Having issues with CUO Gans production

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  • Having issues with CUO Gans production

    I have no issues making the other two GANS. I use a power supply, along with either carbon plates or carbon rods. The CO2 and CH3 gans I can make quickly and are absolutely beautiful in color and texture. Very fluffy I would say.

    However, I am finding it very difficult to make the CUO gans. I initially tried 1.5v at a max of .6 amps and an aquarium pump with two hoses. Over a few hour period I got this beautiful blue gans at the bottom but after washing and resting overnight, it turned gray. I am attempting again today with a brand new carbon plate and copper sheet but running at .1 amps which is giving me .3 volts. I think that I might have rushed it. Any thoughts? Also is this gans different than the other two in terms of what it looks like? The other are fluffy and seem to float at the bottom of the jar. Is CUO more like blue paint sitting at the bottom of a jar? It's not fluffy at all and a super blue bottle might settle and only leave what looks like a layer of blue paint at the bottom once it settles?

    Can't find answers anywhere. Not a Facebook member so I can't ask there where most of the activity seems to be.

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    sfainbraun, the foundation's recommended method for making CUO GANS is with a nanocoated piece or wire of copper and a non nanocoated copper piece or wire.. Also have found that some copper scrubbers work well. You may wish to also check out the KF Wiki on GANS at http://en.kfwiki.org/index.php/Categ...uction_of_GANS. Hope that helps. Make it a great day! Light and Love, Keith



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