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    Solar power boom in Queensland helps slash bills, battery owners say

    By Nance Haxton

    Updated 37 minutes ago
    PHOTO: The solar power landscape has changed so quickly that industry regulators were struggling to keep up. (Supplied: Redback Technologies)
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    MAP: QLD

    Queensland is leading the way in solar power and battery storage as the number of Australian homes adopting the technology has seen a dramatic increase in the past two years.
    One-and-a-half million solar-powered homes in Australia now generate around half of their own electricity needs as the price of household systems tumbles.
    The solar power landscape has changed so quickly that regulators for Australia's power industry were struggling to keep up, according to Energy Storage Council chief John Grimes.
    "Queensland is not only an Australian leader, it's a global leader," Mr Grimes said.
    "Over 32 per cent of homes in Queensland have solar panels on their rooftops, so it's actually the biggest power plant in Queensland, which is a fantastic achievement."
    Mr Grimes said the rise in uptake of household solar systems had happened without much government support.
    "It's just about governments getting out of the way and letting cost-effective technology actually do its job," he said.
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    AUDIO: Listen to Nance Haxton's story on PM (PM)

    Brisbane resident and IT director Roger Franklin, who works from home, said becoming his own electricity generator was not a difficult decision.
    "[The battery] is actually very small — there are no moving parts, it doesn't make any noise," Mr Franklin said.
    "It basically charges up all morning, sits at 100 per cent all afternoon, and then discharges out overnight."
    While he said he was a small power user, Mr Franklin said going off grid and onto solar power with a battery was becoming far more accessible for more people.
    "My gas has gone from $180 a quarter to about $25 a quarter, and that saving's going to be $5,000 over 10 years, so it's a considerable amount of money," he said.
    Solar systems beneficial for remote communities

    Tim Latimer, of Redback Technologies, a Queensland company which sells home solar systems, said the technology had many benefits.
    "We have batteries in our system too, so any excess power they generate they can store in the battery and use later at night," Mr Latimer said.
    "So the end game at the moment is not to sell into the grid — the networks give a very low amount of money for your energy created.
    "It's essentially just to empower [the individual user] to do what they want to do with their energy."
    Mr Latimer said solar battery technology had improved so quickly that it was forcing costs down, largely pushed by the electric car market overseas.
    He said the technology could have the greatest impact in remote communities poorly served by traditional power networks.
    "There's many, many Indigenous communities around Australia in remote regions that pay upwards of 60 cents per kilowatt on energy because of the diesel generation costs," Mr Latimer said.
    "So we can introduce storage systems into those communities, so solar with storage definitely increases that reliability."

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    Mr.Keshe is the master of Universal science. He has freely given us the ticket to freedom.


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      The Tesla battery is so efficient and cannot be patented because Mr.Keshe released the patents to all humanity.


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        Step by step we go through the transition.


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          While plasma energy is emerging, Mr.Keshe still honours and assists matter state to move upwards and join with the higher energies of the universe.


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            In the latest PRG with Rick much was discussed about transition. Matter state to plasmatic state and back again. In the latest 167th.KSW this transition was, further and deeply, explained by Mr. and Mrs.Keshe.
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              We are gently being shown the door to freedom and being given the keys.


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                I'M 21 TODAY
                Excuse me shouting out like this and making all this noise
                I've finished up with college life, now I'm one of the boys
                I mean to paint the town tonight and give each girl a wink
                Britons never shall be slaves so let your glasses chink.

                Chorus: I'm 21 today, 21 today
                I've got the key of the door
                Never been 21 before
                And Pa says I can do, as I like
                So shout, Hip Hip Hooray
                He's a jolly good fellow
                21 today.

                I got my temper up today and smacked a policeman's face
                Then he took me to Bow Street, where the judge said, “What's the case?
                What has this great big bully done?” His face grew quite a length
                I said, “I smacked the policeman's face, I've overgrown my strength.”


                I called in to a wax-works show, where the figures they all stood
                I saw Queen Mary and the Shah, and sweet Red Riding Hood
                I also saw the fat girl, there, and she cried out in alarm
                “I'd like to kiss your baby face” I said, “Well, there's no harm.”


                I've had a gay time up to now; I've been into the ‘Cri'
                I played a game of billiards, to the marker, then, said I
                “How is the game, please tell me sir?” He said, “You're twenty three.”
                I said “I don't wish to be rude, but if you'll pardon me.”


                A girl stopped me in Leicester Square and cried, “I'm full of glee
                I'd love to marry you young man, but one thing's stopping me.”
                She said, “Why don't you grow a beard?” I said “May I be hung,
                I wouldn't mind a fair moustache, but, for whiskers, I'm too young.

                Written and composed by Alec Kendal - 1911
                Performed by Jack Pleasants (1874-1924)
                Performed by Albert Whelan (1875-1962)


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                  Originally posted by Doug MacDonald View Post
                  Step by step we go through the transition.

                  this solar system is a egg inside another egg...


                  happy Easter 2 all....

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                    From transistor and transformer we transition to transcendental. Transmigration of the soul.


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                      Originally posted by Doug MacDonald View Post
                      From transistor and transformer we transition to transcendental.

                      Transmigration of the soul.
                      The Great Invocation

                      From the point of Light within the Mind of God
                      Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
                      Let Light descend on Earth.
                      From the point of Love within the Heart of God
                      Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
                      May Christ return to Earth.
                      From the centre where the Will of God is known
                      Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
                      The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
                      From the centre which we call the race of men
                      Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
                      And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
                      Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


                      The Miracle of

                      New Life and


                      But thou and I, O god, have written it page by page.

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