The new paper released by the Keshe Foundation "Creation of motion in the universe"

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  • The new paper released by the Keshe Foundation "Creation of motion in the universe"

    This paper titled the "Creation of motion in the universe" is one of the latest papers released from the collection of some 400 papers I have written, which number of them have been released on the site of the Keshe Foundation or in the my books.

    In this paper I have explained for the first time in the world of science and cosmology, how entities like the Earth create and maintain their motion in their environment.

    The creation of motion of entities like an electron, the Earth, the Sun, galaxies and the universe has been an enigma for the scantiest's for centuries and in this paper in a simple language I have explained how universal motions are created that keep all things in dynamic state at all times and in all universes.

    the link to the paper

    Once you read the paper and you can imagine what has been written and you would like to add a picture of your understanding of any parts for others to see and get a picture of the text, please send your picture or video to and if we see it befitting the text, your picture will be added to the paper and will credited to you.
    Please not you have to offer your pictures free to the Foundation with condition free of use by the Foundation.

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    Please be advised that the paper has an incorrect link, after donating. The Keshe Foundation has been made aware and will work to fix the issue.

    Thank you for your patience.


    Update: The issue has been fixed and is now available for donation and download.
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      Question: Why doesn't the moon rotates around its axis?
      I guess it means its Gravitational field is in balance with that of the environment but if it is so than why its presence influence so much the life on earth?
      00My point of view is that is not the Moon itself to effect the planet but the light reflected from it.
      Could it be so?
      Thank you very much
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        The moon does rotate along with the Earth once every 27.5 days, in total synchronization with the Earth, so we only see one side



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