"Blueprint for Peace for Humanity" People's Wishes Initiated July 31 - August 1, 2017

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  • "Blueprint for Peace for Humanity" People's Wishes Initiated July 31 - August 1, 2017

    "Blueprint for Peace for Humanity" People's Wishes Initiated July 31 and August 1, 2017

    My wish is that every person that has a tool of war in his/her possession today can make the decision between right and wrong and decide to put all the tools of war down, and walk away with a peaceful soul knowing that no other beings will ever be harmed again, and our children will never come in touch with any tools of war.

    E. Lee:
    My wish is that deception will end through correct conduct and full transparency and that humanity can express its feelings and real needs.

    I wish nobody anywhere suffers from hunger.
    4. We wish that the Keshe Foundation banking system to have full effect from the day of creation to provide equality for every single soul on this planet and humanity will sustain this abundance. -- Universal Council

    My wish is that everyone releases as much CO2 and ZnO liquid plasmas into the waters of the world wherever they are as soon as possible, thereby connecting the GANSes to the Magravs and Star Formations creating the first soft connections and elevating the souls in gentle ways that resonates with all beings so that they find Peace.

    I wish that the Source appears in the physicality, having the ability to express itself as a Source to all of us so that there will be no more miscommunication in future.

    I wish that all people to find the peace with themselves.

    I wish that all children will be safe surrounded with love and care.
    1. We wish to elevate the souls of those who have the understanding of right and wrong for them not to inflict any physical or other harms on any children. -- Universal Council
    2. We create a protection field for the children who are not in a position to defend themselves. -- Universal Council
    3. We wish to elevate the souls of those who have been victims of abuse to free them from any suffering.
    -- Universal Council

    My wish is to absorb more of the rays of the Light with love and peace in order to give more from my soul to all other souls so that they are elevated through the path of the highest divine wisdom in love, Light and peace.

    I wish that all writings are written with the pen of integrity so that humanity only receives true information.

    I wish that every human being becomes responsible, courageous, and mature in order to act for the good of all!

    Stefania from Italy:
    I wish to elevate my soul.
    I elevate my soul through unconditional giving and the more I give the more I elevate all souls as we are one.

    My wish as an Australian citizen, is to maintain the status quo of the current peaceful laws without need for alteration, manipulation, or creation of new defensive entities as Australia is a peaceful nation.
    This creates the peaceful protection of all citizens of Australia and neighbouring nation

    My wish for humanity is, that each may serve one another in uniting every element with love, to elevate each other to the best ability of ourselves to live in peace with everything that exists inside and outside of all of us and through we see the beauty in everyone and everything to create a new world full of love, in peace and respect and take up the full responsibility for everything we create and so we will connect to our highest source that flows in every being. Through my manifestation of this wish I will see the bright light in every eye, visible and invisible.

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    My wish is the stop of the manipulation, Disclosure the top secrets auf the Cabal, stop all wars, Stop all mind control programs, stop the hunger at the world, and conciseness for all Humanity. I forgive the cabal, The solder, his generals, the Isis, and all guilty Humans. I spend Peace, love, an warm to all people.. We are all connected together,. if u judgment one u must be Judge all. Who starts the guilty and who stop it? God is also Luzifer not sad. He is also his Son. Luzifer also must also learn to get peacfull this ist the only way back to God and all Creatures come back to the creator. It is also a qustion of time and in other dimensions time are not exist.


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      My wish is we reach a consensus on peace without wars as we realize together the folly of such violence/aggressions. I want to experience peace as I have never known a peace that is shared by all. I am present now in this moment to witness this miracle. My wish extends to all beings in this living world and in the Omniverse. Please let peace be obtained by the launch of technologies our souls know and we become acquainted with again. Let it be so.
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        Thank you Brett. As one Australian Citizen to another. As one Soul to another. I know that our Prime Minister's Soul has been touched. He is also an Australian Citizen and underneath the political veneer, a good hearted soul. Thank you also to Caroline and all the Great Souls (Mahatmas) who assisted you in fine tuning your wish. It is beautiful.


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          The penguins of Antarctica can now rest in peace and stop jumping up and down breaking off great chunks of ice to send our way in "defence" of their nation.


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            That the love & Peace I AM, emanate potentials for my otherselves to re-member that within and them, Then with ease & grace, our shared hologram shifts to reflect this. -HBPT


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              The Tongans can also stop building their fleet of "defensive" log canoes, Etc. Etc. Etc.


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                In all seriousness now. I will add a wish to Brett's wish. I wish that never again, from this moment, will Australian Military personnel cross the oceans to far distant lands, on behalf interests outside this country, only to kill or be killed, as many thousands have done in the past. My Wish Is My Command.



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