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    Elon Musk's offer to halve Tesla's battery price for SA a game changer, says Mike Cannon-Brookes

    By RN Breakfast business reporter Justine Parker

    Updated about 3 hours ago
    PHOTO: Elon Musk says if Tesla cannot build the battery storage in a hundred days, it will do it for free. (Reuters: James Glover II)
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    MAP: Australia

    It started as a thought bubble, but a plan hatched on social media less than a week ago to shore up South Australia's troubled power grid is rapidly turning into action.
    Australian tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, who founded business software maker Atlassian, said there is "a good chance" he'll be able to find the funding and political will to build a battery farm in South Australia with the help of US battery and electric car maker Tesla.
    That political will and funding took a big leap forward with the South Australian Government announcing its intention to help fund a 100 megawatt-hour battery out of a new $150 million renewable energy fund.
    South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill previously said he was open to Tesla founder Elon Musk's pitch to build at least one 100 megawatt-hour battery farm within "100 days from contract signature or it is free".
    Mr Musk has spoken to both Mr Weatherill and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull since making his promise via Twitter.
    Power generator AGL has also said it would make a site in South Australia it had already set aside for a similar project available to Tesla.
    Tesla's 'mates rates' offer changes the economics

    Mr Cannon-Brookes set the ball rolling with a tweet challenging Tesla's claim to be able to build a 100 megawatt-hour farm in South Australia within 100 days, replicating a project completed at the end of last year in Ontario, in southern California.

    Mr Musk tweeted back, vowing to build it within 100 days, "or it is free".
    But it was his subsequent offer to almost halve his price, in response to Mr Cannon-Brookes' request for "mates rates", that has captured the imaginations and wallets of high-net worth individuals, superannuation funds and other investors, who have showered Mr Cannon-Brookes with offers of funding.
    "Elon almost halved ... the price of what's available at a grid-scale storage capacity, which was a very bold offer and blew up a lot of people's models as to what was possible in this space," Mr Cannon-Brookes told RN Breakfast.
    "When the pricing halved, the economics become vastly different over a 20-year term of an asset like this in infrastructure.
    "So you've seen a lot of other people come out and say, 'we'll have to match that price, we can do it in 100 days' ... and kudos for Elon for taking that step."
    Mr Cannon-Brookes says he has learnt "a lot of the dark arts of power, both political and electric", over the last few days, and he has been pleasantly surprised by the response so far.
    "I'm just trying to change the conversation, so we talk about something other than coal or gas as a potential solution for the country," he said.
    "It's a little embarrassing how far and how fast it's gone.
    "There's a number of Australian and international companies who proposed this as a solution to SA's crisis last week, last month and a few months ago and probably falling on deaf ears."
    Several rival Australian companies have come out saying they too can build a similar plant in South Australia, including Zen Energy, chaired by Ross Garnaut, and Lyon Solar, which is building a massive solar and storage plant in South Australia.
    Mr Cannon-Brookes welcomed the competition, and pointed out that most batteries used by these firms are built overseas.
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    AUDIO: Could a Twitter brainstorm between tech billionaires solve South Australia's energy deadlock? (Breakfast)

    "I'm just seeing if we can turn this momentum into something actual for SA and as an example of something Australians can do," he said.
    "If there's a competition among battery manufacturers and installers ... that can only be a good thing.
    "If that's the conversation we're having as to which is the best battery, then the country is in a good spot."
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      Mr.Keshe released all his patents (including the battery) worth many trillions of dollars on the USB stick to the world, for free. This single act of unequaled generosity changed the ethos of intelligent business men and their corporations forever. This is now very evident as this story unfolds in Australia.


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        The only price asked is peace.


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          Originally posted by Doug MacDonald View Post
          Mr.Keshe released all his patents (including the battery) worth many trillions of dollars on the USB stick to the world, for free. This single act of unequaled generosity changed the ethos of intelligent business men and their corporations forever. This is now very evident as this story unfolds in Australia.
          Where can we gain access to the usb stick content so some of us newer family can backfill that knowledge gap?


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            It was downloaded millions of times by people and organisations around the world at the time of it's release to the public. Where it is accessible now must be searched for. The best place to understand it's contents is right here through the various recorded Knowledge Seekers Workshops and other public teaching workshops in the links to YouTube on this website.


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              There are no secrets. That is the secret. The key to unlock the mysteries we have all chosen to hide behind, is self / SOUL evident.


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                When the truth is revealed, honestly, great change follows rapidly. When human beings are given provable results, they quickly adapt. We are not stupid or less intelligent for making mistakes, we are just learning, at our own pace.We are very important contributors to the universal community.


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                  Originally posted by DrKeith View Post
                  Where can we gain access to the usb stick content so some of us newer family can backfill that knowledge gap?
                  Hey Folks in case you were looking for the USB Stick information it is over 1.5GB in size so it will take some time to download, but it is on the main keshefoundation.org website and here is the link. http://keshefoundation.org/USB_STICK/KFUSB2012data.zip Make it a great day! Light and Love. Keith


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                    Does this look familiar? Where did they get the inspiration for this? I wonder.

                    US researchers discover new way to procure water from thin air

                    Updated about 2 hours ago
                    PHOTO: The device extracts drinking water from the air (left) and a sequence of images shows how droplets of water accumulate over time (right). (Supplied)
                    EXTERNAL LINK: ABC Science: Making water out of thin air

                    Imagine a future in which every household has an appliance that pulls water out of the air, even in dry or desert climates, using only the power of the sun.
                    That could be the result of a prototype developed by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of California, Berkeley, that sucks water out of the air and stores it using nothing but sunlight and MOFs.
                    MOFs are metal-organic frameworks that are made from metal ions and organic compounds that form a sponge-like configuration.
                    What are MOFs?

                    • Metal-organic frameworks are crystalline compounds composed of metal ions
                    • MOFs have a high porosity and are thermally and mechanically stable.
                    • The high specific surface area exhibits selective adsorption
                    • MOFs are formed by reticular synthesis and there are several hundred different types
                    • Careful selection of MOF constituents can yield crystals of ultrahigh porosity and high thermal and chemical stability
                    • The interior of MOFs can be chemically altered to separate and store gas
                    Source: Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of California, Berkeley.

                    Researchers tuned the chemical composition of a MOF to be hydrophilic, which in a powder form can not only suck up liquid water but also absorb water vapour. Their findings are reported in the journal Science.
                    Researchers created a device where a thin layer of MOF powder is placed between two surfaces. The top surface is black and absorbs solar heat, and the lower surface is kept at the same temperature as the outside air.
                    The powder absorbs the water vapour, then the heat from the top layer releases the water which is collected on the cooler lower surface.
                    The researchers' tests showed one kilogram of the MOF could collect close to three litres of water per day.
                    Berkeley chemistry professor Omar Yaghi invented MOFs two decades ago and co-authored the research.
                    "One vision for the future is to have water off-grid, where you have a device at home running on ambient solar for delivering water that satisfies the needs of a household," he told MIT News.
                    "To me, that will be made possible because of this experiment. I call it personalised water."
                    The study was partly funded by ARPA-E, a US Government agency that claims to advance high-potential, high-impact energy technologies in their early stages of development.
                    With so much water in the atmosphere enough for the whole world to use without disrupting the environment tapping into it as a water source has huge potential.
                    With further development, this prototype could lead to technology that harvests significant amounts of water at any level of humidity, anywhere in the world.

                    YOUTUBE: Professor Omar Yaghi explains MOFs and how the new prototype works.

                    Topics: water-supply, science-and-technology, inventions



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