Sale of Keshe Foundation 3-4 KW power generator

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  • It would be useful for those like myself who have ordered the initial reactor to receive clarity how the new universal generator which is on sale on the website relates to my order. Patience is a virtue I agree, but so is clarity and integrity, which I lack regarding the sale of the reactors. Thank you for updating me/all.


    • I just want to ask if the new model , supply for 3-4KW per day . In other Words , one can expect about 150 - 175 Watt per hour.
      If this is the case , one might need a Battery to be able to store Power for powermanagement during night to have 2KW out of the battery
      for toaster , coffeemaker , hairdryer and other things needet in morning.
      May be i missunderstood , pls explain to me.


      • Dear Mr. M. T. Keshe

        From what i can understand the price of a 3-4 kWh unit is around 4 - 5000 EUR. Please correct me, if i got this wrong. If so, ignore the following. If not, please continue reading.

        I fully understand, that the Keshe Foundation needs capital and must SURVIVE on an economical level aswell. No doubt about that, but - and please do not misunderstand me - i think, the price is to high.

        Why would you ask?

        Well, first of all you have shown us in the KS Workshops, how to produce such a device on our own (for those who understood). Secondly, for a middle-class or an average-income family it is still a serious investment consideration (eta two montly wages). Let us not forget the less fortuned people.. the poor, who make up the majority on this planet. I think, it would be more wise, if the mass (majority) could be addressed here.

        Considering an evaluation of the market and the potential buyers at 4-5k EUR and the logical higher numbers of potential customers at a lower price-range, i believe, that more units could be sold at a lower price range and due to that fact, more income can be generated as cash-flow for the foundation in return (demand - offer control; you have a monopoly on this at this moment!). The more people can profit from this, the better ground you will have for future developements. Never underestimate the distrubition-channels over internet nowadays.
        Besides.. i do wonder, why i have never seen the Keshe Foundation on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Crowdfunding is VERY powerfull done right and maybe even an additional alternative.

        Last but not least, i appeal on and want to remind to the "this belongs to humanity" and "availability for everyone" ethics of yours.

        Sometimes ... "less is more"


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        • It is not 5K €Euro it is 500 Euro €. Se

          5K Euro€ was the price in 2012, and the generator was never released (to my knowledge).

          Proton's question is good, I would like the answer to that too, please.


          That Euro sign is a tricky one (€)
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          • yeah .. i have been informed, that i had it wrong


            • The power units will be delivered after the 16th of October, see


              • Do we have an update on when this new generator until will be made available? I have not seen any changes on the website sales page for this, unless I am missing something.


                • Magrav-System 3:adding third load (air heater 358W)


                  Remark: I received a letter from Mr Keshe that the devices of the first series have to be manufactured again because of mistakes in the manufacturing process. Maybe my device is also affected by this. I for myself will go on with the test and If I get a new one I will replace it and start the test again.



                  No announcement yet.