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    Originally posted by Doewolf View Post
    Well, actually i do not really know about the state of Tom Cruise enlightment... but he is still good for some Impossible Missions, There are representative 3 Parts of it!

    ​Anyway, looks like i have to talk for myself again.
    Christianity and Mithraism


    Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Bride’ After She Tripped?

    The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus

    "It was the first time I’d heard the word ‘masturbated’ in a pop song. I remember hearing that song too and being really stirred by it. It seemed so blunt and so erotic, but at the same time there’s this intermix of religious kind of language.

    "'Darling Nikki' is really interesting because there’s like sexual erotic narrative but then there’s all that reverse vocal stuff at the end of the song. If you actually reverse it, it’s this little liturgical prayer in which he’s singing about ‘The Lord’s Coming’. When I heard that I was like that’s so strange and exciting."


    Waden Hill, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd April.

    168th Knowledge Seekers Workshop April 20, 2017
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      Hahaha - "Marcel Duchamp´s - Bride after she is Trippled?"

      ​What i like at Unicorno is a open personallity. I find it more often with men, because friendship is friendship. This is clear and easy. With a women i find myself thinking - is it friendship or love. This is complicate for me ... anyway i like open personallities. This is how i solved my mind Problem - talk about all Things and thoughts in my mind (and put them out this way).

      ​As i started to get "ill" my former girkfriend said" Am i the only one who is normal?"
      ​Normal is "between the lines". With the Keshefoundation it is easy to cross "the lines of normal" thinking easily But remember - everyone "IS" normal - even if you think he is mad. (Mad can be only a relationship but not a Person or being)



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