Even The Stone Has A Soul.

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  • Even The Stone Has A Soul.

    Because this knowledge was fully understood in ancient times some civilisations interacted with the elements of the earth as we interact with each other today. They appreciated that there is life even in the atoms and molecules what to speak of cells and physical bodies of all shape and sizes. In what we call India they have a process of interaction with the Creator by making devotional offerings to what they call Dieties made from various elements. Visitors to these places of devotion witnessed the practice and branded it idol worship. Over time idols and statues became very fashionable, taking on the form of gods or important leaders. There is a difference, though, between these two seemingly same processes. Because of the deep understanding and respect offered to the Diety it is reported by many that the stone or wood or other element takes on a form to please the devotee and even moves from one place to another like a loving child follows his parents. This may seem unbelievable to those who do not understand but it has been going on for millions of years.
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