Keshe Foundation's Fukushima contamination test report

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  • Keshe Foundation's Fukushima contamination test report

    There is hope for Fukushima using the Keshe Foundation technology.

    After live tests in Fukushima Daichi and evaluation of data of the contaminated materials and waters by Keshe Foundation using the newly discovered state of matter (Gans) earlier this year, the report how to stop the damage to environment and cleanup technology for this accident is resealed by the Keshe Foundation Today.

    There are three other papers, which are released with this paper today. The contents of these four papers brings forth a new hope and new understanding of the past and present science of man about the nuclear activities, creation of life and oil, and new approach to overcome viruses using the new know-how.

    We can confirm that all nuclear materials released through this accident can be used to the advantage of humanity and the nation of Japan according to our evaluation.

    In the coming weeks we will release independent confirmation reports of the evaluation of materials used in these tests and new reports about the cleanup of waters and environment using this new technology by different nations.

    We are running tests on water contamination in Italy too, that results from independent laboratory tests, first will be submitted to the authorities in Italy and then the tests evolution will be released to the public.

    Please note some of these papers are in two or three pages, but they had to be released independently in this form as in the future the knowledge in these papers will be expand.

    From our work and tests, we can confirm, that using the new Keshe Foundation technology, the situation in Fukushima Daichi, Japan is reversible and the future is bright for this nation, if the materials recovered are used in the correct manner.

    These recovered and reformed materials from this accident, will be the backbone of the future energy systems as we enter the universal plasmas technology.

    We are collaborating with and through appropriate channels within governments to bring this into operation.

    We thank organisations in Europe and Japan, which have started their independent evolution of the technology and in due course their reports will be released.

    These papers as usual have been placed in the latest papers released of the Keshe Foundation website in the link below

    M T Keshe
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    that's great, that's evolution.
    Go forwards Keshe Foundation, no matter what people think and say go on and on, we will follow.


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      Great, and thanks for your efforts! I just want to note that in the OP replace "evolution" by "evaluation". If an admin/mod sees appropriate (s)he can delete my post and edit the original post accordingly.


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        Mr. Keshe,

        The text of presentation of papers 2, 3 and 4, from the website, do not match their titles, thus necessitating fix their pages with appropriate texts.


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          Originally posted by Rogerio dos Santos View Post
          Mr. Keshe,

          The text of presentation of papers 2, 3 and 4, from the website, do not match their titles, thus necessitating fix their pages with appropriate texts.
          We have asked for explanation and correction from setters.


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            Fukushima still being presented as so bleak. I pray that they will use your systems, and so show the world what you, Mr Keshe, are offering us. Surely then there will be great changes for the better.


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              I can't seem to find a way to download the papers without making a donation. If donations are mandatory, then that would be a sale... not a gift for humanity...


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                nanomaterials made with titanium dioxide and sp3, should give us a structure of balance of forces

                Me gusta ?


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                  Hello, I donated via my smartphone for the paper "oil, proteins..." but i didnt found the download Button to read the paper.can u please help me?


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                    Why are they all still running round not knowing what to do in Fukushima? Did they listen to Mr Keshe? Did they try any of his advice? The whole news coming out of there is that they are completely lost and desperate, and I have never heard anyone speak of the Keshe methods to clean up, only that further disaster is looming. They asking for help all the time now.

                    They have a nice Magralev train, in Japan.


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                      Nice to hear from Mr.Keshe in the last workshop that the Japanese Government and leading industries have made an approach at highest levels to the Foundation just 48 Hrs. after release of Fukushima Paper. All is well and going according to the roadmap of Mr.Keshe.


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                        Some news:

                        "The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has begun a test on a new water management plan. It is removing radioactive materials in contaminated groundwater that would be released into the ocean if deemed safe.

                        Tokyo Electric Power Company started the trial at the plant on Wednesday.

                        Earlier, TEPCO pumped up about 500 tons of radioactive groundwater from drainage wells around the reactor buildings.

                        In Wednesday's test, workers put about 290 tons of the water into the system to find how much it can reduce radioactive materials.

                        So far, the results of the test have not been available. TEPCO says the treatment system will be able to reduce radioactive substances in the water to a range of one-thousandth to one-10 thousandth."



                        No announcement yet.