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    Originally posted by Sheri View Post
    Question - Can you use the pain mat for more than 2 hours? Like over night? Why is there a time limit? Are there side effects if you use it longer? Thanks
    My understanding that you need to use it 1 or 2 hours a day (it is what you can see on the Instructions. At the same time magnetic therapy is very safe for the people, and you can use magnets longer or over night. "When an injury occurs and tissue damaged has been found, positively charged ions move to the effected area, causing pain and swelling. In order for healing to take place the injured site must be restored to itís natural negative charge. The application of a magnetic field to an injured area helps restore the normal electromagnetic balance. The magnetic field relaxes the capillary walls, as well as surrounding muscle and connective tissue allowing for increasing blood flow. This means more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the injured area. This overall process restores the normal electromagnetic balance therefore relieving pain and inflammation and promoting accelerated healing."
    Hope it was helpful.


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      Magrav products have a wider spectrum of field strength than magnet therapy which is limited to the matter level of the elements in the magnets.
      Magnets are somewhat effective because of the magnetic properties of oxygen in the body. Some companies have tried to improve the effectivenesss with electronic systems that make pulsed magnetic fields, but are often too harsh strength has side effects. A better one, the Bemer system, which I have been using for a few years, uses smooth chirps to cover a wider electromagnetic spectrum, never goes higher than earth magnetic field, and has almost no medical contraindication.
      But since the body elements are in gans state, they better intereact with plasmatic fields (of wider spectrum than electromagnetic range of matter strength) of nanomaterials in pain aid pads (and pens and other medical systems to come). They may create another unwanted condition after the pain is gone. When the balance has been restored, you do not want the body to adapt permanently to a temporary external therapeutic environment.


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        I received one of these pads a while ago and have yet to notice any effect. Considering how others have reported great results, can it be possible I received a faulty one?
        Is there a way of testing if it is faulty?
        It is slightly magnetic on the inner side and not at all on the outer side.

        By the way, I also have a Bemer unit and do notice an effect from that. I get the impression that the pain pad should have a similar effect, but so far I have not noticed anything.
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          Where can I find the Blueprint of the Pain Aid Pad that is offered in the shop?

          Mr. keshe said in the health blueprint workshop in January 2016 that the Blueprint of the origin Pain Aid Pad that is in the shop has to be published.



          No announcement yet.