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    I am from the Okanagan valley in BC, I recently discovered Keshe products and technologies and I am studying the articles and the videos daily, already using the pain pad and pen with amazing results within 2 days of use. I am interested in getting involved with like minded people in my area to learn how to build the power systems, I have a very scientific mind and a civil professional engineer with basic understanding and experience in the electrical arena. Feel free to contact me and we can meet for coffee to start a study and hands on group.


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      Hello and welcome free_world,
      hope you find some like minded People in your area. I am from Germany and i like to drink coffee, but Okanagan valley in BC sounds to be a Little to far away for me. i have not really a scientific mind, but i like the act of creation. Not only our mind has the power to establish something. Creation can be or is also a spiritual act.

      ​I read someone said "There will be light" but i did not read him saying "because of...", Well, i guess where was light because he did say it. You know what i mean? Anyway, nice to meet you!



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