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  • Knowledge seekers question link.

    From Monday 24.2.2014, all members of the Forum can put their questions to knowledge seekers or to specific member of the group.

    Note; Only relevant questions, which are to do with scientific teaching and testing will responded to.

    The group will start posting videos of the process as it is done in the lab .

    From now on you can see the recording or live tests sessions from the lab as the members of the knowledge seekers whom you are connected to or other members of the group in their public workshop teaching session.

    We have opened the door of the technology not to the knowledge seekers but the humanity.

    It will the responsibility of the knowledge seekers to share their gained knowledge with you on daily or weekly bases in their mother language

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    Hi Mr Keshe,

    I would suggest looking into a web conferencing server for this, such as the open source bigbluebutton.

    greetings, Frederick


    • marek.istvanek
      marek.istvanek commented
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      Can somebody help us to prepare a web server with the learning web application like the BigBlueButton with administrative rights and backup facilities.
      We need a server with blogging, events, broadcasting, picture and video sharing, wiki and with multilanguage support for our teachings.

      Thank You

      Marek Ištvánek

      One of knowledge seekers

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    Many thanks to Mr Keshe for making this valuable teaching of the Spaceship Institute available to all! It is time for amazing leaps forward for the Keshe Foundation, and for mankind.


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      Bulgarian translation Български превод

      От понеделник 24.02.2014 всички членове на Форума могат да поставят своите въпроси към търсачите или към конкретен член на групата.
      Само подходящи въпроси, които имат връзка с научното обучение и тестове ще бъдат отговорени.
      Групата ще започне да качва клипчета от процеса който се извършва в лабораторията.
      Отсега нататаък вие ще можете да виждате запис на тестовете на живо от лабораторията от търсачи с които сте свързани или други, които ще имат публични уъркшопи.
      Ние отворихме вратата на технологията не за търсачите на знание, но за човечеството.
      Ще бъде отговорност на търсачите да споделят придобитото знание с вас ежедневно или ежеседмично на техния език.


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        Hola a todos! Soy Jorge el buscador de conocimiento de Espańa. Estoy al servicio de todos los hispanoparlantes para transmitiros todo lo que estamos aprendiendo y para contester a vuestras preguntas en la medida de lo posible. Ser compasivos que acabamos de empezar .


        • imanes
          imanes commented
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          hola, yo tambien soy de Espańa, y me gustaria construir un reactor..żque información teneis?


        • Ishcan
          Ishcan commented
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          Hola Jorge,
          Mi nombre es Gaspar, quería preguntarte si tu eres el encargado de compartir los conocimientos de Keshe, pues estas en el instituto actualmente.
          Gracias y un saludo

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        Thank you for that! I will look into it and might use it in the future workshops. Thank you for the suggestion.


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          Is the Nano Coating more of an insulator, or a conductor?


          • marek.istvanek
            marek.istvanek commented
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            Nanocoating is done with metals now.
            We used copper (Cu).
            We do not know yet how to coat stainless steel.

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          Is the Nano Coating more of an insulator, or a conductor?


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            1.When extracting from the spectrum of materials outside the dynamic what form do the materials take shape as? So lets say you wanted to extract start the reactor set it for copper extraction...what comes out of the air? Nano Copper molecules that get attracted to each other through gravity...building up a mini "planet of copper" layering and getting bigger like a snowball??? Or do pennies just start falling out of the air? haha. And do you have a way to control how much and how quickly the material is materialized?

            2.Mr. Keshe talked about how putting the space reactor in balance with the Earth's Magrav's that the system in its lift state goes invisible to our amino acid based eyes even though it is still there in front of this similar to how sound can cancel itself out (noise cancelation)?

            3.Can Mr. Keshe talk about Out of body experiences in depth more...especially what it is that causes the body in most cases prior to an OBE to physically is that achieved in the body?


            • Hellington
              Hellington commented
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              Thank you Mr. Keshe, we are seeking to understand this process in accordance with his theory. My question: How to extract CO2 from the air and creating nanocomposites while generating electricity? What materials involved in this process, step by step details of the quantities the chemical involved. What happens to the atoms, we can understand the process using the conventional theory, to draw a parallel? Can you tell how to do an experiment safely, without any risk to health?

              thank you,


            • spas128
              spas128 commented
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              I don`t know if it is OBE,
              - but I can confirm this experience with physically vibration during which the body
              temperature goes down and it is interesting to know the process.
              -the other phenomenon is, after the hit "from nowhere" in the spleen area during sleeping period
              the body become more tangible (difficult to move) and there was glowing over the body with the
              same shape.

            • Precipitashin
              Precipitashin commented
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              Very proficient questioning.

              Can these questions be answered anytime soon?

              God Bless.


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            As one of the knowledge seekers I would like to invite all who are interested to participate in the workshop that I will organize to contact me by forum mail or on the to yutube channel Marko Velikonja, so that I can add you to the Skype group cal.. Especially I would like to invite Slovene speaking audience.

            Kot eden izmed iskalcev znanja vabim vse zainteresirane za sodelovanje na delavnicah, da me kontaktirate preko maila na forumu ali preko youtube kanala Marko Velikonja, tako da vas lahko dodam v Skype skupinski klic. Še posebej vabim slovensko govoreče občinstvo.

            Marko Velikonja


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              Salve a tutti gentilmente avrei piacere di sapere se esiste giŕ per l'Italia un cercatore di conoscenza che possa informarci.Grazie di cuore e buon lavoro


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                Thank you Mr. Keshe, we are seeking to understand this process according to the theory of Mr. Keshe. My question: How to build a flashlight that Mr. shown in the video? What is the step by step process. How is the control circuit? How to connect the capacitors and most importantly, how to build magrav field for energy to light the lamp (LED)? This is important to prove his theory, I think we all would be happy if you show up all this details. This serves as an incentive to continue forward.

                Grateful for everything.



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                  As we know the earth magnetic poles are moving their position during the years. Because of this the central area of the hyperboloid, which is created between the magnetic axle and geografical axle are moving North. Should we expact that the Caroline core and Inner core have moved as well, in respect to keep mass redistribution and earth rotation speed ?
                  If they are moving ,is there a critical point fallowed by fundamental earth rotation changes,
                  or Magnetic pole positions are compensated with mass creation ?


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                    Is there any knowledge seeker that will do the teachings in portuguese? If not, which one will do it in english that I can follow/subscribe? Is this the way it should work? By subscribing to the knowledge seeker user?

                    Thank you all.
                    Best regards.


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                      I invite You to knowledge and technology sharing in Czech language.
                      Pozývám Vás ke sdílení poznání a technologie v českém jazyku.

                      I am from Czech Republic and one of the knowledge seekers of Spaceship Institute of Keshe Foundation in Italy now. I speak Czech and English.
                      Jsem z České republiky a nyní jeden z hledajících poznání v Institutu vesmírné lodě Keshe nadace v Itálii. Mluvím česky a anglicky.

                      You can contact me on
                      Můžete mne kontaktovat na


                      • I will publish information and workshops times here
                      • zde budu zveřejňovat další informace a čas workshopů
                      Marek Ištvánek



                      No announcement yet.