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    As the universal teachings expand through Mr.Keshe's kindness many previous mysteries and so called myths are being explained. Ancient paintings or carvings of strange bodily forms appear all over the world. Human like beings with many arms, wings, animal heads of various kinds, mermaids, mermen, fairies, gnomes, leprechauns, etc. and the list goes on. What does this mean, are these images just flights of fancy or fantasy? Do they reveal realities and abilities we have long forgotten and so we simply call them myths and legends? We see how animals have adapted to their environments, tiny fish even appear in desert lakes after heavy rain that hasn't fallen in decades. Mr.Keshe has opened our thinking to the science behind these mysteries and myths and now we can explore this expanded reality in our own earthly backyard and take this survival knowledge of adaptation into deep space. Very exciting times we live in.
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    Mr.Keshe revealed in the 159th. KSW that, in the younger generations, some have adapted to an inner existence through their computer consoles. Able to sit happily for hours, days and months in a world they have created without anger or violence. It is these few, most likely, who will take to deep space travel like ducks to water. We older people may also have the same adaptability. Some of us have studied for hours, days, months and years. Reading books of science and knowledge written in the past, using our imaginations, we tried to improve the world we live in. We delivered the right conditions for what is occurring and will occur at blinding pace from now on. So we older ones may also be able to easily navigate the depths of space.


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      Well when I heard that I was excited that all those years I have spent in front of first a tv and then a tv and game console, then a computer and a tv were not all for naught. Couch potato behaviour is a positive for space travel!! Outstanding!! Love and Light! -Keith



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