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  • FAQ about the generator

    We are planning to allow the use of these initial units to be in the motor cars as well as for the house.

    Thus we have entered the energy power supply in its true sense and we will deliver the units that will be more powerful that can be used in the house or in the electric cars which will never need charging and there will be no limitation of their use and mileage that car power supply will not need re-charging and there is no need for battery in the car.

    This allowing the use of DC and AC motors or combination of both from the supply generator for more powerful systems.

    Q) Are these units radioactive
    A) The answer is no, they produce plasma which the energy from it is taken from.

    Q) The size of the unit.
    A) These units will be so that can be place in the car to be used as a power supply and in the house they will be like small noiseless box generator

    Q) How units connect.
    A) These units will be plugged in system, that at home you plug your unit to your home circuit and in the car the same unit through plugs will connect to your electric motor of your car.

    The systems total annual cost of running, maintenance and fuelling will be 100 euros per year for period of 30 years contract, and the supply of any fuel and maintenance for systems will be done by the Foundation.

    Q) >>Is there no risk that the government will be taxing the fuel, or put an interdiction on this devices?

    A) They might put taxes on these systems as they might see it as a source of income
    Banning :NO

    Q) >>What if, for one reason or another, it is no more possible to the Foundation to do the maintenance (stopping of the activities; ...)?
    A) System do not need that much of maintenance, and the Foundation will eventually be handed over to UN, thus we do not see it ever stopping, as it will be a source of income for the UN.

    Q) >>Is there a risk of breakdown, and staying without energy for a longer period?
    A) NO, we foresee in the future that you can buy these systems from any electric shop supplier.

    Q) >>Is a maintenance at 100 possible, even in bigger country's as France, or even in distant places in Belgium?
    A) Everything will be handled by courrier and the systems will be replace per unit and retrieved to central position by courriers too if there is any problem, no engineer ever will be sent out to repair units.

    Q) >>Is there confined harmful radiation, or any risk of radiation in case of an accident?
    A) NO
    We will try to make these system versatile that they can be used for electric motor cars as well as for home use.

    Q)>>Didn't you say that there will be a GPS-system in the device who destroys the system in case of moving it to another place?
    A) No; the GPS is not for destroying, but is for locating that systems can not be sold at higher prices and stay with their original purchaser.

    Question from Belgium
    Q) What would the cost of 10 KW system will be?
    A) The cost of the 10 KW system should about 15000 euros. These units will not be on offer for the first 2 years.

    Question from HK
    Q) Can the system be used in apartment?
    A) This should be possible

    Q) Do we have to pay all the money for the generator on booking?
    A) NO, there is a 500 refundable deposited kept in escrow account. The balance of payment of 4500 euro is due on the collection of system by the purchaser.

    Q) What happens when the buyer dies, does the system goes back to the Foundation or to the family?
    A) systems will stay with the family as long as the maintenance fee are paid and kept up to date.

    Q) What is the maintenance fee for?
    A) This is to replace any damages to the systems or if the systems breakdown, then it will be replace with a new system within 7 days by the Foundation free of charge.

    Q) Would there be 10 KW systems available?

    A) Yes in the following year after the 3KW

    Q) The price of 10 KW system?
    A) Price of the 10 KW will be in the region of 20 000 + euros.

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    I wish you all the best of the day!

    I see the following Q&A in this thread from up above:

    "Q) >>What if, for one reason or another, it is no more possible to the Foundation to do the maintenance (stopping of the activities; ...)?
    A) System do not need that much of maintenance, and the Foundation will eventually be handed over to UN, thus we do not see it ever stopping, as it will be a source of income for the UN."

    Q1.) Is turning the Foundation over to the UN still Mssr. Keshe's accurate vision for the 'eventual' future of the Foundation?

    Q2.) May I ask upon what basis or conditions the UN would be deemed worthy of the Foundation being "handed over" to them.

    I ask Q2 because, consciousness reveals that politics is THEE prime evil WMD on planet earth, (or anywhere in the Universe where it or its cronies can perhaps still be found...)

    This is conclusively so, due to its member's dependence upon governmental compulsion over its people's and their contracts...i.e., requiring initiation of force, threat, coercion/fraud to usurp the resources it desires for its existence; (without exception, always a criminal modality that requires net-destruction of its people's rightful values; a prime evil when committed over any conscious, and therefore, self-led beings.)

    So given the history of the UN, (intimately aligned with so much politics as it is), I request to better understand how this vision for the control of the Foundation could be possibly judged beneficial to either the technology, the Foundation, or the individuals of humanity.

    I'm extremely interested in the response to my question by Mssr Keshe; or in grateful consideration of his precious time, the response of anyone who has an authorized or intimate knowledge of Mssr Keshe's current ideas about this (perhaps obsolete??) eventual vision for the Foundation.

    I have been taught some ideas about this topic which may indeed prove permanently invaluable to the Foundation, mankind & even the UN, in the longer term.
    Thanking you in patient anticipation,
    ~WTufts, Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      Thank you for your question. I will try to bring it up in a workshop this week. Cheers, Rick


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        May I say that to me, at least, when Mr.Keshe refers to United Nations he is talking about the inevitable development of our planet's human population into one family through the acceptance of this technology and the universal ethos that comes with it, not the various human races, creeds, colours and countries or other artificial divisions we have had to endure up till now.


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          The UN endorses NWO.

          I doubt that they could become good partners to your technologies;

          Via UN your tech expose to risk of extinction.


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            Here are the latest infos about the power suplly from the 78th KSW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NICSqVQXpZA


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              rap1: That link went to a music video. Any reason the Livestream site is down again? And Workshop #77 is not on YouTube yet?



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