The 20.3.2014 the CO2 workshop.

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  • The 20.3.2014 the CO2 workshop.

    The Workshop of the next week on 20.3.2014 at 8 am CET ( Italy). in this session we will show the full process of how to convert gases to solid at room temperatures and pressure.

    This is one of the most important workshops undertaken by the Knowledge seekers.

    The material produced in this workshop is then sent to FUKUSHIMA to understand how the radiation can be extracted from the water and soil.

    We expect positive results from some of the materials and some might not be effective if our process has not created the right SP2 in, on or within the layers.

    Please listen and recored this presentation, as it will be very much the the most important workshop of the Foundation and Knowledge seekers.

    M T Keshe

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    Please send your questions about CO2 to the Knowledge seekers before 19.3.2014.



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