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    I am looking for translators to do live real-time translation of the 10th Public Teaching Workshop on Feb. 27th 6 am EU time (9 pm Pacific time on the 26th)

    Mr Keshe has suggested we have live feeds for a dozen or more languages!

    The translators can listen to the Skype call on GoToMeeting, and simultaneously translate to their group's Skype call or to Livestream. There is also an option to ask questions to the Skype call through GoToMeeting. Contact Vince or myself to do this.

    It can also be done through Livestream. There will be a live feed at

    Potential translators can PM me, or find me through the usual places

    Cheers, Rick aka mrfixitrick
    Keshe Public Health and Teaching Workshops on Livestream. The 10th Keshe Public Teaching Workshop coming up Thursday Feb. 27 at 6am Euro time. (9pm Pacific time Weds Feb. 26) - Watch live streaming Internet TV. Broadcast your own live streaming videos, like Keshe Public Health and Teaching Workshops in Widescreen HD. Livestream, Be There.


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      Please note that this workshop will the cornerstone work for the whole roadmap of the Keshe Foundation in 2014.

      Please translate it to as many languages as you can live as this will be the most reviling workshop ever to be done by the Foundation.

      We have set to change the course and this workshop will be the change of the course workshop for humanity.

      Please make sure that this workship can be translated to as many languages live as possible.

      Inform the press to listen to this presentation as they will carry the responsibility to report the disclosures and teaching of this workshop.


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        Bulgarian translation (Превод на български)

        Моля да обърнете внимание, че този уъркшоп (10тия) е крайъгълен камък за пътната карта на Фондация Кеше за 2014.
        Моля преведете я на възможно най-много езици на живо тъй като това ще бъде уъркшопът с най много разкрития досега правен от Фондацията.
        Приготвили сме се да променим курса и този уъркшоп ще бъде промяната на курса за човечеството.
        Моля подсигурете възможно най много преводи на предаването на живо.
        Информирайте пресата да слушат тази презентация тъй като тяхна ще бъде отговорността да докладват разкритията и учението от този уъркшоп.

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        Spanish Translation-
        Ayer, 22:44

        Tengan en cuenta que en este taller se trabajará la piedra angular de todo el programa planteado por la Fundación Keshe para 2014.

        Por favor, traducirlo en directo a todos los idiomas posibles, ya que será el taller más revelador que haga la Fundación.

        Nos hemos propuesto cambiar el rumbo y este taller será el curso del cambio para la humanidad.

        Por favor, asegúrense de que este taller se puede traducir a todos los idiomas posibles, en vivo.

        Informen a la prensa para que escuchen esta presentación, ya que ellos tendrán la responsabilidad de informar de las revelaciones y enseñanzas de este taller.

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      Hi Mr. Keshe,

      I wish you success in this workshop, so everyone can get the knowledge freely, this knowledge will bring us the long awaited freedom!

      Grateful for everything.



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        Question: Mr.Keshe, As we know the earth magnetic poles are moving their position during the years. Because of this the central area of the hyperboloid, which is created between the magnetic axle and geografical axle are moving North. Should we expact that the Caroline core and Inner core have moved as well, in respect to keep mass restribution and earth rotation speed ?


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          For people interested in helping translate the 10th workshop, please send an email to:

          The information to get onto the call will be provided.

          Thank you,


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            Mantra Radio Argentina Interview


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            Thank you everyone for this 10th Workshop!! Thank you for all the truth Mehran, I am grateful!!


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              When will we be able to see the 10th workshop video?
              I can't sleep in anticipation of it!
              We are so grateful for the hard work and concern of all those involved in it.
              Love and peace to all.


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                Hello to all.

                When will disclose some part with subtitles?
                Congratulations Mr. Keshe.
                Humanity is grateful.

                Anthony Ventura (Brazil)


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                  I prefer this technology is not locked up for many more years, I prefer it stays open and with us all to bring us to a new peaceful era for all mankind. The manufactured wars and disgusting abuses of mankind must end now for all time.


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                    Hello to all.

                    When will disclose some part 10 Workshop with subtitles?
                    Congratulations Mr. Keshe.
                    Humanity is grateful.

                    Anthony Ventura (Brazil)


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                      The Forum got 100% defunct. All entries are being blocked 100%. Not a good sign.

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                    Very interesting. Very good. Thank you for all the data give and your efforts. I wish the best for you and your and hope to join in some way in the future with the knowledge and abilities that I have.



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