Question regarding Nano self healing nicks/scratches during MaGrav assembly.

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  • Question regarding Nano self healing nicks/scratches during MaGrav assembly.

    Hello Everyone,
    During the assembly of my 6 Magravs I have found that it is inevitable that some scratching and nicking which break through the Nana Coating exposing bare Copper occurs. I have taken the extra steps of sizing and shaping most of the parts before Nano Coating but there is always some tiny nicks when twisting the wires together. My thought is the more perfect the Nano Coating the more efficient the MaGrav will be in the end.
    Mr. Keshe did state back in the Oct/Nov teachings that if we discover nicks in the coating we could brush on some caustic which would help the coating to heal itself. This I have done to 3 of the 6 units I am currently building. are my questions:
    1. Does the MaGrav have to be plugged into the grid in order for the healing process to begin?
    2. Will covering the scratches and nicks with a liquid electric insulation product (which dries in a few minutes after application) speed up the healing process?

    The reasoning behind using liquid insulation is that in one of videos shown during a recent teaching session it was demonstrated that when the insulation was striped back from the wires connecting a Magrav to the grid were actually being nano coated. Once the nano coating hit a small previously exposed section of bare copper wire the nano coating stopped at that point. Mr. Keshe did say that eventually the bare section would nano coat but by covering that bare section it would speed up the process.
    Does anyone have any experiences with this subject?


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