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  • Spaceship Institute (SSI) accepting knowledge seekers

    Stichting the Keshe Foundation is pleased to announce the official opening of the "Spaceship Institute" (SSI) website today on "The Remembrance day" at 11 minutes past 11 hour on 11.11.2013 (The official day of ending of two wars).

    With opening of this institute we turn the pages of history by setting the correct groundwork for achiving lasting peace for advacement of humanity through mass teaching programs of governments and scientists and by implementing the Keshe Foundation spaceship technologies worldwide.

    M T Keshe
    The Founder of the Keshe Foundation

    Spaceship institute

    Due to rapid developments, the spaceship institute is moving forward with the starting up of its teaching program.

    The institute will accept the first knowledge seeker from the Tuesday 14 January 2014.

    For this group we accept very limited number of knowledge seekers.

    Please send your applications and CV to two e-mails addresses blow

    The knowledge seekers will be taught and start full learning sessions with M T Keshe on the full time bases with lectures and laboratory work.

    This group will work hand in hand with M T Keshe and the work with this team will be the framework for the rest of the knowledge seekers to follow.

    The initial place for the teaching of this group is set –up and ready and this place will be the seat of the Foundation teaching programs.

    Candidate should be able to spend full time at least minim of one-year with the Foundation.

    This group becomes the leading teaching group for the new semester, and expected to participate in all aspects of teaching and development of the technology to others.

    We encourage individual scientists and engineers to apply for these places.

    From the first month of being with us, you are expected to start mass teaching through Internet systems back to your own country and your native language to the members of Keshe Foundation in your country of origin and around the world.

    This core team will be expected to keep in touch with masses that the technology is kept in the pubic domain.

    We are looking for: medical doctors, plasma scientists, control systems specialist, metallogists, chemists, biologists, computer programmers, agriculture specialist, electronic and electrical engineers, machine tool specialists, circuit design developers; space engineers, cosmologist.

    We need those whom can build systems and try systems, and not theoretical work, doctor or an engineer in space or medicine, you have to learn everything altogether that in space your knowledge will carry you and fellow men together.

    We have made facilities available for you to start the new life on earth, Join us, and let us change the course of humanity to a peaceful one nation.

    We expect of the first group to go to your nation and community, and keshe Foundation support groups and let them to support and sponsor you and your work, that you’re nation and not an individual carry you.

    The fee for the institute is set at 20,000 euros for all individuals, organizations and governments employs per year.

    If you have problem with raising the sponsor,please use the keshe Foundation mailing list on the forum, The Foundation website, Gmail, Facebook and so forth.

    We have possibilities to help with securing accommodation for your family and school for your children.

    The speaking language of the institute shall be English.

    Those, whom require more information, please contact through the normal channels.

    The institute is now open for teaching. Join us and together we teach and bring about a new world of science and technology with wisdom and peace.

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    Great news! Great day! Great choice of timeing! Congratulazioni!!


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      Really nice timing. I wrote about SSI at the State Department by our government without answers. But it did not silence the truth, we can not.


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        Mr. Mehran Keshe, thanks to you, your staff and everyone who embarked on this great journey of many dreams, hope. Forty years of great struggle against everything and everyone. New paradigms will command our mother Earth.
        Portuguese Translation - English
        Guilherme F. Pastor


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          I wish to become a student of your Spaceship Institute. but unfortunately it is not in my hands, I will dedicate rest of my life to learn and to teach .


          • marek.istvanek
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            Everything in Your life is in Your hands. Just be patient and connect to God to choose the right ways.

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          Congrads !!!
          Let be Peace!


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            It is written "by the end of the cycle"
            What is this cycle and what happens by the end of it?


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              I like it, Wish I could be there but I am afraid that I am not one of the top 10 in the USA. IT is going to be an interesting 4 years.

              Bless, James AKA Lynx


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                Very impressive.
                The plan sounds solid. I was especially pleased by the fact that some of the knowledge seekers would be programmers.

                Eagerly looking forward for more content.


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                  The new SSI web looks nice and the plan is promissing. Thank you for the hard and useful work.

                  After reading the web, some thoughts came to my mind:

                  Local national Keshe Foundations should be the non-profit organizations supervising the knowledge, technology and help shared by all Foundations worldwide.
                  How will the role change with regard to the new SSI?

                  SSI should start with professionals from all the Earth.
                  What people in a country will be contacted and by what channels to attend the SSI?
                  Can we help somehow with this task?
                  I think some document with knowledge and technology summary together with proof of concept technology videos would be helpful to strengthen the Foundation name and reputation.

                  Knowledge seekers attending SSI should share the knowledge and know how with their nations. Will local Foundations cooperate or will it be done in an independent way?

                  Will knowledge seekers attend the SSI physically during all the semesters or will there be some electronic conversation attendance?
                  How often will knowledge seekers attend the SSI - daily, weekly, monthly, ...?
                  Will it require to live near SSI?

                  I am looking forward for the open knowledge and technology to support humanity ascension and wish you all the best - Light.

                  Thank You

                  Marek Istvanek


                  • marek.istvanek
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                    What about these thoughts. Can at least some questions be answered please? Thank You

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                  An armchair ride through our solar system, to the classical music overtures of the Zephyr Quartet. I put this compliation together using After effects, Element…


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                    The journey begins. A world of peace and prosperity for everyone is now a reality. How quickly and easily do real miracles burst forth when 40 years of dedication and hard work blossoms and bears fruit. Humble Respect to all involved.


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                      Dear Mr. Keshe,

                      I too have committed my life to this great cause. I would be honored if I can participate in whatever form needed. Travelling in the universe has always been a dream of mine, and I always know that it will happen somehow. Thanks for creating all this for the world.

                      James Chu


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                        VICTORY NOW! LIBERATION NOW! VIVA to the World Revolution/Liberation.
                        Love, Light and Peace to ALL In, On and Off Our Beautiful Planet.
                        Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!


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                          Dear Mr Keshe,

                          I feel very concerned about the Spaceship Institute. Are candidates supposed to be sent by their current employer or will all applications be considered for the selection?

                          Thank you for your answers!

                          Kind regards,

                          We are receiving a number of e-mails as above and calls about joining the SSI and if it is only for government and organisations.

                          Our policy is very simple, if we see individuals whom their expertise can be a benefit to the Foundation in SSI, then the applicant will be invited to join.

                          Soon the Foundation will post the application form on the SSI website and for CV.


                          • Sunshiner
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                            "Скъпи г-н Кеше,
                            Чувствам се особено загрижен за Космическия институт. Предполага ли се кандидатите да бъдат изпратени от техния работодател или всички кандидатури ще бъдат разгледани?
                            Благодаря за отговорите!
                            С уважение,"

                            Получаваме както спомена, редица имейли и обаждания за присъединяване към Института и това е само за правителства и организации.

                            Нашата политика е много проста, ако видим личности чието знание и експертиза могат да бъдат полезни на Фондацията и Инситута, тогава тези кандидати ще бъдат поканени да се присъединят.

                            Скоро Фондацията ще прати апликационната форма на сайта на Института МКИ(Международен Космически Институт бел пр.)


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