, so I can only hope to find a way to utilize the technology any way I can to help those around me.

                  Its exciting to imagine a world without fear, conflict, hatred and division. A world without thirst or hunger. A world where all of the basic needs of humanity are available to everyone without the need for payment to or permission from anyone. A world where we all look out for each other and maintain a healthy balance with the natural world of our nurturing Mother Earth. A world where everyone is free to express their individuality and manifest dreams that will benefit all of humankind.

                  I salute all of you and anticipate with great excitement the technological discoveries yet to be made. Up until now, the potential for positive Ets to intervene seemed the only hope for mankind, but that was little more than a dream. Now, my excitement is gaining momentum in this very real movement and supporting technologies. The dream has finally grown a very big set of teeth.

                  Thank You
                  Harry L. Monell


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                    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Harry you're not alone. Many are following the Knowledge Seekers who are building and running their star formations in sheds and garages around the world. It is far more than mere physics or science or technology that is being developed, in fact, these are just side benefits that come along with universal ethics which are the real crux or core of what Mr.Keshe is teaching. We are being shown just the tip of the iceberg, at present, so people can have a clear choice between the broken, complex and expensive systems on offer from the "mainstream" and the simple, inexpensive and practical systems of Mr.Keshe being produced now in China and other places for mass release early in the new year. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating. The tide has turned already but just hasn't been announced on CNN, yet. No matter, because the truth is all over the internet anyway for those willing to do honest research. My suggestion for all non scientific folk who salute the Knowledge Seekers in humble sheds, working tirelessly on a shoe string budget, is to make an arrangement to finance their work by regular donations as this opens up a two way exchange with them and that, in turn, removes a lot of the mystery and skepticism holding people back in their understanding. Give to receive, that's how plasma works, pure and simple. Rick, Vince and others are giving so much because they follow Mr.Keshe's example, which is the way the universe works.


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                      Another missing aircraft and a ferry on fire. Broken, complex, expensive and DANGEROUS.



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