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    The “Gazing Ball” series is based on ideas of transcendence and the philosopher’s gaze – “starting with transcendence through the senses, but directing one’s vision (the philosopher’s gaze) towards the eternal through pure form and ideas,” according to Koons. “The realization of one’s mortality is an abstract thought and from there, one is able to have a concept of the external world, one’s family, community, and a vaster dialogue with humankind beyond the present,” he has said.

    We can here suppose nothing else than that the representative of the powers of evil believes nay, is convinced that he will have Faust more especially in his power if he can only gain possession of at least one drop of his blood. This is self-evident, and no one can really understand the line otherwise. Faust is to inscribe his name in his own blood, not because the devil is inimical to it, but rather because he desires to gain power over it.

    Now, there is a remarkable perception underlying this passage, namely, that he who gains power over a man's blood gains power over the man, and that blood is “a very special fluid” because it is that about which, so to speak, the real fight must be waged, when it comes to a struggle concerning the man between good and evil.

    Not until the human embryo has repeated in itself all the earlier stages of human growth, thus attaining to the condition in which the world was before the formation of blood, is it ready to perform this crowning act of evolution — the transmuting and uplifting of all that had gone before into the “very special fluid” which we call Blood.

    In the whole of human speech there is one small word which differs in toto from all the rest. Each one of you can name the things around you; each one can call a table a table, and a chair a chair. But there is one word, one name, which you cannot apply anything save to that which owns it and this is the little word “I.” None can address another as “I.” This “I” has to sound forth from the innermost soul itself; it is the name which only the soul itself can apply to itself. Every other person is a “you” to me, and I am a “you” to him. All religions have recognized this “I” as the expression of that principle in the soul through which its innermost being, its divine nature, is enabled to speak. Here, then, begins that which can never penetrate through the exterior senses, which can never, in its real significance, be named from without, but which must sound forth from the innermost being. Here begins that monologue, that soliloquy of the soul, whereby the divine self makes known its presence when the path lies clear for the coming of the Spirit into the human soul.

    We can only take a passing glance at what in the future will be evolved through this fourth principle. We must point out that man consists of a physical body, an etheric body, an astral body, and the ego, or actual inner self; and that within this inner self are the rudiments of three further stages of development which will originate in the blood. These three are Manas, Buddhi, and Atma

    Man, having progressed thus far, is no longer called upon to act merely as a mirror for reflecting the primordial laws of cosmic evolution, but a relation is set up between the reflection itself and the external world. The junction of the sympathetic system and the higher nervous system is expressive of the change which has taken place beforehand in the astral body. The latter no longer merely lives the cosmic life in a state of dull consciousness, but it adds thereto its own special inward existence. The sympathetic system enables a being to sense what is taking place outside it; the higher system of nerves enables it to perceive that which happens within, and the highest form of the nervous system, such as is possessed by mankind in general at the present stage of evolution, takes from the more highly developed astral body material for the creation of pictures, or representations, of the outer world. Man has lost the power of perceiving the former dim primitive pictures of the external world, but, on the other hand, he is now conscious of his inner life, and out of this inner life he forms, at a higher stage, a new world of images in which, it is true, only a small portion of the outer world is reflected, but in a clearer and more perfect manner than before.

    Blood is, therefore, an expression of the individualized etheric body, just as the brain and spinal cord are the expression of the individualized astral body. And it is this individualizing which brings about that which lives as the ego or “I.”

    Having followed man thus far in his evolution, we find that we have to do with a chain consisting of five links, affecting:

    The Physical Body;
    The Etheric Body and
    The Astral Body.

    These links are:
    The inorganic, neutral, physical forces;
    The vital fluids, which are also found in plants;
    The lower or sympathetic nervous system;
    The higher astral body, which has been evolved from the lower one, and which finds its expression in the spinal cord and the brain;
    The Principle that individualizes the etheric body.

    A being in whom this process had not yet taken place would not be able to say “I.” In the blood lies the principle for the development of the ego. The “I” can only be expressed when a being is able to form within itself the pictures which it has obtained from the outer world. An “I-being” must be capable of taking the external world into itself, and of inwardly reproducing it.

    ...A creature possessed of a spinal cord and a brain perceives the reflection as its inner life. But when a creature possesses blood, it experiences its inner life as its own form. By means of the blood, assisted by the oxygen of the external world, the individual body is formed according to the pictures of the inner life. This formation is expressed as the perception of the “I.”

    Thus the blood stands midway, as it were, between the inner world of pictures and the exterior living world of form.

    In the blood is gathered together, as it were, all that the material past has constructed in man; and in the blood is also being formed all that is being prepared for the future. earlier times this was otherwise. There then lived within the blood not only what the senses had received from the external world, but also that which is contained within the bodily form; and as that bodily form was inherited from his ancestors, man sensed their life within himself.

    Endogamy preserves the blood of the generation; it permits of the same blood flowing in the separate members as flows for generations through the entire tribe or the entire nation. Exogamy inoculates man with new blood, and this breaking-down of the tribal principle, this mixing of blood, which sooner or later takes place among all peoples, signifies the birth of the external understanding, the birth of the intellect.

    Now, when the blood was mixed through exogamy, this close connection with ancestors was severed, and the man began to live his own personal life. Thus, in an unmixed blood is expressed the power of the ancestral life, and in a mixed blood the power of personal experience.

    Whatever power it is that wishes to obtain the mastery over a man, that power must work upon him in such a way that the working is expressed in his blood. If, therefore, an evil power would influence a man, it must be able to influence his blood. This is the deep and spiritual meaning of the quotation from Faust. This is why the representative of the evil principle says: “Sign thy name to the pact with thy blood. If once I have thy name written in thy blood, then I can hold thee by that which above all sways a man; then shall I have drawn thee over to myself.” For whoever has mastery over the blood is master of the man himself, or of the man's ego.

    The physical organism of man survives when strange blood comes in contact with strange blood, [except, of course, in the case of incompatible blood types, which mutually coagulate one another] but clairvoyant power perishes under the influence of this mixing of blood, or exogamy.

    Our everyday objective consciousness is therefore the outcome of a destructive process. In the course of evolution the kind of mental life due to endogamy has been destroyed, but in its stead exogamy has given birth to the intellect, to the wide-awake consciousness of the present day.

    Physical principle, etheric body, and astral body are the “Above”; physical body, vital system, and nervous system are the “below.” Similarly, the ego is the “above,” and the blood is the “below.” Whoever, therefore, would master a man, must first master that man's blood. This must be borne in mind if any advance is to be made in practical life. For example, the individuality of a people may be destroyed if, when colonizing, you demand from its blood more than it can bear, for in the blood the ego is expressed. Beauty and truth possess a man only when they possess his blood.

    Mephistopheles obtains possession of Faust's blood because he desires to rule his ego. Hence we may say that the sentence which has formed the theme of the present lecture was drawn from the profound depths of knowledge; for truly

    “Blood is a Very Special Fluid.”

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    Strangely enough I was always reluctant to put my own blood into my reactor.
    So I never did – but..
    probably it got in there anyhow because of all the Amino Acids provided by the environment
    Higher mind conceives, physical Brain receives, physical Mind perceives (through a lap-top)
    Wherever I lay my head is my home”
    be it at 5000 up to 8000 rpm or cps –
    I have got no idea what 129 tesla means (I just reduce it to 12)
    and I don't use any Gps (Gigantic pragmatic system)
    I just try to unify a Tapestry
    Hunt of the Unicorn (15')
    The Hunt (for the tapestries)
    The Lady


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      At the moment a "bloody" Laptop !
      I can tell you it is so cold outside that it feels like "REVENANT" (thanks to Leonardo the CAPRone)
      But, fortunately I didn't need to wrap myself into a still steamy but death Horse.
      On the flight back home from Dubai, some "bloody" guy in front of me left the screen on and then went off (elsewhere to seat) so I had to watch with 1 eye in front of me the irricognizable
      Leonardo di Caprio untill I decided to switch on my channel and choose the "Golden Globe Theater" (but I don't want to bother you with stuff I already wrote in my "Memoirs".
      However I didn't manage to get Giovanni next to me (why I don't remember) but probably it was better, so that he could peacefully "tronfiare" some seats in front and then
      "awake as from a pleasant sleep".
      When we landed in Rome I told him I had seen on the news that there was some agreement on "heavy water" - but, I don't remember what that means - what I do remember is :
      That the flight from Dubai to Rome passed on in a glimpse of time and I felt "serena", because :
      I was flying over the "Qumran" (where they found the "Death Sea Scrolls" of the ESSENES) but probably it's all


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          Everybody's looking 4 the ladder
          Everybody wants salvation of the soul
          The steps you take are no easy road
          But the reward is great
          4 those who want 2 go

          Elliptical stairway, Supreme Court building, Washington

          Originally posted by unicorno View Post
          FRIEND lover sister mother wife

          U must have heard it on the news this morning
          Congratulations, a new star is born
          Sun 2 shadow, rose 2 a thorn
          But there ain't no fury like a woman scorned


          21 <> 12


          We remind you that every Ascended Master in the history of Earth has had to go through difficult initiation after initiation. In other words, they have had to clear the dross from their beingness. They have had to realize that deep inside of them they have the courage, they have the Light, they have the connection, and they have the commitment to go through their Ascension process.

          Now those that have gone before have had great challenges. There were many Ascended beings who went through their Ascension about two thousand years ago, during a period of about six hundred years. They came to Earth because that was a time in which Gaia was in very, very bad shape.

          Therefore, Gaia sent out her call. She said, “Dear, Dear ONE, I need some higher beings to come to my planet, in order to go through the process of Ascension. This process of personal ascensions will greatly assist me to raise the resonance of my planetary body. Because humanity has done such immense damage to my planet, I don’t know that I can stay on my axis without that assistance.

          Gaia has had to put out this call two, three, four different times. We want you all to remember that Gaia is a living being just as you are. You are a living being that stands up, has a head at your top, and feet at your bottom. Gaia is a living being that is a circular being.

          One expression of the solar energy is Solomon,
          whose name SOL-OM-ON is the name for the Supreme Light in three different languages.

          GOETHEANUM I

          22 seVen PI

          ©2002 Scot C. Nelson

          The BOOK Of PHI, Vol 5, eBOOK, Phi Code 2

          The Louvre is the Moon Pyramid. It encodes canonical distances that relate to the moon. This famous museum in Paris reveals esoteric wisdom but only for those with the eyes to see.

          There are two ways to square the circle, that is, draw a square and circle with commensurate perimeters and areas. Squaring the circle with equal area creates the whole step, whole tone, or major second, with a ratio of 9:8.

          Without the help of modern technology, the ancient Egyptians managed to center the location of the Great Pyramid in relation to the entire globe. The article confirms the following: The east/west parallel that crosses the most land and the north/south meridian that crosses the most land intersect in two places on the Earth, one in the ocean and the other at the Great Pyramid.

          The weight of the Great Pyramid is approximately 5,955,000 tons. When multiplied by 108, the figure represents an “estimate of the earth’s mass,” as mentioned by an article. In addition, located within the “King’s Chamber” is coffer. When analyzed, “twice the perimeter of the bottom of the granite coffer times 10^8 is the sun’s mean radius.” The Great Pyramid is also closely associated with the mathematical elements of Pi and Phi.


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            Myladies Caroline and Ginevra
            you have your

            La Profezia di Celestino – Le 9 illuminazioni (Italian)

            La 10a illuminazione (italian)

            Interview James Redfield - 12th Insight :


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              New findings in 2003 based on the study of data from NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) on cosmic background radiation reveal that the universe is finite and shaped like a dodecahedron, a geometric shape based on pentagons, which are based on phi.


              The orbital distances of the planets creates musical relationships, at least according to NASA.


              The perfect octave is represented by the green(3) and red(6) circle, or the yellow(1) and blue(2) circle. This doubling is found in cellular mitosis, vortex math, and in the song “SOME WHERE over the rainbow”

              Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. …Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy. ― Plato

              Key numbers hidden in the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.


              The pyramid consists of four faces with a golden angle of inclination ‘ at 51° 51‘ 51“.

              6 6 6

              It has been established that the Pyramid’s base is a square whose perimeter is equal to the circumference of a circle whose radius if equal to the pyramid’s height. It has also been established that the pyramid’s height is the radius of the Earth plus the radius of the moon. Then the circle representing Earth is inscribed in the square.


              The angle of 26.5º in the ‘Ancient Geometric Formula’ from which the side angles and cross-section internal features of the Great Pyramid were derived.


              Now there is a certain reason why the responsibility of those who shared in the creation of ancient works of art, was made easier than it is for us to-day. In ancient times, human beings had at their disposal means of help which are no longer available in our epoch. The Gods let their forces stream into the unconscious or subconscious life of the soul; and in a certain sense it is an illusion to believe that in the brains or souls of the men who built the Pyramids of Egypt, the Temples of Greece and other great monuments, human thoughts alone were responsible for the impulses and aims expressed in the forms, the colours and so on. For in those times the Gods themselves were working through the hands, the heads and the hearts of men.

              Something in the water (does Not Compute)

              "The Greatest Moment in Human History"

              The Wheel of Motion (WoM) representation of the periodic table of elements shows the periodic nature of the elements, as developed in the Reciprocal System of Physical Theory (RST). It was originally developed by Douglas Bundy in 1998, a member of the International Society of Unified Science (ISUS).

              3 x 666 <> 1998

              Part 2 (1998) gives suggestions for the discussion in the seminar which concerns about the energytechnical aspect of scalar waves. It treats free energy and interaction of neutrinos.
              The prophecy of Ezeki EL


              Kezhi EL

              h <> Hydron



              ………….his ( the philosopher’s) attitude and his expression invariably bearing witness to surprise or ecstasy, anxiety or bliss. This is not the case in the subject in hand. The wheels are, then, and can only be, an image, whose meaning is hidden from the profane, and which is put into the picture in order to veil something as well-known to the initiate as to the character himself. Moreover he is not at all absorbed in any preoccupation of this kind. He is awake and keeps watch, patiently, but a little languidly. The hard labors of Hercules are accomplished and his work has been reduced to the ludus puerorum (children’s play) of the texts, i.e. to keeping up the fire, which can easily be undertaken and carried out successfully by a woman spinning with a distaff. As for the double image of the hieroglyph, we must interpret it as the sign of the two revolutions, which must act in succession on the compound in order to ensure for it the first degree of perfection. Unless one prefers to see in it an indication of the two natures in the conversion, which is also achieved by means of gentle and regular heating. This latter thesis is adopted by Pemety.


              Looks similar to mirroring the original Rodin diagram.
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                Have you seen the brightest stars in the sky ?
                No matter if it is Venus or Mars showing US the way
                Venus rising * floating on the Death Sea
                (thanks to your salt - you are so sugar)


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                  mr mehran tavakoli keshe,
                  i know you are mine/our saviour as well as mine/our angel of death,
                  as well as i know that my husband, my daughter, my parents, relatives and friends should/are our saviours/angels of death as well
                  my question for dr you was :
                  do you have a son (i know you do) as well as you have 2 others and a whole world of sons and daughters
                  so do


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                    because im yours and you are mine
                    o point energy device
                    the core or the core
                    like caroline and roberto
                    the lung,
                    the rips,
                    the hips
                    (ups,dhl, the delivery point of my expectations)
                    WE HAVE
                    ALL THE TIME OF
                    (HOW COLD - UHHH - CHILLY- UP HERE)
                    SO I MUST LAND
                    ON YOUR MAGIC "WAND"
                    IF Y WANT TO BE


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                      (READ - TAVAK-HOLY)
                      the link is lacking - GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (a dog-whisperer or a horse-whisperer)
                      iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh

                      I have a quest for truTH
                      Sincerely yours,
                      The Pope


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                        i HAVE A SUPER SIMPLE QUEST FOR "GROUPIES" :
                        AYE, aye Sir sayers :

                        whats the potential-difference between the soul and the spirit


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                          I'm speechless, because i can't talk to anybody,
                          except with mr keshe personnelly - no wrong !
                          about my


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                            but it doesn't make any difference if I can't asap, because I'm
                            "Serena for Now"


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                              Getting distracted (abstract) :
                              That's why i remember this young guy from "THE NEXT STEP" that was dancing only in the Background - i don't know his name, but he was "rasta" like Terence Trent d'Arby :



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