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  • Magrav Power System Delivery Status

    Hello All.
    I created this topic so that anyone who bought the Magrav Power System can share the current status of their order. I would like to know if others have received it, or if they have had any communication/feedback from the company as to the current status.

    It has been over 90 days since I purchased it and have not heard anything yet.

    Order Date: July 11, 2015
    Communication regarding status of order: None. Sent email regarding status couple weeks ago with no reply as of yet.

    I would like to invite everyone to share their experience and any communication regarding their purchase so that we can all be informed what is going on. No cause for concern yet but would like to have communication

    I'm hoping the company can also use this thread to update everyone as well.

    Have a great day.

    We Are One

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    Hi! My status is as follows: I ordered end of July and on September 28th I got this information:
    Comments on your Order: Thank you for your payment. It has been applied to your account and you will be notified when the product has shipped. Keshe Power Cells Technology BVBA JB CHARLIERLAAN 98 1560 HOEILAART Belgium Phone: Fax:


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      The power units will be released worldwide 16th of October 2015.


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        Sounds good. I will advise if I receive any notice from the company that the units have been shipped. Btw, how did you come across the shipping info?



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          Johanna - the address that you gave, being "JB CHARLIERLAAN 98 1560 HOEILAART", is that yours or theirs? I hope it is yours, because if it is theirs, it makes me wonder why there are different companies listed to it, when it is such a small house.... such as Fidum, an accountant company. Gobal cobalt, an advisory company for startup businesses or an electronics store, depending on which source you believe. Mullie L, another accountant (may be related to fidum, dunno). Hippodal, a store for horse stuff, this last one is the sign that hangs on the building according to google maps. Not sure what it means, if it means anything at all, but for me it is a bit weird. Hope we'll get a good explanation for it here...


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            "when it is such a small house...."-Johanna, speak "good bay my money! "


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              I suspect badly it repeats itself.
              Here where so many members in the past, 3 years ago, also a power unit was there anounced and not delivered, oh my God
              Wait for tommorow, i suspect it will be nothing again.

              If so, I ask the KF , WHY


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                I've read up a bit on the history of things (release, no release, release, no release) so now understand the reactions a bit better. Even though I still stand by what I said, that I find the location of the shop in Belgium a bit weird, I guess I wouldn't start panicking just yet... Besides the worst case scenario, there may be a perfectly valid explanation for that particular address, like safety for example. I guess I would wait at least until tomorrow and the end of october/november to start worrying.

                If these devices would do only half of all that is said that they are capable of (besides free energy) I do also see a danger besides a blessing in releasing such things to the general public. However... I do not really see any other way out of the mess we are in, but taking the risks for granted and releasing such tech to the general masses. Anyway, I sincerely hope all of this isn't hot air and for once, a real free energy/free food device will be released.


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                  [QUOTE=kr33cher;n44105] I wouldn't start panicking just yet... [/QUOTE
                  MTKeshe start panick:

                  MEGA-EARTHQUAKE could SPLIT continents and kill millions, warns nuclear scientist MILLIONS of people will embark on the world’s biggest earthquake emergency drill tomorrow as a scientist warns a world-changing mega-tremor with the power to split up continents is "imminent".

                  North and South America will "split" and mega tsunamis could "strike America and Asia killing 40 million people" in an earthquake described as “imminent”, by a London-educated nuclear engineer.

                  It comes as millions of people across America and Canada will take part tomorrow in "the Great Shake Out" when authorities of major cities simultaneously carry out a dry-run of their emergency response to a major quake.

                  Ahead of the drills, Dr Mehran Keshe, who studied nuclear engineering at the University of London, released videos claiming a mega quake with the power to kill up to 20 million people on the west coast of the US
                  As a byproduct, Dr Keshe claims to have discovered how to turn electrically-charged plasma into never-ending supplies of energy in the form of liquid, solid or gas power.

                  Dr Keshe, who claims if his system were adopted it would stop most of our fundamental problems such as energy, food and water shortages, said: "We expect huge earthquakes.

                  "We have seen the number of earthquakes around the west coast of the USA increasing."

                  In a video presentation filmed last month, he marked on a map of north and south America the site of three earthquakes measuring magnitude 6.6 to 6.9, three at the Panama Straight, and an 8.3-level quake which hit Chile on September 16 claiming at least 10 lives.

                  He said: "The South American continent is the starting point of the weakness. There will be earthquakes of 10 to 16 here and in one location 20 to 24."

                  Dr Keshe claimed up to 20 million people would perish along the west coast in north and South America, but the southern hemisphere continent would be worst affected as it split from the north.

                  He said: "This is not scaremongering, but what we have seen in the past seven days, we have never seen these kind of earthquakes in the past in these zones in such a sequence.

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                    We will wait, the universe is built with love and harmonie.
                    We , the mankind are not able to share the property, if some ( the rich) has enough, they want more and more.

                    About the earthquake, if you think the universe, or say god, is not able to hit us, so that we awake and finally understand what's at stake here.

                    Thank you MTK and your team, no matter what happend with the meeting today, no matter what happend with the power units, i know it works, and it works well.
                    You showed us the door, now we can go in, let us go into the new area for mankind.


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                      Looks like they have the finished product and giving it away to various Ambassadors from different countries. This is really positive. Hope they ship it to the people who purchased it soon.


                      Good news all around.


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                        How do I order the power unit ? Plasma units?


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                          On this website under Magrav Power Units


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                            as the units were supposed to have been dispatched the 16th or before i am probably not the only one looking forward for a mail with a tracking number


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                              Thanks all for your inputs as I am new here in the forum. Friends of mine are interested in this Magrav Power System, but would rather come and pick it right in the place instead of having it by shipping. With all the interfering of the minions of the powers-that-be it seems much better this way for those that can afford it.
                              If this is possible, can you tell me whom would I address for adequate answer?



                              No announcement yet.