3rd World Ambassadors Meeting for Peace in Rome, Oct 16 2015

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    Have send this letter to the NL Ambassador in Rome Mr. Klarenbeek. Have not received a reply that I know of


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      Sent this letter to the NZ Ambassador following the presentation on 16 October



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        Here is the edited (english only) video form the 3rd Ambassadors meeting for peace: https://youtu.be/7oIKgvZYFkI


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          With the introduction of the Plasma Reactor Unit it has so to say set the first stage of real change into action. It remains to be seen how the information will be received and if any attempts to delay it can be overcome. Certainly the manner in which it has been made public through the Keshe Foundation ensures that it will be introduced through many, many different sources. This alone will make it difficult for anyone opposed to it to, to completely halt its progress. However, now that the information has been released, it will be very interesting to see the general reaction to it. We foresee that such a life changing invention will be eagerly accepted, and be the first of many to lift the quality of your lives. So travel the rest of the way to freedom, knowing that nothing will be allowed to interfere with the path you have chosen. There are other changes being prepared, but first let us see how you cope with the present situation. Whatever problems you encounter, they cannot have any real impact on the excellent progress you are making.
          I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you the changes will speed up your arrival into the New Age along with all of the advantages that come with it.


          The Spirit Guides
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            Originally posted by mrfixitrick View Post
            Attachment September 28th 2015
            The 3rd World Ambassadors Meeting for Peace in Rome
            “Free energy in exchange for world peace”

            Distinguished Ambassador, As members of the Keshe Foundation we would appreciate the participation of Your Excellency to the 3rd World Ambassadors Meeting for Peace in Roma, “Free energy in exchange for world peace” which will be held from 20:00 to 22:00 on October 16th, 2015 in Rome, Italy.

            An official invitation letter has already been sent to You with all the necessary information.

            Yours sincerely,

            Much Thanks for this template MrFixItRick -

            Also much thanks for the listing of Ambassadors Mr. Truth Seeker - would you have an area one could donate for your tedious work?


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              Can any of the admins confirm who attended the 16 October meeting from New Zealand. I cannot get any confirmation of the NZ ambassador attending - thank you


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                There were Keshe Foundation supporters from New Zealand present at the meeting in Rome on 16th October. The governments of both Australia and New Zealand are both sworn servants of the British Crown and, as such, must obey orders from London. They are not independent. This technology is gifted to the entire human race on earth and is owned by them to develop at grass roots level. Governments are irrelevant to this process but are being given a chance to participate if they wish.


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                  I send an email to Turkish embassy in Belgium about Keshe Technologies.


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                    Can someone give me an update on Thailand's ambassador...
                    I tried to use the phone number given in the list but the number is not in use? Did Thailand receive an invitation? Was there a response from them? Was there a representative sent to Rome?
                    Does anyone know if there is a group of Knowledge Seekers already formed in Thailand?



                    No announcement yet.