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    George Pell granted leave by Pope to fight historical sexual assault offences

    By Kathy Lord and staff
    Updated about 11 hours ago
    Media player: "Space" to play, "M" to mute, "left" and "right" to seek.

    VIDEO: Pell denies allegations, says he is 'looking forward' to day in court (ABC News)

    RELATED STORY: 'I'm innocent': Here's what George Pell told the media in Rome
    RELATED STORY: What is George Pell's job at the Vatican?
    MAP: Italy

    Cardinal George Pell is taking leave of his Vatican duties after informing the Pope he plans to return to Australia to fight historical sexual assault charges in court and clear his name.
    Pell said he had been the victim of "relentless character assassination" and the charges "strengthened his resolve" to clear his name.
    Here's what George Pell had to say

    The Catholic cardinal strenuously denies all sexual assault allegations against him

    He said he wanted to return to Australia for his "day in court", after being granted leave by Pope Francis.
    "I'm looking forward, finally, to having my day in court," he said.
    "I'm innocent of those charges. They are false. The whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me.
    "There have been leaks to the media. There has been relentless character assassination."
    In a press conference from the Vatican, Pell said he had spoken to Pope Francis about the case and had been granted leave.
    "I've kept Pope Francis, the Holy Father, regularly informed during these long months," he said.
    "I have spoken to him on a number of occasions in the last week. We talked about my need to take leave to clear my name.
    "So I'm grateful to the Holy Father for giving me this leave to return to Australia."
    PHOTO: In a press conference from the Vatican, Pell said he had spoken to Pope Francis about the case and had been granted leave. (AP: Gregorio Borgia)

    Pell reiterated his innocence saying he had spoken to his lawyers about when he needed to return, and to his doctors about how to travel to Australia.
    Papal Office not backing away

    Religion expert Noel Debien says the statement reveals a lot about both the Vatican and George Pell

    It was made clear by both Cardinal Pell and the Pope, speaking through the Holy See, that the Cardinal will face the charges, that he is taking leave and is stepping away from his duties, not that he is being stood down.

    That suggests Pope Francis is being even handed and careful, maintaining confidence in Cardinal Pell in a way that shows he believes he is innocent.

    What's interesting is that the Vatican has not invoked diplomatic immunity, signalling what the Pope's policy would be if this happened to anyone else in the church's leadership - that he would expect foreign nationals to go home, even though they have Vatican citizenship.

    As for Cardinal Pell, what we saw on Thursday was a man of great resolve; His demeanour was extremely confident, and he did not look like a man whose nerves are shattered and who doesn't know how to defend himself.

    I expect he will defend himself vigorously and strenuously, as he has done to this point.

    He has been accused in the past of not showing enough empathy, of not showing his emotions.

    That's probably a fair criticism of the Cardinal, but on Thursday he did use strong and emotional language to express abhorrence, which was likely quite deliberate on his part, to dispel that criticism.

    — Analysis by Noel Debien

    "All along, I have been completely consistent and clear in my total rejection of these allegations," he said.
    "News of these charges strengthens my resolve, strengthens my resolve.
    "Court proceedings now offer me an opportunity to clear my name and then return here, back to Rome to work."
    Pell, Australia's most senior Catholic cleric, has been ordered to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on July 26, after Victoria Police served charges on his legal representatives.
    Victoria Police Deputy Police Commissioner Shane Patton earlier told reporters the charges involved multiple complainants.
    A magistrate will decide whether to release the details and the nature of the charges at a separate hearing on July 6.
    Deputy Commissioner Patton said the "process and procedures" being followed had been the same as those applied "in a whole range of historical sex offences, whenever we investigate them".
    "The fact that he has been charged on summons — we have used advice from the Office of Public Prosecutions and also we have engaged with his legal representatives, which is common and standard practice."
    PHOTO: Pell has been ordered to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on July 18 (AP: Gregorio Borgia)

    As head of the Vatican's finances, Pell is considered number three in the Catholic hierarchy behind the Pope.
    A statement from the Vatican said the Pope recognised the importance of Pell's participation to ensure the process was carried out fairly and to foster the search for truth.
    "The Holy See expresses its respect for the Australian justice system that will have to decide the merits of the questions raised," the statement said.
    "At the same time, it is important to recall that Cardinal Pell has openly and repeatedly condemned as immoral and intolerable, the acts of abuse committed against minors, has cooperated in the past with Australian authorities (for example, in his depositions from the royal commission).
    "And as a diocesan bishop in Australia, has introduced systems and procedures both for the protection of minors and to provide assistance to victims of abuse."
    Holy See spokesman Greg Burke said from now on, Pell would not be going out to do public liturgical events.
    Process 'needs to be fair'

    Paul Tatchel, a survivor of historical clergy abuse, said the legal system was slow for a good reason.
    What the charging of Pell means for the Church

    The charging of Cardinal George Pell poses fundamental questions about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia, Paul Kennedy writes.

    "Because it needs to be thorough and it needs to be fair," he said.
    "One thing that's come out of this is that survivors have to become very resilient to time and appreciate that we have to go through the process.
    "And everyone deserves that process."
    Andrew Collins, another survivor of historical clergy abuse, said it was a watershed moment for the Catholic Church.
    "We have to remember all the way along that he is presumed innocent until proven guilty," he said.
    "But we also must remember that there are alleged victims as well that have a story to tell."


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        Originally posted by Doug MacDonald View Post
        The performance was intended to criticize political apathy, and as a call to “more political participation for a society where CHANCE doesn’t come from above, but from each and every individual,

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          More complex gobbildy gook from con cern.

          CERN's new particle Xi-cc++ opens up physics mystery

          Share ABC Science

          By Genelle Weule

          Updated about 9 hours ago

          First posted about 10 hours ago

          The Xi-cc++ particle has two charm quarks and one up quark (Supplied: Daniel Dominguez/CERN)

          A new particle detected in the atom smasher at CERN has sent physicists scurrying back to revisit an experiment from more than 10 years ago.
          The new particle, called Xi-cc++ (pronounced sigh-see-see-plus-plus), will help scientists better understand quantum physics.
          And its discovery has rekindled interest in a US experiment that claimed evidence for a similar Xi particle, back in 2002.
          Xi-cc++ is a type of subatomic particle called a baryon, which is made up of three quarks — some of the fundamental building blocks of matter.
          The Standard Model explained

          Bernie Hobbs explains the 'Bible' of physics.

          The most common baryons are protons and neutrons, which we find in atoms, and they're mostly made of up and down quarks. But there are four other types of quarks: strange, charm, top (also called truth) and bottom (also called beauty).
          "What's been discovered at CERN is a baryon containing two of these charm quarks," said Professor Anthony Thomas, from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics at the Terascale (CoEPP) at the University of Adelaide.
          "A baryon is like a proton, but the two up quarks have been replaced by these very heavy charm quarks."
          Professor Thomas said the discovery is at the edge of what's currently possible in terms of detecting this new type of matter.
          "They live a very short time — a million billionths of a second basically — so they're extremely hard to detect," he said.
          This is the first time the particle has been detected by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), but the existence of such a particle was predicted decades ago by the Standard Model of physics.
          The Standard Model is a mathematical equation that describes the particles and forces that govern quantum physics.
          "The last piece of the Standard Model was the discovery of the Higgs boson about four years ago," Professor Thomas explained.
          But the model isn't perfect. It doesn't explain gravity, dark matter or dark energy.
          "The Holy Grail of particle physicists at the present time is to find something that goes beyond this incredibly successful picture of all the forces we know about except gravity," Professor Thomas said.
          As the Xi-cc++ particle detected by CERN fits nicely with the Standard Model, it's not the particle that will make that leap.
          We've found Xi-cc++, now what?

          The new particle was found by the LHCb experiment (b for beauty) at the Large Hadron Collider (Supplied: CERN)

          Professor Thomas said that now that CERN have found the plus-plus version of the Xi particle, it will be easier to find the single-plus version. And then things could get interesting.
          That's because in 2002, another group called SELEX in the United States reported evidence for a particle with two charmed quarks and an up quark — which they also called Xi-cc++.
          "The particle was claimed to be the same particle, but the absolute value of the mass was about 100 million electron volts different [to the one discovered by CERN]," Professor Thomas said.
          "It's such a big difference you've got to wonder whether they saw the same thing."
          The SELEX team also claimed to find another particle called Xi-cc+, which has two charmed quarks and a down quark.
          "The remarkable thing about that claim from SELEX was the difference in the mass in those two charged states double plus and plus was way too big for theory," Professor Thomas said.
          "The mass differences between these particles, which only differ by an up and a down quark replacing each other, was reported to be 20 million electron volts.
          "It's extremely difficult to imagine how the mass difference could be so large," added Professor Thomas, whose team is currently investigating the discrepancy.
          In a paper to be published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the CERN team said the new discovery did not discount the SELEX team's findings because the two experiments used different techniques.
          If CERN can detect the single plus version, scientists will be able to measure the differences in mass of the two particles and compare their results to the SELEX team.
          "The only way the discovery of this particle could lead to a Nobel prize is if the mass difference between the two charged states turns out to be as big as SELEX reports because we just can't see any way within the Standard Model that we could get such a mass difference," Professor Thomas said.


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            This is why Mr.Keshe is teaching the simple truth of plasma physics to everyone. He strips away the complexity and misunderstanding that has held true science to ransom.
            They have effectively convinced the world that advancement of science must cost trillions of dollars and be clothed in mysterious utterings in a "bible of physics". When Mr.Keshe shows us we can get better results with simple items found around the house many are skeptical and swayed to give up and leave it to the experts in cern.
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              #11 PHIve
              Yesterday, 10:11 AM
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              1 111 PHI 111 1

              Persistence of Memory

              The Golden Ratio in 3D human face modeling

              Originally posted by Doug MacDonald View Post
              This is why Mr.Keshe is teaching the simple truth of plasma physics to everyone. He strips away the complexity and misunderstanding that has held true science to ransom.
              They have effectively convinced the world that advancement of science must cost trillions of dollars and be clothed in mysterious utterings in a "bible of physics". When Mr.Keshe shows us we can get better results with simple items found around the house many are skeptical and swayed to give up and leave it to the experts in cern.
              30:57 K:the only person who fully understood this was Christ, bless His
              name. This is what He did— He gave life to the soul of the man and He was
              put to death.
              And He did the same thing with Himself. He found the key and
              the way He could access the soul without actually touching the physicality.
              So, He could raise anybody that was dead as the physical body on the
              ground. He elevated the soul and gave from His soul to the other soul. It
              does not matter if the soul has already left the body. He could see the
              dimension of it and He could give enough to it that the soul went back to the
              physicality and the dead arises.

              31:42 K: this is the beauty of understanding; once you know how to walk,
              you know how to run and to jump and the rest is child’s play. Very few
              people in the world of creation on this planet have understood this.
              The man
              who got very close to it but still he could not completely understand it was
              Buddha, bless His name. Buddha reached the very level of the soul and that
              is why in the last teaching we said we are finished with religions because
              they are all part of the mess man created for himself with the physical life.
              Buddha understood the soul and operated through that direction. This means
              that He was one step ahead of those who call themselves ‘leaders of the


              The relationship between the cube and the docecahedron


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                Originally posted by Doug MacDonald View Post

                Magnetic Imprint Hop vs Standard Magnet

                Magnetic River Homopolar Demo - 3 Rollers

                Magnetic Wave (Like Combining Cymatics and Magnetism)

                Russian SEG Research - Roschin and Godin

                "Russian physicist and scientists Sergei Godin & Vladimier Roschin have observed that when the rotor turned clockwise it's weight reduced, and when spinned the other way it had a gain in weight. Such effects can only be obtained when a device can affect the gravitation and inertia of the body. Experiments continue."

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                  UK to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2040 in pollution crackdown, reports say

                  Updated 56 minutes ago
                  PHOTO: Traffic banks up on a London freeway. (Reuters: Peter Nicholls)
                  RELATED STORY: Cost-saving fuel emissions decision lags despite 'almost universal trends'
                  RELATED STORY: France moves to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2040
                  RELATED STORY: Volvo goes electric, ditches cars powered solely by internal combustion engine
                  MAP: United Kingdom

                  Britain's Government is set to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2040, when all vehicles must be fully electric as part of a plan to clean up air pollution, reports say.
                  The move follows a similar announcement earlier this month by the French Government.
                  No-one was immediately available for comment at Britain's Environment Ministry which was due to make the announcement, according to the newspaper reports.
                  The Times said the sale of new hybrid vehicles that have an electric motor combined with a petrol or diesel engine would also end under the plan.
                  The Government has been under pressure to take measures to reduce air pollution after losing legal cases brought by campaign groups.
                  Under the proposals due to be announced on Wednesday, local authorities would be able to charge levies on the drivers of the diesel vehicles on the most polluted roads from 2020, if air quality does not improve, the Daily Mail newspaper said.
                  Separately, German carmaker BMW said it had chosen its plant in Oxford, England as the location to produce an electric Mini from 2019.
                  Earlier this month, Volvo became the first major traditional automaker to set a date for phasing out vehicles powered solely by the internal combustion engine by saying all its car models launched after 2019 would be electric or hybrid.

                  Nothing happens by chance.


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                    Dieselgate Product Of Vast VW-BMW-Daimler Car Cartel Conspiracy, Fresh Report Says

                    Two years ago -- the dieselgate scandal just started to unfold -- I recommended to dig deeper, and to dig elsewhere in the industry than just Volkswagen, because having worked in said industry, I knew that dieselgate is everywhere. Everybody in the industry knew it, but nobody talked. In America, dieselgate-cheaters are behind bars, while in Europe, emissions cheating is treated as a lesser offense than illegal parking: Not a single fine was handed out in Europe. Today, peccadillo suddenly morphed into a monstrous antitrust case, when it became known that dieselgate is the product of a secret cartel far beyond Volkswagen. “Audi, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, and Porsche colluded for years in more than 1000 meetings,” wrote Der Spiegel [German, paywall] today.

                    Germany's Handelsblatt has a similar report. EU antitrust regulators confirmed investigations, Reuters wrote.

                    The dieselgate scandal never was as simple as the common good prevailing over the villain Volkswagen. Today, we may begin to understand the true enormity of a scandal that involves a cabal of carmakers and politicians. I said begin, because the scandal is way too big to wrap our heads around it in one go.




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