The 10th workshop (the eye opening workshop)

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  • The 10th workshop (the eye opening workshop)

    The 10th workshop is set for the Thursday the 27.2.2014.

    This workshop is considered as enlightening as the 9th, but will be according to the road map of the Keshe Foundation.

    We need as many translators as possible in very language as this workshop will set a new course for the Foundation.

    Please contact Rick to coordinate for live-streams

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    Rick, I could translate to Arabic if no body else is available.


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      Can you shed some light on what topic the workshop will cover?


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        Thankyou Mr Keshe. According to the Keshe Foundation 2014 roadmap:

        "In February, we make all efforts to create the environment to stop the production of arms across the world, through release of technologies, which makes the present advance aircraft, missiles, and nuclear weapons irrelevant and ancient."

        I assume this will be the basis of the 10th workshop, exciting times.

        Thanks again


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          Bulgarian translation (Превод на български)

          Десетия уъркшоп (уъркшопът който ще ви отвори очите)

          Десетия уъркшоп е предвиден за четвъртък 27,02,2014
          Този уъркшоп се смята за също толкова осветляващ, колкото и деветия, но ще бъде според пътната карта за 2014г. на Фондация Кеше.
          Имаме нужда от преводачи на всички езици тъй като този уъркшоп ще стартира нова посока в пътя на Фондацията.
          Моля да се свържете с Рик за координация на живото предаване.


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            I have requested a Chinese team to find a way to have real time translation for this workshop. They will evaluate the possibility of either voice translation or text translation, and will host a link in the Chinese Keshe Foundation web site. If real time translation is too difficult, they will go back to the current method of adding Chinese subtitle to the video later on.

            Currently, there is a team of very dedicated people doing all these wonderful job, and I want to acknowledge their contribution to this project.


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              Bonjour, Est-ce qu'il en a pour faire une traduction francaise sur cette atelier historique pour l'humanite. Merci infiniment! Genesis


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                Thank you all for your support.

                This workshop will not only be about the technology, but much more which will set the course for the way we will enter the main stream where we have been deliberately keep out of.

                Very interesting, please contact rick for and setting live-stream in different languages.

                Today is a wonderful day for and in the life of the Keshe Foundation as the first meeting of the knowledge seekers is about to take place in less than two hours.

                I welcome all as knowledge seekers.


                • Suzanne
                  Suzanne commented
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                  Yahoo - way to go Mehran and all knowledge-seekers!!

                • LUVTHETRUTH
                  LUVTHETRUTH commented
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                  On behalf of all of us who can only participate with our heart-felt positive intentions, I wish Mr. Keshe and the Team of Knowledge Seekers a clear road ahead and the light at the end to always be bright and within reach!

                  Regards to All,

                  Karen - LUVTHETRUTH

                • Sunshiner
                  Sunshiner commented
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                  Bulgarian translation (Превод на български)
                  Благодаря за подкрепата.
                  Този уъркшоп няма да бъде относно технологията, но много повече ще установи посоката и начина по който ние ще навлезем в основното пространство, откъдето нарочно бяхме държани без достъп.
                  Много интересно, моля свържете се с Рик за да различните предавания на живо на различни езици.
                  Днес е един невероятен ден за живота на Дондация кеше тъй като първата среща с търсачите на знание ще започне след по малко от 2 часа.
                  Приветствам всички търсачи на знание.

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                Good Luck! Wish success.


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                  Best of Luck!


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                    hahmed100, please contact me about translating by email as the Forum messaging does not work.


                    • Doug MacDonald
                      Doug MacDonald commented
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                      Hi Rick, When I saw you were "banned" for a short time I got worried and thought what hope have I got if mrfixit is banished. Phew! Best wishes for your continued service of organising the workshops so well. Cheers, Doug.

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                    I'm glad to be back! Been searching out my natural law rights and how in powering that that has been!


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                      Hi all ! I will try to do a translation in french.


                      • globalsolver
                        globalsolver commented
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                        Thanks! Will there be a live transcript of english speech to text too ? I am not used to a perfect understanding of english speech on low quality channels, but better at fast typing, so if somebody types it on livestream or any other instant messaging system (like skype or some IRC server + channel) and I can reply with my keyboard, I could translate in french.

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                      Exciting times! Best luck for the foundation.


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                        Hi Dr, Keshe I am having trouble with my pump system setup. You said in an earlier workshop you would provide any technical details we need. The system i am trying to set up is made up of 2 turbo moleculr pumps and roughing pump. This setup i was told could achieve a pressure of 10^-12 mbar. Can you provide information on how your pumps are setup to achieve this pressure? i have the money to purchase whatever equipment i need. the design of my setup is as follows: there is a roughing pump then 2 turbo molecular pumps then a micro filter, then 2 high strength magnets, then a tube chamber to hold the different gases then the pipe goes to the reactor. on the same pipe before the reactor is valve and separate pipe to a dump tank. this is the basic setup, could you comment on it please and provide any information on your system because i would like to achieve the same pressure that your system does.



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