"Every action of man has been recorded; in time it will all be shown."

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  • "Every action of man has been recorded; in time it will all be shown."

    Hi Mehran,

    I am just listening to the Spanish interview you did on Feb. 26th (I believe that is when it took place), and you said that "every action of man has been recorded and in time it will all be shown," and I am wondering if it will be shown in the next few years.

    I am a curious soul, like many others, and it is so hard to wait for the information that has so long been withheld from us - it's like waiting for a surprise to be revealed when you have been told that there is a surprise but you can't have it yet. This is almost painful!!

    I am in my third decade here on this planet, and already I think that is far too long to wait for the truth to be revealed and I am hoping all will be revealed in my life time here on this little blue planet as I wouldn't want to have to do a re-run of another lifetime here just to find all this out - this planet is a beautiful place and yet filled with such insanity, and it is not a trip I would like to have to do-over just to gain the true history of who, why, where and what we all are.


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    Hi my name is Robert and my question is wouldn't drawing memories from the time domain into a device that allows us to see the past like a movie be easy to do? The opening of the book of life like in the Holy Bible . it should be as easy as drawing an apple


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      Susanne he is probably referring to the Quantum Hologram that carries encodes the complete event history of the object with respect to its three dimensional environment. It evolves over time to provide an encoded non-local record of the "experience" of the object in the four dimensional space/time of the object as to its journey in space/time and the quantum states visited. The theory isn't new the theory and experimental evidence concerning the quantum hologram has been developed by Schempp (1992,1993) and Marcer (1996,1997,1998). I don't fully understand the scope of Mr. Keshe's assertion that it will been shown in the future. Is he referring to some device that would answer to the Marcer proposal: Marcer (1997) has proposed that the condition of phase-conjugate-adaptive- resonance (pcar) is a necessary condition for an object in three-dimensional reality to be perceived as it really is. That is, resonance requires a virtual path mathematically equal but opposite to the incoming sensory information about the object. Further, that it is the incoming electromagnetic (space/time) information (visual, acoustic, etc), which decodes the information of the quantum hologram and establishes the condition of pcar so that accurate three-dimensional perception is possible. That is to say, both quantum information and space/time information are used in the act of perception by organisms having sensory preceptors. I propose that the two equal but opposite paths required by the pcar condition are the mathematical equivalent of perception and attention (or intention). I would be very interested in an explanation by Mr. Keshe


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        i do not know if this goes through, because some of my post are not appear, who know why, i not.

        But one thing is for sure for me, .....very sure:

        "Every action ( and thoughts) of man has been recorded"; in time it CAN all be shown.

        blessing to all of you


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          My teacher Jean Dubuis, used to say "If the recording Angels were to write down all of mankind's actions the Book would be bigger than the Universe."


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            Dear Suzanne,
            To me as well this would be one of the most exciting events!!!
            Immagine all the people being able to see finally the truth about eachothers actions and intentions and the whole history would finally be like an open book, so we could make our ?future? decisions consciously based on ?seeing? the truth ! I guess we must first become telempathic (when probably nothing can be hidden from eachother...)
            As far as I've understood we all have the ability to tap into these so called ?akashic records? because time doesn't exist as we understand it and everything is in the now, as if there is only one moment in creation, but we're looking at it each instant from another point of observation as ?Bashar? (channeled by Darryl Anka) explains very good.
            Many people speek about the same thing also after an NDE (near death experience) when they recall their lifes in a glimpse living it instantly again and feeling at the same time also what the other persons felt (in good and bad) whilst interacting with them.
            ?Bashar? also says that the first ET race to make contact with us will tell us our actual history (this should refer to the same event); now, perhaps they've got a recording-device to connect with, that could have some sort of crystal component (when you think of the legendary story of the Crystal Skull(s)....
            Since it seems that TV (unfortunately) is still the most important mean to comunicate to masses, it would be most marvellous, if, whoever is in charge might match our tv/satellite frequencies and finally blend in - The whole story ? in livestreaming, for all humans to see clearly (with a regained consciousness, lifting the veil of illusion) and bringing down mass-manipulation in a second !!!
            Anyway, I'm looking forward so much to the surprise, howewer it will manifest !
            Hold on Suzanne... and a big hug !
            Of course, any further insight you might give us is highly appreciated Mr. Keshe !


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              Hi Nadine,

              I am 100 % positive mankind can travel faster than the speed of light (with the mind) and can view things that have happened and are happening and will happen with the technique called "Remote Viewing" - it is incredible what our capabilities are, simply with the power of our minds, and when desired, with our imaginations.

              We have the ability to see any place of the world at anytime, and can therefore see anyone or anything at anytime, as far as I know, one only needs to enter into a meditative state or a light/moderate state of trance (to enter into the hypnotic state) and one can travel faster than the speed of light to a destination they desire.

              We have so much un-explored and untapped potential, however, we are far too often inundated with stress and distractions to even begin to know ourselves and what we have to offer ourselves and others - I cannot stress this enough, AND we can do all this WITHOUT Mehran's technology, we need only quiet the mind and focus, and we can do this today if we truly desire. Many know this and many more are waking up to this now.

              Wishing you all well!!

              ~ Suzanne


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                don't forget, there is a group of people who are oppressing us.
                I am looking for the truth and tell you, there are people who can do that what you said, but the truth is, here on earth is an attack on us.
                The heavens are not sprayed for nothing, the food is not free with
                Glyphosate poisoning for nothing, the animals are not tortured for nothing, it serves only the dark side.
                If we receive more light from the universe or from our spiritual helper, the stronger will fight the dark side.
                Please think about that all members, it is observed over a long long time.


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                  Explore the force and abilities within and the universe will become known - that is my firm belief!!


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                    the astral body and the Keshe technology O.B.E. ,Radionics and nano coated copper wires . nano coating capacitors transistors? the sky is the limit


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                      I ask a question to the members, to the whole world.
                      Does anyone know the cosmic laws, anyone knows why we're here.
                      Does anyone know why we are on Earth, does someone knows whether there are people on other planets
                      Many believe that to know many put himself at a postulate and put it is even made-up story as truth, they foundet a sect and even trailers they find.
                      I tell you, it is our own EGO that leads people here.

                      But slowly, the master of the spheres move forward and To find access to us, soon we will see how the world is changing.
                      The science will have to recognize that, she knows it so Not yet, also the spiritual does not know anything much about cosmic laws.

                      It is on earth, but if i start to tell you where to find, where it is written, i get beating, because the EGO inside lead the human, the EGO and not the conscious;, this is what i learn in the past.
                      So i will be quiet and shout out to the world, dear fellow men, search self, because behind the coffin there you will be corrected, for sure, everyone.


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                        ya iv been able to leave my body now nearly at will,, iv trained very hard for it. you can go any were and now i,m even building my own place it,s beautiful . you are the universe in bodied in the human body its every were just imagine your just a piece of it the universe is infinite all knowing and so are we.i suggest giving up meat not because i think its good or bad but it gives your body a low frequency. breathing in key and water lots of it kno alcohol. i say alcohol because all this did'ent start happening to me until i gave up drinking 3 years ago. to start this first train your inner vision like picture a cup or spoon car get the objects very clear until its perfect in your minds eye do this every day,, next this is a big one meditate and forgive your self and any one who have ever hurt you clear out your negative thoughts i use,d meditation music just go to you tube there,s some great stuff on there. just work on your self and let the magic take place. i bet mr kesh does this every night thats why he,s so connected to the universe peace and love


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                          I can say the following:

                          without spiritual help from the other side, each human which is located outside of the body is attacked by the astral world.
                          If he has not enough awareness, he will come back as lunatic and spread the voice of the demon which has occupied him.
                          Only a few could reach this realm, but at least not the last step, because they dont wont help from a spiritual master. I know only one man who reached the spheres he had help from a great master of the 4th sphere, he brought the kosmic (god) laws on earth. Of course Jesus also 2000 yeas ago, but we forgot this.

                          I'm sorry, but your story is for me bullshit.


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                            no need for the sore word i tell the truth my friend just try writing down your dreams for one month and see what happens then come back and tell me whats you have found


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                              I like your story - dove. In my youth i read a book about a prisoner, who was wrapped in leather for punishment, but after this "session" he came out quite fresh. He said that he was able to leave his body in this time - i guess they stopped threat him this way... Once in the morning - when i wake up - i feel the presents of a spirit in my room (not the bad once under my bed) - but near the window. Light come in but some light was already inside. I was happy to recognise him and he like to be recognise. Was a good feeling to say simply "Hallo".



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