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  • CO2 video explanation

    The video of the CO2 has been loaded on the Youtube in 2 sections.

    These are the link to them.

    In this video I have tried to explain the process.

    I hope you enjoy it and share it with others.
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    Hi.thats very nice.I have 2 questions.when can we buy the kit that produces energy?and how much milli ampere per hour does the kit produce at the 12 Volt ?


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      Thank you Mr Keshe. I just ordered 2 set of plates, but could you give us an instructions about the salt water, like how much salt should be added into the system, time of harvesting the CO2 and when to change the water and how long these plates will function? Thank you again.


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        Please listen to the 31st workshop (available for download in the banner above for Knowledge Seeker Workshops). The plates will last a long long time, and create GANS from the start. The Keshe Foundation is in the process of teaching what we can do with the GANS created, so keeping it safe in bottles will be the best idea. The salt water can be any salinity, however, I believe the best option is to see what works for you, there is no wrong answer.

        The harvesting of the GANS can be done at any point, just use your best judgement on when you want to harvest. With the prototype plates, I believe that they where harvesting every 24 hours or less.

        With the changing of the water, it is not needed. Just add water as it evaporates. Again, this isnt an exact science, because creation has never needed measuring cups.

        Good luck with your GANS creation and thank you for helping clean up our planet!!



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          Hi there, Do you have to wash the ganz before you apply it to the pain pens and pads? If the answer is yes could someone please explain how this is done.
          Cheers chatty


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            Yes, we keep gans in pure water. To wash them, add distilled (or reverse osmosed) water, let it settle (a few minutes to a few hours), empty most of the water without touching or stirring the gans (with a syringe for example if you work with small volumes in test tubes) , repeat several times.



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